“Rainbow Prince” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

This drama is definitely unlike most Pinoy BL’s; some parts are really laughable, as the acting is not up to par. Despite that, Rainbow Prince is quite entertaining, and it does have an impressionable storyline. By the time this show finishes its run; we might have a more coherent understanding of this regal romance.

The latest entrant on the block, Rainbow Prince is a rather unusual one. Yes, it belongs to the “Boy meets Boy troupe”, but it is a musical and quite interesting, to say the least. I love Pinoy BL dramas; this genre is fast touching base with the global audiences. Since Gameboys The Series exploded onto the screen and established world dominance; I have watched quite a few Pinoy BL dramas and have immensely enjoyed them. Let’s take a quick view of the first two episodes to decide if it’s a worthwhile watch!

The pilot episode starts with an ambush where Prince Zeyn’s bodyguards escort him out of his residence in a hurried rescue operation sequence. Frankly, this was an extremely amusing scene to watch. I should warn you that the acting in this series entails more of humorously yet poorly played events, which seem nonsensical. Adrian Dionisio, a newcomer to the BL genre, plays Prince Zeyn, and the adorably talented Eurwin Canzana plays his love interest, Mikey. Mikey’s Mother is the General Manager of well-known hotel enterprise and he assists her. Like I have already mentioned, this show is a musical; so after the Prince escapes safely, we are introduced to Mikey as he wakes in the morning singing.

Next, we are introduced to Mikey’s best friends, Juniper and Bobby. We also get to meet Mikey’s Twin sister, Livy. The show head dives in utter chaos as the Zeyn’s security team head decides that they need to go into hiding. Prince Zeyn, his bodyguards Angel (Mel Martinez), Elena (Katarina Rumanova) assume the new identities of Art Delos Santos, Miguel and Rose. They form a makeshift family, to protect the Prince from future assassinations attempts. Also, we shouldn’t forget the adorable ChukChuk (from My Day The Series) Prince Zeyn’s pet dog.

Some very intriguing series of events follow as Mikey meets the Prince. You can tell that the Prince is besotted with Mikey from their first meeting. Surprisingly, they always end up together in quite a few hilarious situations, which brings them closer. Their rendezvous is always endearing and riveting. As these two are drawn to each other, will their romance morph into something more wonderful? Will their relationship even get a chance at survival, given their varied lifestyles and statuses? What about Kevin, Mikey’s ex, who keeps stalking him consistently?

I am anxiously waiting to watch the upcoming episodes of this drama. Rainbow Prince is certainly engaging, while being unusually different and comical. At times, certain scenes seem ad-libbed and the script should be loosely interpreted. The acting is quite questionable; some of the scenes are outright bizarre, but honestly, the show is light-hearted and delightful. Adrian and Eurwin have a refreshing chemistry and look adorable together. Let’s see how this drama pans out.

Rating- 3 out of 5

One thought on ““Rainbow Prince” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)”

  1. Yes this is a wacky and “unpolished” BL Disney musical!
    From the makers of My Day- this has some of the same ups: A dog being given the royal treatment! Junior high level acting! Scripts/blocking/continuity all over the place!

    Pluses: Fun! Lavish sets and some nice and colorful city shots- two songs that were pretty good in ep 1!

    Worth a watch for sure:)

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