“Color Rush” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

Adapted from the web novel “Color Rush” (컬러 러쉬) by Se Sang (세상), this drama features rookie actors Yoo Jun and Hur Hyun Jun playing the main lead couple, Choi Yeon Woo and Go Yoo Han. Color Rush is mystery romance, based on the mythical concept of “Fated Soulmates”.

Choi Yeon Woo is Monochromatic or Mono (they are not able to see colours and therefore view their surroundings through varying shades of grey, black and white.) So, Choi Yeon Woo’s life is pretty boring and bland. Every Mono has a fated person- Probe, who is able to trigger their grey-scale world into colour, inducing what is termed as a ‘Colour Rush’. As the storyline progresses, we learn that Mono’s can be pretty obsessive of their Probes. Some even end up killing their Probes and then themselves. Yeon Woo’s life is invariably changed when he meets Yoo Han, his Probe, and he experiences his first ‘Colour Rush’.

The pilot episode depicts Choi Yeon Woo’s childhood vividly and past remembrances of his missing mother from the day she suddenly disappeared. Instantly, we are transported back to current times with Choi Yeon Won, waking up after a nightmare about his mother again. Yeon Won is forced to transfer to another school yet again, as he constantly gets into fights with people making fun of him for being a Mono. On his first day of school, Yeon Woo meets some very interesting characters- the class leader Jung Joo Haeng (Baek Seo Hoo) and Kim Min Jae (Min Hyo Gi). He becomes fast friends with these quirky people. He also gets to meet Go Yoo Han, who is sleeping when Yeon Woo introduces himself. Yoo Han wakes up to see a new face and assumes that Yeon Woo is a trainee.

The first time Go Yoo Han takes off his mask is the first time Yeo Woo experiences a “Color Rush”. He is very confused, scared and not sure what to do as he is trying to hide the fact that he is a Mono. Here is where their story begins; you can feel the pure excitement on Yeon Woo’s face on seeing colors for the first time and the devastation when the colors fade. Yoo Han figures out that he is Yeon Woo’s Probe and Yeon Woo is not happy about this. Despite the euphoria, Yeon Woo is determined not to have Yoo Han act be his Probe.

Yeon Woo and Yoo Han fall into a comfortable relationship, to speak. Yeon Woo wants to see colors but is worried about the consequences. Yoo Han wants to help but slowly realizes that he is beginning to like Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo has a hard time trying to adjust to the fact that there exists someone who can allow him to see colors and it is a boy. Yeon Woo wants to see colors but also doesn’t want to see colors for fear of growing obsessive. He is yet torn between telling his aunt and keeping it a secret.

You can tell that Yoo Han wants to help Yeon Woo recognize all the colors in the spectrum. It’s obvious that Yoo Han cares tremendously for Yeon Woo. As Yeon Woo slowly begins to see the colors, he starts falling for to Yoo Han. At the same time, he is also afraid of the consequences as to what could transpire between a Mono and their Probe. Understanding his predicament, Yoo Han tries in his own unique way to help Yeon Woo. It was painful watching Yeon Woo feeling confused about this. Although he seems happy, his elation is overshadowed by a tinge of sadness.

Yeon Woo slowly gets acquainted with the very shades of the colors in a spectrum. It was truly a blissful experience watching Yeon Woo discover the joys of a colorful world. You can feel every emotion Yeon Woo and Yoo Han are feeling. The emotion on their faces and especially in their eyes vividly express their growing attachment. The way Yo Han caresses Yeon Woo’s face makes his feelings pretty evident. The most emotional scene was when Yoo Han helps Yeon Woo see the colors in his Mother’s portrait. Along the way, some complications that arise for both Yeon Woo and Yo Han that put their relationship to the test.

In the end, does this unusual couple get their “Happily Ever After”? Can a Mono and a Probe live their lives as normal people do? Can they be happy without worrying about the adversity that follows Mono’s and their Probes?

This show was the most beautiful and heartwarming drama that I have ever watched. The relationship between Yeon Woo and Yoo Han is memorable as this is more than a love story. This is also a story of self-discovery and redemption. This drama made me extremely happy and depressingly sad at the same time. The OST is amazingly well done and beautiful. It fits the drama’s emotions flawlessly and accurately. Please watch this series and when you’re done, also enjoy “Color Rush the Movie”. You will walk away with the biggest smile on your face, although I did cry happy tears.

Rating- 4 out of 5

☆ Krishna’s Sidenote-

The official posters for Season Two, starring Choi Yeon Woo alongside Se Hyun have been released. We got some interesting photoshoots as well!


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