“Once in Memory: Wish me Luck” Short Story Review

This half an hour runtime show surprisingly has more story to offer than some of the well-known hour long dramas.

This drama truly made me smile throughout and left me feeling warm as well as fuzzy. Once in Memory: Wish me Luck is a sweet romance about Ryu (Natthew Nuttapong) and Ton (Micky Chonnapat), both are fairly new to the BL world and yet they did a tremendous job in this show. Ryu likes Ton but is shy and unable to confess his feelings. Ton likes Ryu and is yet to tell him. This short story defines their love story, that transpires across three years of mystique and intrigue. Ryu and his friends are on their annual trip where they run into Ton, Ryu’s secret crush. Ryu is secretly excited to see his crush. Ton wants to stay but there are no rooms available at the resort, so Ryu’s friends invite Ton to stay with them. In short, they maneuver him to sharing a room with Ryu.

The storyline provides little hints that Ton likes Ryu, but Ryu is slow in picking up at those hints at first. Things are going really well for them until Ton’s friend Fai arrives and Ryu becomes sad as well as jealous. Ryu’s friends are, however, on Ton’s side and help him in planning a surprise for Ryu. Ton especially plays a special song, honestly it was a beautiful melody. There is a certain incident in their past that brings these two together; the flashback surely made me smile. This past is what brings this drama to a complete circle. Once you learn their history, it all makes perfect sense. Will it all work out for Ton and Ryu? Do they finally accept their feelings for each other?

This was a truly amazing drama. If you liked Mind Trio’s earlier short stories “Once In A Memory: Love At First Sight” and “Once In A Memory: Just found Love”, then you definitely enjoy this one as well. All three of these short stories are extremely cute and fluffy, without any angst and drama. Just a sweet, simple and endearingly enjoyable!

I do hope that Mind Trio Official comes up with more of these short films. I will be waiting in anticipation for another “Once in a Memory” exclusive!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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