Favorite BL OST- Part III

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife”- Kahlil Gibran

While this quote might not be true for everyone, music is an inconceivable part of our lives. We play our favorite songs on our daily commute and use them for distraction in the most mundane situations. Music is a sentiment; heard, felt, and reveled in. Some people prefer melodic songs over sad versions; while for others, painful renditions are a palm to their broken hearts. Irrespective of your choices, music rejuvenates and refreshes everyone. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing their most-loved BL OST’s!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Just Friend?- Nanon Korapat (Bad Buddy The Series)

With Bad Buddy becoming a worldwide trend, one thing that stood out was the “Haters to Lovers” trope of this show. Combine it with the natural chemistry between Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat and we have a winner. I often saw Ohm promoting Nanon’s songs on his IG stories. It made me quite curious about one thing- “Is Nanon’s voice quality that good or is Ohm acting like a whipped co-star?”

Well, this song answers that question; Nanon has a melodious voice that pulls at your heartstrings and brightens your day. I can totally understand Ohm’s fixation with Nanon’s songs (they form a majority part of his playlist). Obviously this song plays on the “Are we more than friends” premise, which was the tagline for the show as well. Alluring song and soothing acoustics!

How Could I Live Without You- Yoon Seo Bin (Kissable Lips)

If you were as affected by Kim Jun Ho’s death (with this song playing in the background), as I was; then hearing this OST will evoke painful feelings of loss and separation. This song not only expresses Jun Ho’s sacrifice but also expresses Choi Min Hyun’s desperation to seek some more time with his dying lover. While Jun Ho pursues redemption by sacrificing himself, Min Hyun holds onto the last moments they spend together. The OST beautifully recreates the entire expanse of their ill-fated romance while highlighting Jun Ho’s love for Min Hyun!

My Side- Off Jumpol & Gun Attaphan (Not Me Series)

GMMTV Records making my BL dreams alive. Off Jumpol and Gun Attaphan together; singing about their mutual affections for each other- yes, that’s my jam!

The song works well with the show’s theme as Off and Gun express their hidden emotions in an offbeat manner. You get hooked and it instantly livens your mood. Off and Gun jamming together will never get old- they have an intriguing chemistry which is glaringly obvious in the MV as well. If you are on OffGun fan, then do listen to this song (while you are waiting for the next episode on the sitcom).

Enchanté OST- Tay Tawan (Enchanté)


Tawan leaves you mesmerized with this euphonious track. Shot from Akk’s POV, the song focuses on his feelings of longing and anguish. If you have read the premise of this show on MyDramaList, then it’s obvious that Akk is the true Enchanté. The show hinges on his hesitation to accept the truth in front of Theo. Tawan’s voice echoes Akk’s yearnings; as he is pining after Theo. It’s obvious that he is regrets his decision about not revealing his secret identity as Enchanté. Quite soothing music!

Kirin- NuNew (Cutie Pie The Series)

If you are enjoying this newly launched drama, then this song will definitely be on your playlist. NuNew’s soulful voice manifests his character Nuea’s suffering and humiliation. The song represents his hurt feelings as Nuea’s rebellious act asserts his intention to break up with Hia Lin. The song will remind you of heartbreak and angst, if you have ever been in the same situation!

Hold Me Tight- Mew Suppasit (Tharntype The Series)

Mew Suppasit is a star in making; he is not only a talented actor but also a phenomenal singer. His recent songs are making waves across the globe and he is fast gaining international recognition. I was literally obsessed with this song when Tharntype finished its run. Mew’s rustic voice mirrors Tharn’s feelings of exuberance as he finally reconciles with Type. The song is indeed enthralling, and I played it on a loop, almost for a month!

Getsunova- Theory of Love OST

If you watched this sitcom and not cried your heart out while listening to this OST, then you are pretty heartless. Obviously, I’m a huge OffGun fan; so I had pretty much listen to every song featuring this couple. This song sums up Third’s repressed feelings and the recurring pain he experiences on being repeatedly hurt by the love of his love. This song hurts in a good way!

Wu Ji- Wang Yibo (The Untamed)

Sixteen years of longing and faithfulness; this song is a powerful rendition of Lan Wangji’s love and loyalty for Wei Wuxian. Separated by time and death, they reunite, and this song is the bridge that brings them together. The heartfelt music paired with Yibo’s enthralling voice will leave you spellbound. I have literally lost count of the number of times that I have heard this song; and yet it never gets old.

Qu Jin Chen Qing- Xiao Zhan (The Untamed)

The acoustics are brilliant, but what stands out the most in this melody is Xiao Zhan’s voice as he sings about Wei Wuxian’s tumultuous life and his mortal struggles. This song encompasses his entire lifetime as we get a glimpse into the history of the formidable Yiling Patriarch. It hits you hard and leaves you wounded!

Yarnball’s Favorites

Skyline – Billkin (OST I Told Sunset About You)

Skyline is not only one of my favourite BL OSTs, it might be one of my favourite songs of all time. I listened to the song even before ever watching ITSAY, and I could just imagine the way the series would go based on the way the song flowed. love the dreamy atmosphere of the song, the bittersweet lyrics and just the way Billkin’s voice just suits everything. I still get goosebumps from the way the song swells to the end.

Khon Baep Nai (What Kind of Person) – Mix Sahaphap (OST Fish Upon the Sky)

When an acoustic version of this song played for the first time at the end of episode 2 of Fish Upon the Sky I remember repeatedly going back to play it again so I could find it on Shazam. It was such a good, uplifting, romantic kind of song and I just had to find it, but it was only after the episode aired that the song and its singer were revealed. Mix definitely does a good job with this debut song – it’s fun, cheery and great to sing along to.

Fake Protagonist – Getsunova (OST Theory of Love)

Getsunova is one of my favourite Thai bands, and this song is the reason I found them. It’s another bittersweet song of one-sided love, suited for the series it’s from. The song has an English version with lyrics that will probably make you cry, because, well, “But can I pretend to fake that part, The light in the dark when you couldn’t see, I’ll light up the stars the night you’re lonely” ?

Thanks for the tears, Getsunova.

Tianwen – Liu Yuning (OST Word of Honor)

I love ost-king Liu Yuning’s voice, and this song from Word of Honor is one of my favourites from him. It’s just the right mix of epic and dramatic, just like the series itself is. Also I think I might be biased because of the number of times I’ve heard Gong Jun’s… less perfect … version of it.

Atarimae no Yona Kiseki (An Ordinary Miracle) – Shuuhei Kita (OST Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)

The Sekaiichi Hatsukoi opening song is actually one of my guilty pleasure songs, it’s very chaotic and very early 2000s anime pop, and I love it, but I love this sweet and romantic insert song by Shuuhei Kita more.

I picked my top five but there are a lot that I would have included if I could make the list like fifty entries long, like the eponymous OST of A Tale of A Thousand Stars and all 4 versions of it, SCRUBB’s Deep from 2gether the Series and Nanon’s Our Song from the Bad Buddy OST.

ZombieSlimFast’s Favorites

Story of the Cold Wind- Second Chance The Series OST

Music being as powerful as the acting in BL’s is an understated fact that all of us fans recognize. The music guides us to appreciate what our eyes are seeing. Amongst the orchestras and situation based OST’s are the original works of music created by artists for the shows we love. My all-time favorite song is “Story of the Cold Wind” by T 047 from “Second Chance The Series”. Slow, intimate with lush harmonies; the singular strumming of the guitar synchronizes with the soft male voice to perfectly articulates the emotions of this series. The timid shyness, the desire to achieve more, slowly grows in tune with more instruments manifesting into a lovely ode. At their heart, the lyrics are bittersweet, singing about a daydream of impossibility, to touch the sky.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!


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