“The Player” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 4)

I am attracted to everyone in this series.

That’s it. That’s my first impression, right there.

Okay not quite, but it’s true. The Player is the new GMMTV drama directed by the inimitable Jojo Tichakorn, and if you’re familiar with his body of work – 3 Will be Free and the Friendzone Series – you’ll have an idea of what to expect: complicated relationships, a lot of romantic intrigue, and plenty of steamy scenes.

The Player is centred around the mysterious disappearance and possible murder of a young woman named Miriam (Kapook) after a party. We are introduced to many of the major characters and this plot in the very first episode, when detective Tin, played by Tay, and his colleague (White) arrive on the scene, attempting to gather evidence and interview their suspects. What unfolds is a story told over two time periods – one six months ago when all the intrigue and plotting began, and one in present day as the investigation continues.

I was hooked from the very start, because not only are the characters all extremely good to look at, they deliver stellar performances. While the title of the series can refer to any of the main characters, all trying to play games with each other’s lives, I also think it can refer especially to playboy extraodinaire Tim (Joss Wayar) a man whose powers of seduction are not to be underestimated. Tim’s stepsister Giwi (Namtan Tipnaree) is one of the other leads, and she steals every scene that she’s in. I have to appreciate the series for bringing GMMTV’s actresses to the forefront, as all of them give stellar performances, whether Kapook or Jane, playing fashion designer Eve, also a pawn in the machinations going on between Tim and Giwi. Eve is dating Pitch, played masterfully by Foei. Pitch, the son of a politician and running for office himself, is a bisexual man who was previously in a relationship with Matt (Mek), but is afraid of it coming to the light and ruining his aspirations. Meanwhile Giwi wants Tim to break Eve and Pitch up so she can have the latter for herself… And this is only half of what’s going on in the series so far. There are at least five more characters involved at any given time, and I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out and how the mystery will be resolved.

If sexy shows with complicated plots, raw emotions, double and triple crossing, and all-round brilliant acting performances are your thing, I recommend The Player without a doubt.

Rating- 4 out of 5


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