“Something in My Room” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

If you enjoyed the ghost romance and mystery of He’s coming to me (Thai BL), and the seances and bad choices in Cheat (Pinoy BL), this might just be the show for you.

The first episode of Something in My Room, although not nearly as menacing and dark as Cheat, did have me screaming at my screen because “No, you do not want to open the portal to the other world just to see the, albeit cute, ghost that is living in the house you just moved into and Dream, if you’re a good friend, you would never have suggested it!”

The show is about Phat and his mother, who move to a new house, after his father abandoned them. The father’s absence causes Phat a great deal of angst and seemingly contributes to him having night terrors and nightmares. Phat’s father has joined the monastery and seems to have a strong spiritual connection with the other world, which explains Phat’s connection to the spiritual world. Unbeknownst to Phat and his mother, (and definitely beknownst to the Estate Agent, who acts very suspiciously), the house that they have recently moved into is haunted by a young man named Phob (Nut Supanut of Oxygen The Series fame) who is trapped between the two realms and seemingly cannot cross-over until he remembers who he was when he was alive.

Phob’s days are numbered and he needs to cross over, before he turns into one of the miserable ghosts stuck in the realm of the living. He had been trying to make contact with humans in the hope that they can help him crossover. This seems to have caused all tenants to steer clear of the house because of the haunted atmosphere he has unwittingly created. When Phat and his mother move in, Phob once again attempts to make contact, and Phat immediately senses that there is another presence in his room, which his mother dismisses immediately (which turns out to be a reaction caused by Phat’s father’s actions). In order to make contact with humans, Phob can communicate with them in their dreams, however, this is dangerous and may trap the human into the spirit world. Phob does not hesitate to make contact with Phat in his dreamworld in spite of this (smh). Phob manages to make contact with Phat in his dreams, and saves Phat from jumping over the balcony as he was having a dream about his father calling to him. Luckily Phob manages to pull Phat back from jumping down the balcony in his sleeping state and saves him, however, this incident cements Phat’s suspicion that there is someone inside the room with him, as well as a conversation these two seem to have had which we are not made privy to.

Phat manages to get his friends to come to the new house to get to the bottom of his suspicions, particularly how the episode of Lovely Writer he has been watching kept getting played despite him pausing it. If this ghost can click on the keyboard, why didn’t he just type out that he was in the room instead of terrorizing poor Phat?

One of Phat’s friends, Dream can immediately sense that there is a supernatural element in the house and can be seen to sense Phob’s presence. Somehow she is the least suspicious of his friends, as Phat’s other friend (Luck) is seen to be stealing or installing something sinister on his computer. He was installing a surveillance app and managed to record Dream and Phat’s séance. Dream and Phat perform a séance in order to make contact with the spirit in Phat’s room, against their better judgement, and almost unleash menacing spirits. Dream advises Phat that once he performs this séance, he will have to live with the gift/curse of seeing the dead for the rest of his life. Phat is immediately on board. (People in horror movies/situations have such little sense, I can’t even.) The two manage to communicate with Phob on a Ouija board and establish that he is indeed a ghost trapped in the house and he is in need of help. The first episode ends with the séance having been stopped, seemingly before any menacing spirits were brought into the world and Phat being able to see Phob, however, the end of episode two shows Phat in a confrontation with a sinister looking ghost.

I hope the series dwells more into the mystery of Phob’s life and death while still giving us the fluff of Phob and Phat’s relationship on the side. The atmosphere of the show does not give off very dark undertones, therefore I doubt it will lean into the horrors of ghost stories and hauntings. Although some characters have already been shown to be suspicious, they do not give off evil-vibes, they seem to be bad, not evil. I look forward to seeing how the story unfolds and develops and of course, being the realist that I am, scoff at the idea of a ghost falling in love with a human being.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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