Favorite Kissing Scenes- Part III

Physical intimacy and understanding define most healthy relationships; BL couples are no different.

Kissing scenes hugely characterize the levels of comfort and distinct communication shared by the actors portraying their relative BL roles. Their immersive dive into the character’s lives and thoughts reflects the candor in their relationship, the closeness and the love they depict. While most kissing scenes fall into the category of “Passionate” or “Sensual”, we do have some slow burn romances that are sweet and endearing. In today’s feature, our authors will be talking about the kissing scenes that stuck a chord with their heartstrings!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

PhaYo First Kiss, 2moons2 The Series (Ep.4)

This was the softest kiss ever. I’m totally biased because both Benjamin Brasier and Earth Teerapat are my favorite actors. Add to the fact that 2moons2 was one of my first BL dramas, this kiss totally took me by surprise. Wayo and Phana are unlike most BL couples; while Wayo is endearingly shy and naive, Phana is mature and understanding. This kiss was the culmination of a long waiting period, where Phana made sure that Wayu had the time and space to adjust to their new relationship. For me, PhaYo’s first kiss will forever be memorable, because they literally redefined the meaning of mutual trust and understanding. The fact that both Ben and Earth were comfortable in their own skin, made this kiss much more impactful!

Phupha and Tian’s First Kiss, ATOTS (Ep.10)

Phupha and Tian’s first kiss was impressionable; strangely so because it evoked unknown feelings of melancholy and desire. After a year long wait, our main couple reunite to fulfill their unspoken promise. Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap have a beautiful chemistry, which was celebrated by this kiss. There are very few couples who can express their emotions without involving much physicality; EarthMix are definitely one such pair. This kiss was sweet; it depicts their longing and certainly registers their wavering emotions. It might seem restrained, but in retrospect, Phupha and Tian were finally free!

Ji Woo & Seo Joon’s Flirtatious Kiss, To My Star (Ep.8)

When Kim Kangman boasted that they were the “Best Male Couple” in the Korean BL industry, I was mildly amused and vastly intrigued. While the storyline drove through a narrative with our main couple facing various hurdles, the reunion was swoon worthy and their relationship advocated acceptance and respect. The flirtatious kiss in the finale episode was the icing on the cake; literally because it was unexpected and surprising. While most Korean BL actors still shy away from intimate scenes, actors Kim Kangman and Son Woo Hyun rewrote history with their unapologetic attitude and sensual chemistry. Their kiss was truly phenomenal and unforgettable!

Pat & Pran’s Kissing Scenes, Bad Buddy Series

A feature on favorite kissing scenes will be incomplete if we aren’t talking about the numero uno couple of the BL industry. Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat are the current heartthrobs and rightly so. We will be talking about each of their kissing scenes separately (because it’s that important).

Their first kiss is strikingly hesitant. While Pat is testing the waters to check on Pran’s feelings; they finally give in to their desire. The resulting kiss is explosive and uncanny. It speaks volumes about Ohm and Nanon’s ability to manifest their character’s emotions. When the kiss ends, Pat is sure about his feelings, while Pran is sad and heartbroken (because there is no way their relationship can work, given their family enmity).

Never let it be said that Pat wouldn’t strive hard to achieve his goals. So when he becomes absolutely sure about his feelings for Pran, Pat dives into the deep end. He does every conceivable thing possible, to earn Pran’s trust and affections. Of course, he does it with indefinite patience and finally, their love wins. This scene will be forever memorable because of the sweet kisses they shared. Pat and Pran finally set themselves free; from their parent’s expectations!

This week’s episode was littered with bittersweet moments. Pat and Pran decide to steal some moments of solace and peace by running away. The entire episode was sprinkled with sweet countenances of their probable future. The kiss they shared was an expression of their love; it was unhindered and fearless. While the episode ends on heartbreak, we can surely find some comfort from this scene (until, of course, next week’s episode, which will make or break this romance).

Li Cheng & MuRan’s First Kiss, HIStory4: Close To You (Ep.13)

This is easily one of the hottest scripted kisses ever. Although Mu Ran’s drunken rant makes his affections obvious, Li Cheng still waits to confirm his feelings in the morning. They are best friends first and foremost; so Li Cheng doesn’t want to risk their friendship. Once reconciled, they give in to their desires and the kiss is fierce as well as passionate. Charles Tu and Anson Chen will forever be one of my favorite BL couples ever!

Dean & Pharm’s First Kiss, UWMA (Ep.6)

One of the most anticipated kisses; Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch’s chemistry is incomparable. Playing the main roles in a reincarnation drama is a tough job, but both Ohm and Fluke played their roles well. Their first kiss was sweet and mildly sensual; OhmFluke share a great rapport which translates into an excellent chemistry onscreen. I remember watching this scene and wondering if I will ever come across my soulmate in this lifetime!

Phab & Maze’s First Kiss, Paint With Love (Ep.4)

When I first started watching this show, I was hugely biased. Singto Prachaya and Tae Darvid have established BL fandoms with their onscreen partners, Krist Perawat and Tee Jaruji. So it was difficult to predict Singto & Tae’s chemistry. But they proved me wrong with this kiss; I was left stupefied. Both Singto and Tae prove their mantle as established BL actors with their comfortable rapport and mature portrayals. This kiss got me invested in Phab and Maze’s relationship; so far I’m enjoying the ride!

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

Ram & King, My Engineer The Series (Ep.14)

The kisses are hot; the kiss wasn’t a kiss, just a peck; they just did a “high five”. Those were some of the statements I saw across the twitter timelines at the mention of the most anticipated moments in 2020 BL’s worldwide. Secretly or overtly, we rate the shows we watch based on the make or break value we assign to that first kiss. It’s understandable because most people fall in love with these dramas simply for the romance. The side characters and story are second to the on-screen chemistry between the two main characters that the fans have shipped together. But what happens if the side characters are more entertaining than the main characters? That was the case for “My Engineer”. While Bohn and Duen were the couple with the most screen time and the ones we were supposed to be in love with; many found the side couple King and Ram more entertaining.

The couple side stepped on all the tropes in their unique courtship. Now this is just my opinion; but it’s not the intensity of the kiss that makes it fantastic, but the characters committing to the act of sharing the same breath. King and Ram are two of the most diverse characters in BL. Ram, a man of mixed race with selective mutism speaks only

in short yet important sentences. Most of his time is spent using an array of facial expressions, gestures, and texts to get his point across; which is the perfect contrast to King’s boisterous, talkative, blunt sensitivity. The expression “wearing your heart on the sleeve” applies to King. He gives his all into befriending the boy who wants nothing to do with him. Not because Ram doesn’t like him, but instead Ram is afraid of most people save the few he let past the walls he has built.

Unbeknownst to King, Ram is going through a tough phase witnessing his Father cheating on his mother. This has jaded Ram and made him emotionally unstable; his father turns vile as Ram confronts him about the affair and leaves with his three beloved huskies (tears, I had real tears). King takes Ram into his apartment despite his fear of dogs and the friendship deepens. But the romance doesn’t, as the pair have a slow burn romance, for most of the season until King can’t take it anymore. Now bear in mind the amount of sweet moments that go from simply buying a bottle of water to making someone a crown of flowers progresses slowly, building the love between these two boys.

Until finally as misunderstandings and hurt feelings cause the bubble between them to burst and they finally kiss. The two actors, Talay Lay and Perth Nakhun did a fantastic job with the kiss with their explosive chemistry, as their lips move in syncopated beats. You can feel the heat meeting the fierce reality as they share their first kiss. But instead of the negative aspects, the characters embrace the feelings they haven’t spoken about and I could only scream and fist pump the air. Was it sexually gratifying? No, but it was emotionally a banquet, as I got to experience all that slow burn chemistry explode onto my iPhone screen. They are still my favorite pairing and I eagerly wait their return in Season Two someday.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!


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