Artist’s Profile- Fluke Natouch

Natouch Siripongthon, nicknamed Fluke, is a Thai actor born on June 1, 1996 in Lamphun.

Originally known as Pongsatorn Sripinta, Fluke changed his name to Natouch Siripongthon in 2019. Fluke’s noteworthy performance in his first film, “Grean Fictions”, earned him the main lead role in “My Bromance” (2014). Since then, Fluke has slowly gained a foothold and is currently rated as one of the most phenomenal actors in the Thai BL industry. He is also well known also for diverse repertoire like “Red Wine In The Dark Night” (2015) and “Until We Meet Again” (2019). He released his debut single “เก็บ (Hidden)” on November 15, 2020. The song earned the number one spot on iTunes Thailand and was listed in the top 10 in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Fluke As An Actor

Fluke’s journey as a evolving actor began when he was cast as the supporting role in the movie “Grean Fictions” (2013). The film’s positive reception paved way for future recourse and Fluke landed his first major role in the “Coming of Age” movie “My Bromance”. Depicting the role of a young man Bank who falls in love with his stepfather’s son Golf; Fluke lead the movie with conviction. His subtle expressions perfectly portrayed Bank’s docile nature and patient demeanor. He was a perfect contrast to Fluke Teerapat’s Golf and their romance was enthralling as well as painfully regrettable. Throughout the movie, Fluke had a tight control over his emotions, something that accentuated the trauma and devastation faced by his character.

2015 was a challenging year for Fluke, as he showcased his veritable acting talents. He managed to shock the audiences with his power packed performances in two movies of entirely different genres. Fluke’s portrayal of main lead Wine in the film “Red Wine in the Dark Night” was astounding. Though the film received mixed reviews, Fluke was appreciated for depicting the various nuances of his character’s journey with restraint. From being a gentle lover to his amnesiac boyfriend Night, to mercilessly executing his ex-boyfriend Tee and sugar daddy Boy, Fluke drove the narrative with his flawless execution. This was followed by his class act as Yorla in the next movie “Ghost Ship”. Starring in a queer role that was loud, boisterous and yet innocent, Fluke’s caricature was relatable and honest. The comic flair displayed by his character added a timely reprieve to the gruesome scenes in this horror movie. Fluke is one of those few method actors; who can clearly imbibe and embody the characters they portray.

Despite the variant characters he has played, Fluke’s first breakthrough was his portrayal of main lead Pharm in the reincarnation drama “Until We Meet Again” (2019). While reincarnation dramas are a common fixture in Asian culture, they don’t have a fixed rule. Playing a character plagued by his past lifetime’s memories is incredibly difficult; but Fluke transformation was complete and retrospective. While he was careful in expressing Pharm’s innocence; he was equally fierce in channeling Intouch’s heartbreak and devastation. After a hiatus of two years, Fluke returned to the Boys’ Love genre with his adorable rendering of main lead Typhoon in “Close Friend The Series”. Focusing on the common relationship issues faced by most couples, Fluke managed to surprise the audiences with his subtle act and somber expressions. The show wasn’t exactly phenomenal, but OhmFluke’s chemistry managed to salvage the abysmal ratings.

Favorite Moments

Until We Meet Again fed us a healthy dose of reality with a dash of sorrow and angst. Although the show was littered with painful realism of the societal rebuttal faced by the LGBTQ community; it was celebrated for the unhindered romance between the main lead couples. Fluke’s ardent chemistry with co-star Ohm shone through the silver screen and mesmerized audiences throughout the world. While UWMA will forever be my comfort zone, there are two praiseworthy scenes that need sordid appreciation.

Dean & Pharm’s First Meeting

We can’t exactly call this their first meeting; because they had seen each other in passing before. What elevated the cinematic experience in this scene? Pharm’s emotions boil to the surface as he comes face to face with Dean. There is surprise, shock and intrigue. Pharm feels an unknown familiarity to the handsome guy standing in front of him; and is instinctively drawn to Dean. The interspersed flashbacks add to the tension, as Dean and Pharm are caught in a jarring time-travel. Pharm’s tears are a manifestation of the pain and devastation faced by his past self, Intouch. Fluke’s interpretation was unbelievably accurate, while the yearning was realistic and solemn.

Confrontation Scene (Finale Episode)

While Fluke played a docile character throughout the entirety of this show, the finale episode challenged his acting chops. The scene where he angrily confronts Korn’s Father (his grandfather in this lifetime) was both jarring and emotional stifling. His expressions were unusually intense as he channeled Intouch’s anger and confusion. The effortless shift between the two characters was uncanny and no one else, but Fluke could have managed this transition. This scene will forever be etched in the audience’s memories and it certainly cemented Fluke’s position as a bankable actor.

Upcoming Dramas

☆ Fluke has recently been in news for his upcoming drama Oh! My Sunshine Night. The excitement surrounding this college romance is undeniable, as it pairs Fluke with his UWMA co-star Ohm Thitiwat. Fluke will be playing the character role of Sun, an optimistic person who loves playing guitar but was born with heart disease. Helmed by Newsinfinity Entertainment, the show is already gaining mass popularity with its uncharacteristic storyline and flagrant casting.

☆ The success of the prequel has paved the way for Close Friend Season Two. Ohmfluke will be returning to reprising their roles in Pierce and Typhoon, as we get to watch their romance unfurl into something more substantial.

☆ The grapevine is rife with the speculation that OhmFluke will be starring in another upcoming adaptation, “609 Bedtime Story”. The rumors haven’t been confirmed, as Director Tanwarin Sukkhapisit still hasn’t issued any official statement yet.

Fluke’s Chemistry With His Co-Stars

Fluke’s refreshing chemistry with his “My Bromance” co-star Fluke Teerapat was much appreciated. Adopting an innocent style, Fluke won hearts when his character effortlessly tamed the arrogant beast (Gulf). Their sweet camaraderie was memorable and as such, the audiences were left heartbroken with their inevitable separation. The sequel My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later was much anticipated and received mixed reviews; Fluke managed to win hearts with his redoubtable presence.

Fluke’s chemistry with his UWMA co-star Ohm Thitiwat is effervescent and undeniable. Four years down the line, they are still going strong and ardent fans chalk their closeness to the comfort and friendship they share. Unlike most BL couples who are hesitant and distant, Ohm and Fluke have a heartwarming rapport. They are considerably supportive of each other and the “MyBlue” fandom is in awe of their idol’s inspiring relationship. While they constantly debate their star couple’s current status, Fluke and Ohm truly redefine healthy relationships goals. Their long- standing friendship is based on mutual respect and understanding, a trait unseen in most BL couples. They really do make a handsome couple!

Fluke As A Person

Fluke always has a sunny disposition and is very humble as well as respectful. He has graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of English at Dhurakij Pundit University. Fluke is currently studying for a Master’s degree at Chulalongkorn University. With a massive fan following on social media (Twitter & Instagram), Fluke is one of the most sought out actors in the Thai BL industry. His understated elan and elegance make him a sought out model as well. He is also one of those few actors who are honest about their sexuality; he has no qualms about it and is openly gay. Fluke is very close to his UWMA co-stars, especially Earth Katsammonnat. Fluke has been consistent in taking up challenging yet diverse roles. His ability to outshine his own performances is staggering and Fluke has no inhibitions embodying the variations driving his character roles. He is extremely dedicated and self-disciplined. Ohm & Fluke are my most favorite BL couple and as such, I’m certainly looking forward to watching them recreate history in their upcoming projects!


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