“The Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun” by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat

While the social media handles are rift with tweets and posts about popular Chinese adaptation “Immortality”, the probability of this show ever making it to the silver screen seems dim.

Based on “The Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun” by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat, the live-action series will be indefinitely censored even if it is broadcast (and that’s a big IF). So, while waiting for news about the show’s premiere, I decided to take a dive into the uncensored version instead.

Dumb off the charts husky gong x tsundere, short-tempered, big white cat shou

This tagline somehow summarizes the entirety of this very steamy yet extremely graphic & violent smut novel. Meatbun packs a punch with carnal depictions of human relationships that are hugely flawed and unraveling at the seams. While it is a long journey with 311 chapters that require high levels of patience and reticence, the ending is satisfying (after massive destruction that recurs across different timelines and involves two invariable universes). Meatbun manages to weave an intricate world that tethers on the brink of madness and intolerance. Sensitive audiences should probably stay away from this novel; because it certainly isn’t meant for the weak-hearted. Though the book gets you instantly hooked and is oddly addictive, its inhumane depiction of Noncon, Dubcon, Underage Sex, Gore, Abuse can be slightly disturbing. If you are a huge fan of Chinese smut novels and these warnings don’t faze you, then this book should definitely be on your “Want To Read List”.

Mo Ran thought becoming Chu Wanning’s disciple was a mistake.

His shizun was really too much like a cat, while he himself was a dumb pup who’d only slobber and wag his tail.

Dogs and cats were different in nature. The dumb pup didn’t originally want to extend his furry paws to that cat.

At first he thought, dogs should be with dogs, like his shixiong, beautiful and tame like a cute Japanese Spitz, and the two of them together would surely be a match made in heaven.

Yet, after having died and reborn, after having lived two lives, the one he hauled back each time to his den in the end was always the one he couldn’t stand at first: that snow-white kitty shizun.

Emperor of the cultivation world Mo Weiyu deceived elders, slaughtered ancestors; committed all crimes and sins known to man. After ending his own life, he is reborn and transmigrates to the year he first became a disciple.

In the shell of a boy lies an old and weary soul. After coming back to life, truth after truths that had been hidden below the surface in the previous life floats to the top and breaks through the waters one after the other.

Of all the revelations, the one that stuns him the most is that the shizun he had hated to the bone in his previous life had always been protecting him from the shadows…

The heart of man can change; even demons and monsters can become compassionate and do good. Only, he has sinned deeply. Can the blood on his hands ever be cleansed?


We are going to spend sometime dissecting the different characters in this mega universe. If you don’t like reading spoilers, maybe you should stop here (because the next paragraphs will be one long tirade)


Mo Ran is inarguably one of the most complicated main leads in the Chinese BL universe. His character graph is divided into three stages-

MoRan 0.5- Original MoRan (before he went berserk following Shi Mei’s death)

MoRan 1.0- The invincible Taxian Jun, tyrannical and hugely hedonistic

MoRan 2.0- the reborn, upgraded version who actually tries to redeem his past mistakes.

The novel is divided into two portions: MoRan’s attempts to redeem himself and his unwavering loyalty to his Shizun, Chu Wanning; while his past self returns to wreak havoc on the cultivation world. You have to understand that MoRan is majorly a misunderstood character. From the start to end, his destiny is marked because of his undying devotion to Chu Wanning. This sets into motion regrettable events that transpire over two timelines and extend over different eons. While their story begins with the innocent relationship between a “Master & Disciple”, it soon morphs into two separate ways- while MoRan 1.0 aggressive obsession with his Imperial Consort Chu is shocking; MoRan 2.0 humbling efforts to place his Shizun on a pedestal and worship him will leave you in tears. The juxtapose between the two characters is so vivid and obvious that you can easily differentiate between their thought processes. While MoRan 1.0 loves to destroy, kill and maim; MoRan 2.0 holds onto the principles taught by his Shizun, loves his adopted family and admires Chu Wanning. They belong to two unhinged universes, their alternate realities are different- while MoRan 2.0 knows the truth behind Shi Mei’s death, MoRan 1.0 doesn’t.

Chu Wanning

Chu Wanning is an enigma; that’s the only thought that comes to your mind when this character is first introduced. Utterly respected in the cultivation world, Chu Wanning is an elder at the Siseng Peak. Although not too close to his disciples- Xue Meng, Shi Mei and MoRan; he cherishes and protects them without any expectations. Although his life recourse is quite tragic, Wanning never wavers from his ethics or principles. We have two different depictions of Wanning as well- the imprisoned Chu Wanning 1.0, who is sexually abused by Taxian Jun and Wanning 2.0 whose fate leads him on a different path. While Wanning 1.0 never gets the chance to express his true feelings to MoRan, the new version is much more blessed. Not only does MoRan brings him back from the gateways to hell, but also loves and cherishes him wholeheartedly. Throughout the book, although MoRan’s characterization undergoes massive changes, Wanning remains consistent in his behavior. That is until he finally accepts his feelings for MoRan and that changes the course of their tumultuous relationship.

Taxian Jun

There is something really tragic about this “Venerable One”. Poisoned by Eight Sufferings Long Hatred Flower and used by the one he vowed to take revenge, Taxian Jun leads a lonely and tragic life. Trapped in his own misogynistic world, Taxian Jun misunderstands Chu Wanning’s kind intentions and represses him intentionally. Taxian Jun is majorly portrayed as a ruthless character, hellbent on revenge; but his actions are mostly guided by the negative emotions that morph from the side effects of the poisoning. The most intriguing facet about this character is his toxic yet addictive relationship to Chu Wanning. While his hatred leads to mistrust and he sexually abuses Chu Wanning as an excuse to soothe his agitated nerves, Taxian Jun’s obsession soon turns into unspeakable feelings of untamed love and affections. Unbeknownst to him, Chu Wanning becomes the centre of his universe. The contrast is visible when Taxian Jun returns to MoRan 2.0’s lifetime and Chu Wanning is taken as hostage. He closely guards his Consort Chu while thanking his lucky stars for a second chance to spend time with his Shizun. Although his misguided notions aren’t entirely cured, it is obvious that Taxian Jun’s feelings for Chu Wanning are a lot more than just mere obsession.

Storyline and Plot Development

Honestly, I wasn’t much invested in this book and literally gave up on reading it twice; because only the smut content caught my attention. Finally, I got around to reading the novel on my third attempt. I was pleasantly surprised with the tragic arc that slowly morphs into romantic entanglements over the phase of two lifetimes. Meatbun has an odd habit of throwing shocking twists at unexpected turns, which will leave you jumping in joy or screaming in frustration. It’s either one or another; with Meatbun, you never know. She builds an extraordinary universe with multiple characters that slowly grow on you. While I was immensely impressed with MoRan & Wanning’s romantic entanglements, I was also hugely invested in the side characters’ stories. It could be Xue Meng’s loyalty to his Shizun, Ye Wangxi’s real identity, Nangong Si’s sacrifice or Shi Mei’s deceptive nature. Each character grabs your attention as you get involved in their storyline and travel alongside as they make choices that invariably change their destiny. There is a lot of foreshadowing and the story drags in some places, but there are important life lessons to be learned. The main couple’s relationship can be a bit confusing; because it is spread across two timelines. But it is ultimately rewarding!

You can read my rumblings here (trust me, I was all in my feels)

Slow-burning, Sensual and Seductive Romance

The relationship between MoRan and Chu Wanning is toxic and tumultuous; it can be mainly attributed to misunderstandings steaming from lies and deceptions that weaken their bonding and set them apart. When MoRan reincarnates, he still carries deep set wounds from his past life that cloud his perceptions about Chu Wanning. His misconceptions are shattered when Wanning dies protecting him and he finally realises the truth behind Shi Mei’s death. This knowledge changes his mindset, and he feels ashamed about his past indiscretions. MoRan decides to dedicate his life to love, cherish and follow his Shizun; while seeking redemption for his callous behavior. While MoRan spends a lot of time taming his lustful instincts for his Shizun; Wanning fights his own feelings for MoRan. Both of them have led a tragic life, were backstabed by people they trusted the most, and yet the atrocities they faced bring them together. They learn to lean on each other; love without hesitation and sacrifice their lives to guard the cultivation world. This love story is emotional and once you get invested, there is no looking back.

Memorable Quotes

MoRan- “I will hold an umbrella over you as long as I’m alive”

Mo Ran- “The person I love has always been you. It has always been you. I was too stupid. I couldn’t differentiate my own thoughts before.”

Xue Meng- “Brother”

At first, he was still trying his best to hold back his sobs, but in the end, he sobbed and choked on his words, which eventually turned into a wail of grief

“Don’t go… Don’t leave me behind…”

Chu Wanning- “I love you, I’m willing to tie the knot with you, I’m willing to die for you, & I’m willing to submit to you. As a person who had belonged to Taxian Jun in his past life and also someone who belongs to Mo-zongshi”

Final Impressions

While most Chinese xianxia romances are tragic (including Heavens Official Blessing), The Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun takes it one step forward. It is unabashedly erotic and unapologetic in its depiction of gore and nonconsensual content. While Taxian Jun’s behavior cannot be condoned, his pain and suffering are inconceivable. While smut sells, too much sex can be offputting. Meatbun inserts sections of nonconsensual sex with portions of heartwarming romance between the main characters. So, although you feel annoyed with Taxian Jun’s arrogance, MoRan’s sweet demeanor will surely soothe your frayed nerves. This is definitely a difficult book to read; it requires huge amounts of patience and if you are too sensitive to trigger warnings, then you should probably stay away. Despite that, The Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun is an intriguing tale of reincarnation that strongly hinges on romance, morality and redemption. A must read if you can get past the grotesque deviations!

Rating- 4 out of 5

For more information on the novel and translation links, check this link-


2 thoughts on ““The Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun” by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat”

  1. Very much in agreement with much of this thoughtful review. My only issue was that, rather than giving up on the book, I had to take a break sometimes because I knew some awful thing was going to happen and I just didnt want to read it. ^^||| It was positively the most high stakes and painful journey I’ve ever been on.
    I’m absolutely desperate for the series, the cast for Moran and Chu Wanning are just perfect. Sending up a prayer, if there’s a God, please let us have Immortality! ToT

    Btw guys have you considered publishing your articles on other platforms such as Twitter or Tumblr? You put so much effort into writing all these wonderful articles, I’d love it if more people discovered TheBLXpress. ❤ you guys are my #1 source for all BL new and reviews.

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