“Sasaki to Miyano” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

Based on the manga of the same name and written by Shō Harusono, this cute anime has just started airing and it is everything a normal BL is not. Only two episodes have aired as of now but I can say that the story is full of fluff. It’s just fluff all the way. If you ever want to recover from watching something emotionally heavy, this is it for you.

The first episode starts with Miyano suddenly walking in on a fight. Somebody is being bullied and he wants to save him. He calls for his senior but realises it might be too late so he takes a decision that he would go and save the boy himself. But just as he is about to go into action he is stopped by Sasaki. This is when we first see the face of Miyano. Before this, the focus is not exactly placed on his face. Then we get to see Sasaki’s face. Sasaki walks over to the bullies to save the poor boy who is getting beat up.

Time skips to two months after the incident from where Miyano is now narrating the incident. Miyano explains that that was the time he started looking up to the senior who saved him. But just like you should never meet your heroes, meeting Sasaki every day has certainly changed his image. Now, he is just a senpai who annoys Miyano. But is it just that, or is there more to it? There is always more to it. We all know that. Behind every annoying senpai, there is a senpai we all love and adore. Sasaki just fits right into the role.

There is a side of Miyano that he hides from everyone. He is a fudanshi (male who likes/loves reading yaoi). Sasaki is new to the BL world because he does not seem to know the first rule of BL. You do not talk about BL out in public. Miyano teaches him that well, by either freaking out or yelling at him. He is also quick to explain that he is not gay, he just likes reading BL (which seems excessive, but we get it). There are also many BL ‘if you know you know’ references. The trust Miyano puts in Sasaki when he shares his manga with him is so pure. Miyano is a complete fangirl- Not just living in the fantasy but also making everything around him in a BL world. His life will soon turn into one as well though. When we get a glimpse of the fight from the perspective of Sasaki, we realise that he is a goner for Miyano from the start. From the moment he laid his eyes on Miyano, he started developing feelings for him. He has a “but he is a guy” thinking, but that is more of his confusion. Probably him trying to figure out his feelings for Miyano, even though he is a guy. And then finally his realisation that he has fallen for him.

The story is barely even established and the scenes sometimes jump back and forth in time so it gets a bit confusing. But after a while, you get used to it. The creators do not explain much about the time skip. But we see how over the course of two months the relationship between Sasaki and Miyano has changed. The second episode on the other hand is much better in terms of time-skip confusion. It is better structured and the story is going at a pace instead of jumping around.

The episode shows Sasaki trying to get closer to Miyano now that he has realised his feelings. He wants to spend more time with him and he keeps coming up with excuses to do so. And he is not even trying to be subtle while expressing his feelings, he is pretty upright about them. While our poor Miya-chan just suffers the consequences of his ‘upfrontness’ in gay panic and confusion. The funniest part of this episode is where his friends just casually comment on him saying, “is your otakuness acting up again”, while he is sitting face down on the ground. Every scene will make you grin like an idiot, especially their cute little pocky game.

Trust me after AOT Sundays, Sasaki to Miyano Sundays are an absolute necessity. This definitely would recover your broken heart.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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