Favorite BL Scenes-Part III

Each of our favorite dramas or movies has a cluster of special moments; iconic scenes that enrapture our attention with their detailed execution.

We enjoy re-watching these shows simply to recollect touch base with those memories; however sweet or painful they might be. Some scenes leave us with a foreboding feeling, while others make us smile endlessly. Humorous or not; we always return to those segments, to either reflect or replenish our energies. In today’s feature, our authors will be sharing few such vivid impressions. Join us on this joyride and enjoy!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

The Marriage Equality Bill, Not Me Series (Ep.7)

This show has been a slow learning curve for me. While I do enjoy the daring socio-political plot which heavily leans on taking massive digs at the hypocritical and corrupt Thai society; the drama was missing the much requisite OffGun magic. While both Gun Attaphan and Off Jumpol are doing phenomenal jobs portraying their characters, the romance has been solely reductant. It could be attributed to their clash of their character’s personalities as well as veritable thought processes. Since Black and Sean have been perpetually at odds always; Sean can’t help but view White’s opinions through rose-tinted glasses. The fact that his thoughtless actions can misfire and hurt common people, allow him the freedom to observe White in an entirely different light. This scene is so beautifully shot, with both characters smiling and holding hands. Their solemn acceptance was both heartwarming and sweetly tinged!

Heartbreak & Realizations, Theory of Love (Ep.6)

This show gave us two contrast characters that are polar opposites. While Third is the quintessential “Damsel in Distress”, forever in pain; Khai is the despicable main lead, entirely thoughtless and selfish. I spend a lot of time trying to justify Third’s actions; and yet I couldn’t reconcile with his easy forgiveness. While his undying love for Khai was questionable, it was difficult to watch him fall back into old habits every time Khai showed him some affection. As such, I wasn’t surprised when the dam broke and Third finally lost his patience (after Khai forcibly kissed him, while calling out his girlfriend’s name). The shame, betrayal and pain that Third feels cement his need to move on. As Third learns to dissociate; Khai slowly realizes Third’s importance in his life. It is actually bad karma and although his actions were regrettable; I did feel sorry for Khai. He destroyed something beautiful and only recognized its true value once it was lost!

PhaYo’s Old Memories, 2moons2 (Ep.12)

This scene will forever be my favorite #BenEarth or #PhaYo moment (however you want to interpret it). As Phana and Wayo return to their school, reminiscing about old times; you realise how far they have come in this journey. From liking each other in secret to finally confessing their affections, their romance was noteworthy and arresting. Benjamin Brasier and Earth Teerapat were endearing in their roles; especially when PhaYo take a walk down the memory lane and transform into their old selves. The way Phana looks at Wayo, like he hung the moon and stars, will truly make you envious.

ForthBeam Confession Scene, 2moons2 (Ep.12)

These two were the most inconsistent couple in this show; because Beam spends the entirety of eleven episodes fighting his attraction for Forth. Both Pavel Naret & Dome Woranart were phenomenal in their roles, as they embodied their characters in entirety. The above scene is a citable mention; simply because it is the first time that Beam openly acknowledges his feelings for Forth. It may be his guilt that pushes through his emotions; but atlast we get a confession coupled with a heartwarming hug. That’s a tall order for poor Forth; who finally gets to win the heart of his hot-headed love interest after pursuing him relentlessly!

Zhou Zi Shu & Wen Ke Xing Extra Flirtatious Scenes, Word of Honor

Sensuality thy name is Wen Ke Xing (WKX). While WKX is unpredictably flirtatious and shameless; Zhou Zi Shu is his exact opposite. The poor guy is left flustered with WKX’s romantic overtures. Their push and pull game makes for an amusing watch; as they literally dance around their emotions. Word of Honor had distinct fight choreography scenes which seemed more like their mating dance than anything else. Simon Gong must be applauded for his fearless interpretation of the character. Despite being enamored with ZZS, WKX’s nefarious plans are thorough and intentional. One of their most memorable scenes is where ZZS single handedly fights assassins to save Cheng Ling. While he dives around, WKX spends most of his time swooning over ZZS’s physique. The situation was entirely ridiculous, as well as seductive. Kudos to Word of Honor team for being daring in their portrayal of this beautiful romance!

Xiao Xing Chen’s tragic death, The Untamed

The ill-fated love triangle between Xiao Xing Chen, Song Lan and Xue Yang was rather appalling. While most fans swoon over Xing Chen and Song Lan’s ardent romance; I found myself intrigued by Xue Yang’s treacherous intentions. The way he cleverly manipulates Xing Chen into harming Song Lan was unforgivable. Despite that, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, when Xiao Xing commits suicide out of guilt. Xue Yang has always led a scrupulous life; without any attachments or humane emotions. As such, he doesn’t realise the intensity of his own feelings until he is faced with Xiao Chen’s sudden death. He ends up destroying his own happiness by deceiving the only person he was supposed to be faithful to.

Sarinpai’s Favorites

It was hard to pick only a few as my favourite moments in BL, because most series that I’ve seen so far have had at least some memorable scenes. For me, it boiled down to the keywords that I’ve associated with the shows below. In hindsight, my favourite scenes all included elements of either hurt and separation, or comfort and consolation.

Where Your Eyes Linger – Longing

I am normally not a fan of breakup scenes, especially when the breakup is inevitable and not due to an easily resolvable misunderstanding, but in this scene in the last episode of Where Your Eyes Linger, just before Tae Joo is to leave for England, the few moments they spent together were arguably my favourite in the series. Despite the background score and OST playing throughout the scene, it was extremely quiet. I loved the way they expressed their regret of not getting together before they had to part, and the mutual acknowledgement, calling upon the title of the series, that Gook was not allowed to take his eyes off Tae Joo no matter what happened. It was the simplicity of the line “My dream is to live happily, but I’m the happiest when I’m together with you” that made the scene for me.

Light On Me – Reassurance

Light On Me had a lot of scenes that I could have picked as my favourite, but I chose this scene because it was reminiscent of what the series had represented to me- gentle but ever-present reassurance. In the penultimate episode, when Tae Kyung is nervous on stage to present himself for the New Light Prince Contest, he scans through the crowd and seems visibly disappointed when he can’t find Shin Woo. He finds Da On first who mouths that Tae Kyung will be alright, and while that does help him a bit, he’s not satisfied until he finds Shin Woo. The latter doesn’t have to say anything at this point, his presence is enough for Tae Kyung to relax. While it wasn’t the most overtly romantic scene of the series, I got emotional because this was indicative of their love language. While neither of them was the kind to be too expressive or open about their feelings, it is unassuming scenes like this where Tae Kyung and Shin Woo shined the most.

Your Name Engraved Herein – Yearning

The last scene of the movie, where adult Jia Han and Birdy walk together, was the most memorable for me. They look back at an imagined version of their past selves singing together and enjoying the life they could have led had it not been for the times, and while the confession came thirty years too late, the regret they express over what could have been is also accompanied by a hope for the future. The lyrics of the titular song played in the end reflect their yearning for each other in the past and their desire to love again if given the chance. When they linger upon the “wa-nan” as they wish each other good night, they both understand what it means regarding their feelings for each other, and I want to believe that they as adults get the happy ending they deserved decades ago.

HIStory 3: Trapped – Hurt/Comfort

In the penultimate episode, Tang Yi realises that what he had assumed with regards to the death of his mentor was all wrong and is left a mess at the thought that he now has no idea what to do to relieve his pent-up anger and frustration. He leaves Shao Fei and runs back home while the latter is left to follow. The next scene sees Tang Yi collapse in Shao Fei’s arms; he is pushing him away with his words and at the same time is desperately hanging on to him. It is the silent comfort that Shao Fei provides to Tang Yi that makes him realise that his rage is doing him more harm than good, and as the scene ended with them clutching on to each other, giving and receiving support, I was left emotional at the break down that began with losing control and ended with at least some bit of solace.

We will be back next week with the finale edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!

[Picture Credit- @pvnn93 (IG)]

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