“Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa” Series Review (Ep.3 to 7)

There are very few shows that maintain a considerable consistency throughout their runtime; Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa is one of those few dramas. It was remarkably persistent in its storytelling and the script never wavered from its tagline.

Starring Ossan’s Love star Tanaka Kei and Yasuda Ken in the lead roles, the prime focus remained on the usage of DNA profiling to solve mysterious murder crimes. Coupled with some candid “Bromantic” moments between our eccentric scientist Jinbo Jin and grumpy detective Ando Genji, the show was a breezy ride which showcased their heartwarming bonding. While the BL world is littered with sub-par content; this show was strikingly different. The scriptwriters have managed to weave a swoon worthy subjective with side serving of subtle romance. Without further ado, let me list the reasons to fall in love with Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa!

Character Growth

We start this journey with Jinbo acting detached and impersonal; he is an oddball and is an absolute loner. In short, he has all the characteristics of a perseverant scientist. As the story progresses and his rapport with Ando morphs into more, Jinbo’s behavioural patterns change. You have to understand that Jinbo doesn’t do well with changes; the only reason for offering his consultation is to gather valuable insights for his own research work. But somewhere down the line, solving the cases becomes his driving force. It is no longer analytical; but grows to be a personal pursuit. Tanaka Kei must be applauded for his laudable portrayal of Jinbo; the nuances are so well defined that it left me awestruck. Jinbo’s unwavering dedication and loyalty to his profession are truly inspiring. His quirky nature is a comic relief, because the guy really has no mouth filter. Here are some of Jinbo’s praiseworthy dialogues that are significantly important!

☆ In Episode 4, Jinbo tries to console a heartbroken Miyuki because she doesn’t possess the “Genius Gene” that is inherent in her Father’s family line.

“DNA is absolute, but you can arrange the DNA in your way. All you need is effort, environment and experience.”

☆ Episode 5 highlights the medical malpractices rampant in the pharmaceutical industry. In the first instance, both Jinbo and Ranbara explain to Ando, about how cut-throat the industry is!

“May I ask how you will feel if someone else took the credit for your work?”

In another instance, Jinbo fiercely reiterates the need to follow medical ethics, when suspect Shimomura Madoka refuses to acknowledge her mistake.

“Falsifying the results of the research that you don’t agree with is the most shameful thing a scientist does”

☆ In the penultimate episodes, Jinbo strongly expresses his displeasure when his former lab-partner Makimura coerces Jinbo to assist him in his illegal cloning experiments. Jinbo’s fierce disposition, coupled with his staunch attitude were admirable.

.The Enviable “Br”Romance

Although Jinbo and Ando’s journey begins as accomplices, they slowly develop a sense of mutual understanding and respect. Both have abundant flaws; but somehow they manage to balance each other in their own ways. While Jinbo’s eccentric nature often leads to embarrassing situations, Ando helps to soften the blow. Jinbo is rather brutally honest and doesn’t believe in societal niceties; most of the times he doesn’t realize that his scientific tirade might seem hurtful. Those are the times when Ando comes to his rescue. Also, Ando is Jinbo’s favorite case study. So, our resident scientist spends an awful lot of time researching Ando’s DNA.

While Jinbo’s positive obsession with DNA profiling might seem annoying at times, Ando’s unwavering supports cements their bond further. Ando’s protective instincts are always on the rise; whenever Jinbo gets caught in dangerous situations. Jinbo is smart when it comes to investigating the minute details on the crime scene; but he isn’t exactly adept at handling the crime suspects. They make a formidable team where Jinbo provides the scientific expertise and Ando offers his investigative skills. They support each other without any expectations (particularly, when Ando offers to investigate lead scientist Shimomura Madoka despite Ranbara’s reservations). Ando trusts Jinbo’s judgement and intuitions. I really enjoyed watching them grow closer; Tanaka Kei and Yasuda Ken’s easy camaraderie translates to some brilliant chemistry on-screen. Frankly, Tanaka seems more comfortable in this drama; as against his BL drama “Ossan’s Love”. His acting skills are more mature and Tanaka’s effortless pairing with Yasuda is both unique and riveting.

Final Impressions

I was left completely heartbroken when this drama ended and I’m hoping the show’s producers might consider the possibility of a sequel. Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa is one of those few dramas that remained true to its base concept. Jinbo’s keen observations and diagnostic skills were truly phenomenal. It was fun watching him connect the dots to reach the appropriate conclusions. It’s obvious that the scriptwriters have done a lot of research, to make sure that the storytelling was streamlined and flawless. While the storyline was majorly focused on using DNA profiling to crack difficult cases; Jinbo’s emotional journey as he grew closer to Ando and his daughter, Mizuki, was equally impressive. Coupled with restaurant owner Yukari (Matsuzaka Keiko) and Ranbara, Jinbo found a new makeshift family. The group dynamics were really enviable, and Jinbo sought solace in their companionship. Truly, Rasen no Meikyu: DNA Kagaku Sosa was one of the most remarkable Bromances to premiere in 2021. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Rating- 4 out of 5


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