“Enchanté” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

Love isn’t about finding the perfect person. It’s about realizing that an imperfect person can make your life perfect – Crystal Ball

Have you ever felt enchanted by the premise of finding true love? But what if that true love finds you in an unimaginable way?

GMMTV’s latest offering Enchanté spins a male harem romance with lucrative choices. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much, because this show had big shoes to fill in. While the world was still wallowing over the completion of “Bad Buddy The Series”, Enchanté surely faced tough competition and inevitable comparisons. Starring rookie actors Book Kasidet and Force Jiratchapong in titular roles; the drama has an enviable casting which includes handsome actors Fluke Gawin (Dark Blue Kiss, Not Me Series), Fluke Pusit (The Shipper Series), Boom Tharatorn and Aou Thanaboon as possible love interests. There isn’t much to delve in the first two episodes; the drama is a light-hearted, fuzzy romance, reconciling childhood friends Theo (Book Kasidet) and Akk (Force Jiratchapong). The cinematography is mesmerizing; the narrative is engaging coupled with a beautiful chemistry between the main leads. Without further ado, let’s review the first two episodes and figure out how this romcom might pan out in future!

The Main Leads and their Adorable Friendship

If you are too much into the “Friends to Lovers” trope, then this show should be right up your alley. Despite being rookie actors, both Book and Force adjust amicably into their given roles, imbibing their characters with a touch of innocence and dash of mischievous overtones. While Theo seems more reserved and introverted, Akk is his exact opposite. Both grew up together in the same neighborhood and share beautiful childhood memories. Honestly, I enjoy watching the flashbacks, because it invariably describes their close friendship. Despite the glaring differences in their social stature, both families treat each other warmly. This is a far cry from most Thai BL’s where the parental units are forever in animosity (Yes, I’m talking about you, Bad Buddy The Series).

The first episode plays on their background information as we are given a glimpse into their inner world. After a brief interlude with the adorable child artists (playing the main lead’s younger versions); we are informed about Theo’s sudden departure to France. There is no feasible explanation for the same; but Theo stays in France until his grandmother’s sudden death. His first meeting with Akk is equal parts hilarious and embarrassing. Frankly, their chemistry is lit right from the moment they meet. The behavioural differences are quite obvious; Theo is polished and mild-mannered while Akk is street smart and loud. A total rambunctious pairing and yet they make it work. The fact that both are unbelievably handsome just adds to the charm!

The Familial Connections & Subtle Romance

Despite being separated for almost a decade; both Theo and Akk settle down into their old habits right away. The ease and comfort they share speaks a lot about their camaraderie. Their colorful bantering is amusing and the way Akk’s sisters welcome Theo (in his parent’s absence) is touching. The glaring differences in their lifestyles are apparent. While Theo is used to living a comfortable life (given the fact that his Father is a University Chancellor), Akk’s family struggle to make ends meet. As such, Akk takes up odd jobs to supplement the family income by helping his elder sister, Im. I’m already in love with their younger sister, Egg. The little girl is a spitfire and totally audacious. It was amusing watching her openly flirt with Theo, while Akk tries to safeguard his poor friend.

While the first episode majorly focuses on rehashing their childhood memories, the second episode betrays the subtle romantic vibes between Theo and Akk. Being unfamiliar to the city, Theo gets lost on his way back home. Akk loses his calm when he gets a call from the Police Station. It’s pretty obvious that Akk cares a lot about Theo, and his feelings might very well be beyond friendship. There are multiple instances where they get too close and the ensuing sparks clearly demonstrate their fondness. Book and First share an uncanny chemistry; it is intriguing and enviable. Although the love vibes are clear, there is hesitancy as well as shyness on both sides. It could be attributed to the newness of their relationship or simply to the fact that they haven’t considered the possibility of falling for each other. I’m pretty much sold on this chemistry; so much so that I’m left questioning the “Male Harem” concept.

Why do we need four variable competitors vying for Theo’s attention when the final choice seems pretty obvious?

The Harem Members and Their Agendas

The competitors are effectively introduced in the second episode. As Theo tries to get familiarized with his new surroundings, he gets randomly acquainted with them. Being down to earth, Theo dislikes the preferential treatment he receives. This might be the reason, why he prefers Akk’s company above all. Akk is the only one who treats him like an equal. As for the other main leads, let’s study them one by one. Phupha (Aou Thanaboon) is oddly mysterious, seems to know a lot about Theo and for a Peer Mentee, his attitude is quite nefarious. Phupha has the “Bad Boy Vibes” coupled with a solemn nerd outlook. His strict demeanor showcases his studious nature; but he does seem to have a hidden agenda for getting close to the Chancellor’s son. We don’t have much information about Natee (Fluke Pusit) as of now; apart from the fact that both he and Phupha dislike each other. The reason for their animosity is still unclear, but they seem competitive. Natee’s random confrontation with Theo seem inconspicuous; did Phupha’s apparent closeness with Theo pique his interest? Saifah (Fluke Gawin) plays a musician, who is trying to find ways to increase his online followers. An unlikely romance with the Chancellor’s son will definitely benefit his social life. Wayo (Boom Tharatorn) plays the fourth main lead; he is a basketball player and his first meeting with Theo ends in a major misunderstanding.

All dices are in place, how will they play this love game?

First Impressions

I’m absolutely in love with this show and the main attraction is obviously the handsome main leads. Enchanté is a heartwarming, fuzzy romance; the storyline doesn’t have any deep set meanings to decipher. The show is quite simple, and the storytelling is absorbing. Book Kasidet’s portrayal of Theo is refreshingly honest and he totally embodies the character’s innocence and shy nature. Force Jiratchapong on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. Like literally, Akk’s facial expressions are hysterical and highly entertaining. The juxtapose between the two characters makes for an interesting watch; I find myself awestruck whenever these two are together onscreen. I’m not yet sold on the premise of the “Male Harem”; it simply seems like an unwarranted addition or disruption to Theo & Akk’s smooth sailing ship. Obviously, the storyline can only be driven forward with this slight twist. Each competitor comes with their own hidden agenda and they will definitely try to derive some advantage from their presumed relationship with Theo; truth be told, the actors are pretty hot and it will be entertaining to watch them compete against each other. I’m especially interested in the “Natee & Phupha” enmity angle; what is the story behind their hostility?

This drama should be high on your watch list if you are suffering from “Bad Buddy Series” withdrawal symptoms; it won’t ease your pain, but it will definitely distract you and leave you light-hearted!

Rating- 4 out of 5


2 thoughts on ““Enchanté” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)”

  1. One other pleasure is the warm colours of the cinematography and the amazing university location this series was filmed at. Many have compared it to something out of the Harry Potter/Hogwarts universe!

    There are some unintentionally funny things such as Theo “Don’t Give Me Special Favors” driving to the university in an eye-catching luxury car.

    I think they sprung the romance part of Theo and Akk way too soon- which does make the Harem superfluous. I’m going to blame the director for this.

    But light fizzy fun- acting is ok- I’m watching!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are definitely right about the University location. It’s stunningly beautiful and I’m looking forward to watching the expanse being explored more in the upcoming episodes; where the suitors try to gain Theo’s attention.


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