Favorite BL OST

Music is a powerful thing. Many of us have entire playlists that carry us through different moments in our lives. From heartbreak and grief to romance and joy, music has an incredible way of adding intensity to everyday life.

That’s the power of music.

This power is especially instrumental when paired with art and entertainment. Music can amplify a scene in a drama or film, deepening its meaning or adding brightness to a triumphant moment.

Here at BL Xpress, our next feature is all about the music. Join us as we share some of our favorite BL OSTs.

Kdarling’s Favorites

His [Japan]

The Japanese film His tackles romance and parenthood in a society where fighting for custody of a child when in a same-sex relationship feels impossible. This is not only one of my favorite films, it also has one of my favorite OSTs performed by Sano Ibuki.

Listen Here:

The Untamed [China]

As epic as the drama itself, Wuji expresses the incredible longing and love between Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. From the first note to the last, this song is as embedded in my soul as the drama that gave it life, making it impossible for one to exist without the other.

Listen here:

Not Me [Thailand]

Performed by a favorite artist of mine, Kangsomks, the OST for Not Me settles into the heart and makes a home there. One of the many things Not Me has done so well is music, pairing intense moments with the perfect songs, and the OST is a prime example of that.

Listen Here:

Given [Japan]

It’s absolutely impossible for me to have an OST list that doesn’t include Given. Based on a manga of the same name, Given is both an anime and live-action series that focuses primarily on the power of music, particularly the expression of grief. All of the music in Given is stellar (seriously a must-have soundtrack), but one of the most memorable is Mafuyu’s Fuyu no Hanashi. It’s raw and as beautiful as it is heartbreaking.

Listen here:

Banana Fish [Japan]

Japan’s Banana Fish is an epic, tragic love story that never fails to break me. For those who have seen the anime, the music takes viewers down a road of nostalgic memories. Out of all the songs this anime introduces, one of them never fails to make me cry. ‘Red’ by Survive Said the Prophet simply hits differently. Sometimes there just aren’t words powerful enough to express a feeling. That’s where the music comes in.

Listen Here:

Kei x Yaku: Dangerous Partners [Japan]

Performed by indie Jpop group, Octpath, both the OST’s for the Japanese bromance Kei x Yaku: Dangerous Partners are catchy and memorable, but it’s their song ‘Be With You’ that leaves a more profound impression on my heart.

Listen here:

Kieta Hatsukoi/My Love Mix-Up [Japan]

Kieta Hatsukoi not only delivered a fun and sweet drama that caused quite the stir among viewers, it also welcomed us into the world of Jpop. It’s suc.h a unique experience when the show’s stars are also behind the music. The leads of Kieta Hatsukoi are also idols, both of them members of Jpop groups behind the show’s OSTs.

Lead Meguro Ren (Ida) is a member of the Jpop group Snow Man. They delivered the ‘Secret Touch’ OST.

Listen here:

Lead Michieda Shunsuke (Aoki) is a member of Jpop group Naniwa Danshi who debuted with their OST for Kieta Hatsukoi.

Listen here:

Life Love on the Line [Japan]

Japan has a way of delivering music that pairs well with the stories they are trying to tell, and the BL drama Life – Love on the Line is no exception. Performed by group Ryu Matsuyama, the OST ‘Go Through, Grow Through’ is as nostalgic and beautiful as the drama it’s a part of.

Listen Here:

I Told Sunset About You [Thailand]

Power. Romance. Emotion.

All of these are perfect words to describe the Thai drama I Told Sunset About You, and even this doesn’t feel like enough. Where my ability to explain exactly how this drama made me feel falls short, the music does not. ITSAY is a magnificent story that utilizes the leads’ singing abilities to deliver beautiful OSTs. Even if you’ve never seen the drama, the music offers an intense look into a love story that has left a deep impression on many.

Listen Here:

Theory of Love [Thailand]

I had never heard of the Thai group Getsunova until I happened upon the OST for the Thai BL Theory of Love. I became an instant fan. As compelling as the complicated story it sets the stage for, the OST for Theory of Love’ made my heart hurt. In a good way.

Listen here:

Link Click [China]

Link Click is a Chinese animated series that invited me into a special deep friendship between the donghuas’ leads and offered an OP and ED that isn’t easily forgotten. While the opening song ‘Dive Back into Time’ did a fantastic job of expressing exactly what this story was about, the ending theme ‘Overthink’ was a surprising rap delight that complemented the show’s intense cliffhangers.

Listen Here:

To My Star [S. Korea]

Korean BL To My Star left such a memorable impression on its viewers that it earned itself a highly anticipated second season. It’s OST ‘I’ll Be There’ by Johnny goes a long way towards promising that this drama is determined to not only ‘be there’ for its leads but also for its fans.

Listen here:

Light On Me [South Korea]

South Korea’s Light On Me introduced one of my favorite characters in a BL drama. Secondary lead, Daon, completely captured my soul. So much about him spoke to the confused bisexual teenager I once was and the proud adult I am now. The OST for this drama, ‘Spark’ by A.C.E. does a fantastic job of expressing all the emotions I felt while watching.

Listen here:

We Best Love Series [Taiwan]

Performed by one of its leads, Yu, ‘Blue Lover’ is as captivating as the two-part series it’s a part of. For those looking for a rivals-to-lovers romance that captures the heart, We Best Love is a perfect place to start, and I highly recommend beginning with the music.

Listen Here:

Until We Meet Again [Thailand]

Considering the deep impression this drama left on me, especially with characters Win and Team, this OST list just wouldn’t be the same without Until We Meet Again’s theme.

Listen Here:

Kissable Lips [S. Korea]

In a mini-drama about a vampire who desperately wants to be human, it’s the OST that managed to sell this drama to me first. Performed by Korean Rock group 2Z, the song’s title ‘(Even if Not) I’m Okay’ speaks volumes.

Listen here:

Yuri!!! on Ice [Japan]

Although both the opening and ending themes for this anime are great, it’s the ED ‘You Only Live Once’ by Wataru Hatano that sticks with me. There is something empowering about it, making it a fixed fixture on my ‘Songs that Motivate Me’ playlist.

Listen here:

MychelleLove’s Favorites

Music has always been my therapy. As such today I will be sharing my all-time favorite OST’s from some of my best-loved dramas. Music can express your innermost feelings if you listen closely enough. It was extremely difficult to pick my favorites, as I love them all. I mostly listen to all of these OST’s on Spotify.

Not Me OST

Without a doubt, Not Me OST is amazingly melodious. The album has songs that match the dream’s mode perfectly. The first time,I was listening to these OST, it gave me the feeling of watching the drama itself. Frankly, I cried hard. The music is so moving that you can feel the pain, hurt, confusion, happiness, experienced by each character while listening to the songs.

Love By Chance OST

This was, as you all know, my first BL and the OST is simply sweet and adorable. As I listen to the songs, I am always transferred back to the first time when I watched this series. It is similar to reliving all the emotions through the music. I do not have a favorite in this album as I love all the songs. Listening to the music gives me a glimpse into Ae-Pete, Tin-Can’s world as they are trying to figure out their feelings. Such a beautiful story expressed by music. This OST will forever be one of my favorites!

Lovely Writer The Series OST

This was just a cute and fun OST to listen to. I adored this drama and listening to this OST makes me happy. Most of the times, I get up, dance and sing along. Yes, I do try to sing in Thai, and I have so much fun; anytime I am feeling down, I put this on and everything seems better. This was the sweetest drama, and the OST matches the mood perfectly.

Bad Buddies The Series OST

No words needed; this OST is pure magic. Our Song is my current favorite along with Friends!! These songs are really funky and it is a magical experience. We get to feel the love between Pat and Pran all over again and it makes me smile every time I listen to these songs.

TharnType The Series S1 & S2 OST

I really adored this drama, and the music takes me back to Tharn & Type’s world as they overcome many obstacles to have a “Happily Ever After”. I adore Mew Suppasit and he does sing one of these OST’s. I have listened to most of the songs vocalized by Mew and his voice is so beautiful. I close my eyes and I can literally feel his emotions through his music.

Until We Meet Again OST

This OST is another gem as it matches the mode of the drama perfectly. While listening to this OST, you can feel Intouch’s sorrow and the hurt experienced by Korn. I mostly listen to this album on a daily basis. Hearing these songs makes me feel more alive. As the music plays in the background, you are transported back to the foregone era, where you can actually experience the music and sense the feelings accordingly. When a song can help you emote this well, it is utter perfection!

Ingredients OST

This OST is absolutely endearing, sweet, and utterly amazing. Jeff Satur’s voice is just so exquisite I always enjoy listening to his songs. I enjoyed this drama and watching the main character’s love story enfold and progress slowly over time was interesting. It is the same feeling when I listen to the music. I get to experience them falling in love all over again!

I love the OST’s in most of the dramas that I have watched. However, these are some of my favorites and I truly love music in general. So, to be able to relive the entire story of the drama via music makes my heart happy. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!

We will be back next week with the second edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!


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