Upcoming Asian BL Dramas- Part I

We have just stepped foot into the new year and there is already an outpour of fresh dramas, set to premiere in 2022.

While major players in the Thai BL industry are rolling in the moolah; the Boys’ Love agenda is really taking a precedence at the world stage. Today’s feature stars notable shows that are most probably going to dominate the BL industry in the upcoming months. We have some tough competitors from the Asian Subcontinent; all vying for your attention. Without further ado, let’s take a took at this exclusive pile up!

Chinese BL

In Your Heart

In the midst of the turmoil that is rocking the Chinese BL/Bromance industry, Director Lee Aria’s new venture, “In Your Heart” is all set to premiere on the international platforms on Feb 11, 2022 (GagaOOLala & Viki). Although, I’m not sure about this show’s availability on the Chinese mainland, the international audiences can rest assured. Lee Aria is particularly known for his gutsy portrayal of LGBTQ relationships (which isn’t an easy feat; given the highly homophobic nature of the Chinese Censor Board). His earlier BL ventures “Ghost Boyfriend”, “Ghost Boyfriend 2”, “Ghost Boyfriend 3” and “Capture Lover” have been quite popular on the social circuits. So, the anticipation and excitement are echoing. Starring Hu Bo Wen and Hu Shi Wen in the titular roles, In Your Heart tells the story of the childhood sweethearts Cheng Yi and Ling Zi Ming and their vindictive friends Lu Xiang Lin and Yue Yu Zhi. The recently released trailer seems promising and I’m looking forward to enjoying this joyride!


Ling Zi Ming and Cheng Yi are two childhood friends, who come from two incomplete families. Zi Ming has been living together with the second eldest aunt on the maternal side since his childhood, while Cheng Yi has been brought up by his grandma. Because of the similar family background, the two boys supported each other emotionally. But as they entered puberty, their psychology underwent dramatic changes. Still being young, the boys have no ideas what love is. Though attempting to get close to each other one after another time, they unexpectedly get increasingly estranged from each other.

(Source: A.L. Studio Official Channel YouTube)


Thai BL

My Ride The Series

After an unprecedented delay of almost two years (due to financial constraints), this hugely anticipated adaptation is finally going to premiere on the national (GMMTV) and international shores (WeTV) on 27th January, 2022. Adapted from author Patrick III Rangsimant’s popular novel of the same name and starring Fame Chawinroj along with Fluke Pongsakorn in lead roles, My Ride The Series explores the unlikely friendship and the ensuing romance between a rider and his passenger. The trailer looks promising with the right amount of endearing banter and angsty romance. Yoon Phusanu and Best Cholsawas have been paired as the adorable side couple Toy and Boss (I’m really sold on their chemistry). We also have a lovable elderly couple played by Nu Surasak (Uncle Cheep) and Patson Sarindu (Uncle Dej) who will impart important life lessons. The storyline seems mature, and the narrative looks intriguing. Here’s hoping that this show receives a positive response and manages to win hearts!


This is the story of Mork and Tawan, a motorcycle taxi driver and a medical resident in Bangkok hospital. While they might seem to come from different worlds, one day they meet by chance when Tawan hires Mork to take him across town. This first ride leads to another and another, and soon Mork finds that he can’t stop thinking about the handsome doctor. Meanwhile, Tawan also feels drawn to Mork, and an unlikely friendship is born. Might it lead to more?

(Source: FreshKicks at MyDramaList)


Enchanté The Series

GMMTV’S latest offering Enchanté literally spells “Secret Crush”. Starring Book Kasidet and Force Jiratchapong in the lead roles of Theo and Akk/Akkhana, the show has been tagged as a male harem romance. Alongside the main leads, we have talented actors like Fluke Caskey (Dark Blue Kiss, Not Me), Fluke Pusit (The Shipper), Boom Tharatorn and Aou Thanaboon starring in the roles of Saifah, Natee, Wayo and Phupha; Akk’s love rivals vying for Theo’s attention. While the intermittent delay in the premiere was evidently due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Enchanté will be facing stiff competition from the recently concluded trendsetter “Bad Buddy Series”. Following in its footsteps is going to be a herculean task, as comparisons are inevitable. Will this romcom manage to outscore the popularity amassed by its predecessor? We will find the answer to this question, as the drama premieres on Jan 28, 2022 on GMMTV’s YouTube Channel.


After living in France, Theo comes back to Thailand to study at his father’s school. Living in Thailand once again makes his surroundings new, but he does make one friend, Ak. Theo finds a book in the library that welcomes him, and the writer signs Enchanté, which means “nice to meet you” in French. Theo becomes curious about who this Enchanté guy is and tells Ak about it. Ak quickly exposes the situation, and four guys come forward claiming that they are Enchanté. Will Theo successfully guess who is the legit Enchanté among the 4 guys claiming to be him?


Love Stage!!

Another upcoming ambitious adaptation, Love Stage!! is set to premiere on Jan 29, 2022 (international platform not yet revealed). I’m calling this an ambitious venture, solely because it is based on the hugely popular manga “Love Stage!!” (ラブ ステージ) written by Eiki Eiki (影木栄貴) and illustrated by Zao Taishi (蔵王大志). The manga and its anime version are tauted as a sensation in the BL world. While the Japanese movie adaptation was lackluster and abysmal, the anticipation surrounding the Thai version is obvious. Starring popular onscreen couple Kaownah Kittipat (Tharntype The Series & Nitiman The Series) and Turbo Chanokchon (Nitiman The Series) in the lead roles of Ryo and Anda, Love Stage!! follows the unusual romance between a popular star and a struggling manga artist. Kaownah and Turbo’s characters are going to face a tough competition, while being compared to their anime counterparts, Ryouma Ichijou and Izumi Sena. Ryouma and Izumi are famous on the social circuits and it will be a difficult task to recreate their iconic romance. Fingers crossed!


Anda was born to one of the most well known showbiz families in Thailand—but while the world waits for his debut as a new star, Anda just wants to become a distinguished manga artist and fulfill his otaku dreams! Despite being surrounded by stardom his whole life, a traumatizing experience at a commercial shoot 10 years ago forced him into emotional recluse and eventually into the arms of his favorite fictional character, Magical Girl LalaLulu.

However, it turns out that he is not in the clear yet. Considering that he is far from becoming a manga artist of any sort, he joins a shooting for the sequel of that dreaded commercial from his past. What’s more, his co-star from the past, who is also invited to reprise his role, is none other than the famous actor Ryo. Anda does not fancy wearing a dress again—but Ryo is eager to see the beautiful “girl” who captured his heart 10 years ago. How will this fateful reunion turn out?

(Source: MyAnimeList)

Character Profiles-

Ryo and Anda

☆ Kaownah Kittipat will be portraying the lead role of Ryo, a young rising star. He is trying hard to gain recognition while his parents are abroad. Ryo wants to prove that he can take care of himself. He fell in love with a girl with whom he filmed a commercial as a child; without realizing that she was not a woman.

☆ Turbo Chanokchon will be playing the lead, Anda. A young man who grew up in an entertainment family but is afraid to go in front of the camera. He looks more like a girl than a man, so Ryo misunderstands him when they first met.

Tee & Jed

☆ Film Jirayu will be playing the role of Tee. He is an upcoming rock star of the band Crusherz. Outwardly, he looks playful and fun. Only their family manager knows that he is serious and wants to be successful more than anyone. He is Anda’s elder brother and cherishes his younger brother the most.

☆ Tawan Nawinwit will be portraying the role of Jed. He is the skillful home manager of Anda’s family. He supervises the work schedule of everyone in the house. Jed is a strict man with good personality.

Bank & Book

☆ Non Ratchanon will be playing Bank, a rising star model. He always looks like he is suffering from heartbreak, being forced to live in a way that he doesn’t want to.

☆ Blink Nichapon will be playing Book. He is a naughty boy who likes to bully his friends. Book is the most colorful character in the manga club and also Anda’s best friend.

Big & Nick

☆ BigBoss Nattakit will be portraying the role of Big. He is the member of the band Crusherz. Big is naive, straightforward, and often does bad things; without realizing the chaos that he leaves behind.

☆ Cheetah Chonphitat will be playing Nick; another member of the band Crusherz. He is Big’s best friend, who mostly handles the troubles created by Big.


The Love of Winter

28 MDP Studio’s short film “The Love of Winter”, starring Golf Witchayapong (Roommate The Series) and Ter Sittarn is set to premiere on 28th January, 2022. It will be exclusively available on their YouTube Channel. This web series focuses on the unexpected romance between Kinn and his tour guide, North; as Kinn travels north to get over his breakup. The recently released trailer seems decent, and the storyline looks promising.


When his body needs a rest, Kinn’s heart leads him to the colder climate of Northern Thailand. There, his friends Namjai and Tib manage to cause him to drop his phone with all his travel plans. Kinn, therefore, needs to find someone who knows the area well to guide him. This leads him to meet Thitnuea who was born and raised there.

(Source: Thai = 28 MDP Studio, Translated by MyDramaList)


The Tuxedo

Starring Chap Suppacheep (Lovely Writer and Y-Destiny) and Green Phongsathorn (2moons2 The Series) in lead roles, The Tuxedo has been in the making for almost a year. Finally, the long wait was put to rest with the announcement of the premiere date alongside an official poster. The Tuxedo will be released on March 5, every Saturday at 10 PM on CH3PLUS, while the interfans can enjoy the show on GagaOOLala.

“A suit tailored with love. A love customized for you”

Although the storyline is still under wraps, the above tagline and exclusive photoshoots are enough to tell the tale. The drama would primarily be focusing on the unusual romance between the rich heir Tawee (Chap Suppacheep) and his formidable tailor Aioon (Green Phongsathorn), who leaves quite an impression on the socialite. Alongside the lead couple, we also have Ping Guntapat as Thawin, Tape Worrachai as Sichol and Pond Khunnapat as Oab in lead roles. There is a lot of speculation surrounding this show, given the intriguing pairing, and I’m certainly looking forward to the premiere night!

Unforgotten Night

Adapted from the web novel “Mafia’s Bad Love” (ร้ายนักนะ…รักของมาเฟีย!!) by Yoe Nim (ยอนิม), Unforgotten Night will be globally available on Jun 22, 2022. While mafia culture became a hot topic of interpretation with the announcement of Be On Cloud’s KinnPorsche The Series, the show is yet to see the light of the day. News Infinity Entertainment, on the other hand, is actively promoting Unforgettable Night and has released a teaser that highlights the main lead’s obsessive nature and his BDSM lifestyle. Starring popular BL actor Yoon Phusanu (YYY The Series, Close Friend, Y Destiny, Paint with Love fame) alongside Ton Saran (Y Destiny), the show focuses on the unassuming romance between a simple office worker and a mafia boss.

The drama also stars multiple pairings as follows- Atom Noraworn as Kom with Peat Suchanon as Baiboon; Ice Saranwich as Itt & Khopkhet Natkharin as Day; Tong Supanut as Lop, Tan Tanchanit as Ruj and Ku Deachit as Git in a polyamorous relationship; Samantha Coates as Jin and Baitoey Punnisa as Metawee. The teaser is scorching hot and Yoon Phasanu’s polished act of a tough gangster is swoon worthy. Ton Saran as the besotted submissive, has an amazing presence. Their chemistry seems unreal and yet you can’t help but fall in love with their intriguing dynamics.


Kim needed someone to embrace his body for just one night. It’s the only night to know what your true needs are. And it was the only night that made the mafia “Kamol” not want to let Kim belong to anyone Kim, a 25 year old office worker, has been in one sided love with his senior, Day, for a a long time. To forget about him and move on, he decides to have one night stand with a random stranger he met at the bar. What he didn’t know was the stranger would start liking him to the point of no return. Kamol, a 30 year old mafia, has some special needs in bed and so he keeps switching partners but no one is able to satisfy him. One night he meets Kim, who perfectly meets his needs. Right at that moment, Kamol decided to make the man his own and starts pursuing him.

(Source: MoonLight at MyDramaList)


Heart by Heart

Half Toast Production have unveiled exclusive posters of their upcoming show “Heart by Heart” along with an elaborate trailer that showcases the intricacies of the different relationships in this adaptation. Adapted from the famous Thai BL novel ให้หัวใจเป็นคนจำ “Heart By Heart”, the show has five distinct couples and will majorly focus on their blossoming relationships, as they face and overcome various trails and tribulations. Starring Mac Phasakorn as Foon and Garfield Pantach as Nobi in the main roles; the supporting couples are as follows- Boom Jiratpisit as Phat and Golf Pasatorn as Tapp; Joe Thanakorn as Mon and Pluem Siwakorn as Dome; Tontae Tinnakorn as Pha-Yu and Jay Jatuporn as Fah-pa; Mark Naktakhe as Sun and Ying Anada as Uro.


The story of two young boys who promised from their hearts to be together forever, but the promise was broken when they had to be apart without a chance to say good bye. But a miracle happens, the same heart returned to its owner. This time, will love arise from memory of heart or from this destiny? A story of one heart that brings them all together is about to begin… Love, sacrifice, forgiveness, smiles, and tears that will fulfill every heart.

(Source: Half Toast Official on Youtube)


Close Friend Season Two

Viu Thailand recently held a launch party to announce the “Original Line-Up” for their upcoming shows in 2022 and the most anticipated revelation was relegated to the sequel of “Close Friend The Series”. While Season One featured six popular BL couples- Ohm Thitiwat & Fluke Natouch, Kimmon Warodom & Copter Panuwat, First Chalongrat & Ja Phachara, Nat Natasitt Uareksit & Max Saran, Lay Talay & Yoon Phusanu, Jimmy Karn & Tommy Sittichok; the sequel will only have OhmFluke (Pierce-Typhoon) and KimCop (Rat-Jedi) reprising their roles. The narrative will dive forward into their love lives as both couples face and overcome different issues plaguing their relationships. There is already a lot of buzz on the social circuits about this show because both couples are hugely popular and have more future projects slated to release in 2022.


“Close Friend 2” is extended from the first season. It represents the relationship of two couples that need to face an important test. Pierce introduced Typhoon to his parents as his junior not his boyfriend at their first meeting. So, they are in an awkward predicament. As for the other couple, Ray discovered Jedi is set up to be an imaginary couple with Milin and he can’t do anything about that because their relationship is a secret. How do they pass this test? And can they prove themselves about this complex relation?

(Source: AllAboutOhmFluke on Twitter)

Just Say Yes! & Past Love in the Future

Popular Thai BL author Mame’s home production Me Mindy recently made a splash on the social circuits with the announcement of their upcoming sequels- Just Say Yes! & Past Love in the Future. Both shows derive their backstory from the recently concluded drama “Don’t Say No”.

Just Say Yes! will be focusing on Leon & Pob ensuing romance as they reconcile after a three years of separation. For those who aren’t acquainted with these two characters- Leon (Smart Chisanupong) is Leo’s younger brother and Pob (James Pongsapak) is their Senior. It’s love at first sight for Leon and following his consistent efforts, Pob finally accepts his proposal. Unfortunately, Pob gets a job opportunity abroad and he chooses to follow his dreams and ambitions. In Don’t Say No: Special Episode, we are given a brief glimpse into their lives as Pob returns to Thailand. Even though Pob tries to reach out; he isn’t able to touch base with Leon. Just Say Yes! will obviously depict the sweet couple’s reconciliation and I’m really excited about the premiere of this drama. Leon & Pob are one of my favorite couples in the Tharntype universe and I’m hoping this show does proper justice to this beautiful pairing.

There isn’t much information about their other show “Past Love in the Future”, apart from the fact that Leo and Fiat’s close friends- the mafia twins Aek (Chai Supakit) and Tho (Seng Supachkok) will most probably be featured alongside their love interests.

If I could turn back the clock, I would say I love him.

If I could turn back the clock, I would not let him die.

If I could turn back the clock, I would sacrifice my life for him.

The tagline is interesting; the storyline promises loads of angsty romance and reparation coupled with oodles of regret.


☆ Fam Pornpawit as Prap and Chai Supakit as Aek

☆ Tonnam Piamchon as Jin and Seng Supachok as Tho

☆ James Jiraphat Na Lamphun as Nava

I Will Knock You

Adapted from the novel พี่จะตีนะเนย by KoreanRabbit, I Will Knock You will be helmed by Director Champ Weerachit (of 2gether The Series fame). Starring Tar Atiwat as Noei and Bom Thanawat as Ti, the storyline focuses on the relationship between a tutor and his annoying disciple as a misunderstanding kickstarts their budding romance. The show will be produced by CH3Thailand and Broadcast Thai Televesion.


Ti, a college student, had a part-time job as a tutor. One day, one of his students got into trouble with high-school gangsters. Tiwa went to protect his student and confronted the leader of the gang, Noei. After that day, Ti ran into Noei many times. He starts to learn that although Noei has a badass look, the boy is ridiculously silly. Noei misunderstands their recurrent meeting and thinks that Ti has feelings for him. When Ti tries to explain that he had zero interest in Noei, fate plays funny tricks. Ti is hired as a tutor for a new student. That student turns out to be Noei. As they learn more about each other; Noei starts to change himself and makes a move on Ti.

(Source: Foolish Asian Drama Life at Twitter)

เส้นลองจิจูดที่ 180 องศาลากผ่านเรา

We don’t have an English title for this show yet; however, it is already rousing a lot of interest on the social circuits. Starring veteran actress Mam Kathleeya McIntosh alongside Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn (Nadao Bangkok) and Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan, a freelance actor; Miti Art Media are projecting this show as a “multilayer drama, age-gap romance concerned with the LGBTQ community”. The show will be written and directed by Phansak Sukhee.


Sasiwimol (Mam Kathleeya) and her son Wang (Pond Ponlawit) unexpectedly get their car stuck in mud, while they are driving past Intawut’s (Nitidon Pomsuwan) home. Intawut is Sasiwimol and her ex-husband Sayam’s best friend. They fell out of contact after Sasiwimol and Sayam got married; so their sudden meeting seems like some kind of coincidence. During their stay, Wang and Intawut are slowly drawn to each other. Wang challenges a feeling that has been deep buried inside Intawut. Sasiwimol is unable to accept their relationship and decides to take Wang back to Bangkok; as Intawut requests Wang to listen to his Mother. But Wang doesn’t give up and digs deeper until he learns about the relationship between Intawut and his father. Intawut insists that their relationship was pure (nonsexual). So on their last night together, Wang proves to Intawut that his concept of “pure relationship” is just an excuse to cage his heart’s desires. Wang also reveals that it wasn’t a coincidence that he ended up near Intawut’s home.

Source- LazySubber Twitter

The cast and crew recently held a blessing ceremony for the show. The main leads look really good together and I’m hoping that their chemistry strikes a chord with the audiences.

Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love dramas from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

(Picture Credit- Original Sources

Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for compiling this list. I’m really excited to watch In Your Heart, I’m hoping it’ll have a similar style to Addicted which is one of my favourites!
    Could you please let me know if there are any other Chinese language BLs being released this year? Thank you. ❤


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