“The Love of Winter” Movie Review

The Love of Winter is a very endearing short filmed in two parts.

This movie features the handsome newcomer Ter Sittar who plays Kinn the heartbroken man who comes to the resort to mend his broken heart. He meets Thitnuea played by the adorable Golf Wirchayapong (from Roommate The Series). Coupled with Thitnuea’s quirky friends, Jai and Tib; you are in for a very surprisingly heartwarming treat. There is amazing chemistry between Ter and Golf in this drama; their romantic interludes are flirtatious as well as cutesy. The storyline starts a fresh with Kinn checking into the resort and Tib accidentally breaking Kinn’s phone (which has his entire itinerary). As a result, Kinn needs a helping hand. Jai and Tib suggest Thitnueaz who reluctantly agrees to be the tour guide. After Thitnuea leaves to go to work, Jai and Tib encourage Kinn to follow and check out some of the countryside.

This is where the magic starts.

This is followed by engaging flirting and subtle questions are asked. Kinn asks Thitnuea if he has a girlfriend and Thitnuea replies in negative. When the same question is asked of Kinn; he resolutely talks about his recent breakup with his boyfriend. He is currently on vacation to do some soul searching and trying to overcome the pain. They spend the night in a tent on the mountain where Kinn and Thitmuea become closer. There is very little melodrama in this movie, but it doesn’t distract your attention from the main story at all.

For me this was one of the simplest dramas that I have watched- “Boy meets another Boy and there is instant likeness”. The storytelling is engaging and the main leads have a refreshing chemistry. Thitnuea’s friends were extremely supportive of him, sometimes overly enthusiastic, but it is obvious that they care a lot about Thitnuea and want him to be happy. This is one of those shows that makes you smile and uplifts your mood, while leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy. You instinctively know this will end on a good note. Of course, you are left wondering about what comes next. Kinn and Thitnuea will most probably meet in Bangkok again and continue their journey from where it was left off in Northern Thailand.

The only issue with this drama is that some of the contexts in the subtitles seem incorrect – my Thai speaking friends did loosely translate it for me and the mistakes are minor; yet can have an impact if misunderstood. I know subbing is an extremely hard job and since I understand very little Thai, those mistakes didn’t bother me much. That was the one and only issue I had with this series. I also wish there was more to this plot, but with that being said, the storyline was coherent enough, so you come up with your own conclusion on how it would end.

I adore short films and miniseries like these. They have much to say in a very short period and you are left with a permanent smile on your face.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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