Artist’s Profile- Zee Pruk

With the release of his recent drama, “CutiePie The Series” which is making waves across the international borders, Zee Pruk is one of the most talented actors in the Thai BL industry. While his sting as the main lead in popular drama “Why R U The Series” earned him an avid fanbase in the Boys’ Love universe; his passion for enacting variant roles makes him an actor par excellence!

Pruk Panich (พฤกษ์ พานิช, born September 10, 1992 in Chiang Rai, Thailand), nicknamed Zee, is a Thai actor and model. He graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Arts in the field of Advertising from Bangkok University. Towering at 182cm (5’11”), Zee has the perfect chiseled features and is undeniably charming.

Zee As A Actor

Zee has been active on the social circuit since 2018 and is a member of the hot-boys gang Domundi TV who do regular travel shows on their YouTube channel of the same name. Zee started his acting career by playing the support role of Captain in “Friend Zone The Series”. After that, he auditioned and was selected for the role of Fighter in the hugely successful “Why R U” The Series.

The show drew worldwide criticism and debates (the storyline was majorly altered because of the existing Covid-19 restrictions) that didn’t work in its favor. Zee’s sensual chemistry with co-star Saint Suppapong was the only saving grace, or rather the anchor for this sinking ship. While this was Zee’s first attempt at playing a main lead, his demeanor was entirely calm and unfazed. Being paired opposite of a veteran actor like Saint, Zee never let his guard down; the subtle nuances that characterize Fighter’s stubborn nature were expertly delivered. His portrayal was flawless; especially in the scenes where Fighter has to hide his feelings for Tutor, despite being ostentatiously possessive and protective. Zee emoted Fighter’s difficult emotions via his vivid expressions, and the audiences rejoiced at the uncanny resemblance with the textbook character.

Zee’s on-air drama “Cutie Pie The Series” is the current obsession. A total contrast to his earlier roles, Zee plays the rich yet exceedingly arrogant and snobbish billionaire Hia Lin. Paired opposite rookie actor New Chawarin who plays his love interest Kuea/Kirin, the drama is getting popular because of the irresistible chemistry between the main leads. Zee is exceptional at playing characters that are level-headed and display a tight control over their emotions. While his character role in “Why R U The Series” allowed some leeway for variable dynamics, Hia Lin is on the opposite side of the spectrum. And yet, Zee plays the perfectionist with elan. His expressions are unwavering and his disposition is similar of a billionaire, who is focused and disciplined. The show is based on the concept of an “arranged marriage” between Hia Lian and Kuea’s families. While the premise is unusual and marriage laws in Thailand aren’t exactly favorable in these circumstances, we are in love with Zee’s tailored looks and high-class persona.
Favorite Moments

Portraying “Complicated Relationships” is Zee’s expertise. It could be “Why R U The Series” where he depicted Fighter’s difficult emotions effortlessly; or his recent “Cutie Pie The Series”, where he is unwavering in his attitude. Zee mostly plays angsty characters that are majorly introverted and their inner turmoil is hidden well. Although there is a world of difference between both these characters, Zee depicts them with a panache that is praiseworthy. Some of his most memorable scenes!

Fighter & Tutor’s Breakup Scene (Why R U The Series)

Breakups are rather difficult; especially when you take an unfathomable risk and get your heart broken into pieces unexpectedly. While fighting an unwilling battle with his homophobic Father, Fighter falls in love with Tutor. Initially confused, Fighter goes through the familiar phases of denial, escapism and finally acceptance. So, imagine his surprise when Tutor breaks up with him out of the blue without any feasible explanation. Their breakup scene was beautifully dealt with, as Zee evoked Fighter’s desperation and anxiety flawlessly. Zee managed to captivate the audiences with his heartfelt rendition, which was on par with Saint’s performance. Fighter’s subsequent confrontation with his Father was another brilliant masterstroke; dealing a major blow to societal misconceptions and rebuttals. No one does angst like Zee!

Hia Lian & Kuea’s First Kiss

This scene blew up the internet while scoring more than a million views in a single day. Reason- the unquestionably hot chemistry between Zee and his co-star New Chawarin. While most kissing scenes are overtly sensitized, we need to understand the backdrop related to this scenario. Zee plays the arrogant yet ambitious billionaire Hia Lian. Hia Lian is reserved, closely guarded and never betrays his true emotions. A total contrast to his fiancee, Kuea who is mischievous, fun loving and adventurous. While Kuea seems to be deeply in love with Hia Lian, the latter treats their engagement as a mere obligation. At least, that is what we are led to believe initially; until Kuea decides to rebel and we finally see some cracks in Hia Lian’s tough armor. The fact that he expertly hides his affections from Kuea is a major testament to his feelings. Hia Lian wants to be worthy of Kuea and doesn’t want to depend on his fiance’s inheritance. He wants to be on an equal footing when they subsequently get married. When Kuea starts drifting afar, Hia Lian’s anxiety becomes apparent. This kiss was full of longing; an emotion that Hia Lian hides well. Zee and New make a compatible couple, and this kiss speaks volumes about their natural chemistry!

Zee’s Chemistry With His Co-Stars

Being paired opposite a popular actor like Saint Suppapong isn’t an easy task, especially when you are bound to draw criticism from a fandom that ceremonially ships Saint with Perth Tanapon (his co-star in Love By Chance). Zee had a tall order to fill and the expectations were high. Despite the varied misconceptions, Zee and Saint went onto become one of the most celebrated couples in the Thai industry. Their natural chemistry was incomparable, and it could be attributed to their effortless camaraderie. Zee and Saint often improvised on their scenes and that made this pairing highly compatible as well as combustible. They shared a comfortable friendship which translated to excellent chemistry on screen. Zee and Saint would compare notes about their different acting styles, which ultimately helped improve their characterization. Saint has often mentioned that Zee tends to be caring towards his co-stars and the people he likes. Being cast together in “Why R U The Series” was definitely a learning curve for both of them.

While his camaraderie with Saint won hearts all over the globe and made them a popular couple; Zee has a tendency to form comfortable relationships with most of his co-actors. His currently on-air show “Cutie Pie The Series” is a huge testament to this fact. His endearing chemistry with on screen partner New Chawarin is being exulted by all and their couple hashtag #ZeeNuNew is consistently flooded with tweets posted by their fanbase.

To smoke the flame, the show’s scriptwriters and social media handles continously post tweets that disclose their apparent closeness. Obviously there is a faction of the fandom that believes that they are in relationship (Zee’s whipped nature could be the reason). But knowing how the “Shipping” business works in the BL industry, we will be reserving our judgement until the show finishes its run. Despite that, Zee and New make a handsome couple and their onscreen presence is strong as well as enviable. Obviously, the tables have turned with Zee being the more experienced one between the two. Knowing his helpful nature, New must be thoroughly enjoying this nurturing experience. ZeeNuNew’s offscreen companionship will leave you jumping with joy and their on screen chemistry is blazing hot!
Zee As A Person

Zee’s family consists of his parents and two sisters. Zee’s real name, Pruk, means “trees”. He was thus named because his father has a green thumb and likes to plant plants everywhere, to the point where Zee sometimes feels that he lived in a forest. When he was young, Zee wanted to be a model or do something with fashion, since he thought it was cool. Now he wants to own his own bar and restaurant. His favorite colors are white and black, and hobbies include taking photos or spending time at cafés. His favorite musicians are The Weeknd and Post Malone, but he likes most music. Zee’s favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings and his favorite genres are fantasy, horror, and adventure, although he watches most genres. His favorite dish is stir-fried pork with shrimp paste and stir-fried melinjo leaves with egg. He hates dishes that are made with guts and offal. His favorite drink is coconut smoothies and favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip.

Zee thinks his sexiest body part is his eyes, since people always tell them they are sweet. His eyes are truly charismatic, that’s a known fact. He likes dressing casually in just a t-shirt, trousers, and a pair of sneakers. He doesn’t have a favorite clothing brand. He just wears whatever fits his style. Zee’s favorite fragrances are Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo and Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men. Zee wouldn’t mind starring in a BL series with any of his fellow Domundi members, but he feels like he’d have trouble not laughing if he was shipped with them. If he had to describe himself in a few words, he would describe himself as a “sweet eye boy”. He doesn’t like liars. If he was a girl, he would date Joss out of all Domundi members. It’s difficult to imagine Zee as a girl, but this combination definitely seems feasible.

In my opinion, Zee’s interpretation of his characters is honest and appealing. Although he has mostly played BL roles that demand expressions rather than dialogues; Zee is exceptional at his work. His acting talents will leave you mesmerized and he plays each role with an utter conviction. There are very few actors that are comfortable in their own skin (while playing BL roles) and don’t shrink away while doing intimate scenes. Zee is daring and bold in his portrayals and that makes him a perfect choice for variant BL roles. Here’s hoping that his future projects receive the same kind of unhindered, positive response; Zee’s success rate definitely makes him a bankable actor!

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Information Credit- Drama Wiki)


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