Favorite BL Kissing Scenes

Welcome to BL Xpress’s “Best BL Kissing Scenes”.

Whether you are here looking for heat or impactful smooches, we’ve got you covered. Some viewers prefer kiss scenes with passion; others prefer emotional kissing scenes. And still, others prefer both. Let’s look at what each of our writers here at BL Xpress consider their favorite kissing scenes and why.

Kdarling’s Favorites

Kiyoi and Hira – My Beautiful Man [Japan]

The Japanese BL My Beautiful Man is a beautiful story about two men who isolated themselves from the world in two very different ways, two men who later break down the walls around each other’s hearts. While opinions on this drama strongly vary, I found myself wholly invested in the complexities of their relationship, including the kiss. Despite Kiyoi’s more extroverted dominant personality, his need to be touched, held, and loved makes for an interesting switch in that dynamic when it comes to intimacy. While Kiyoi is more controlling in public, he tends to be much more subdued with Hira in private. For me, this made the passionate kiss they shared that much more intimate and special.

Pat and Pran – Bad Buddy [Thailand]

The new currently airing Thai BL is going a long way towards breaking stereotypes. But, aside from that, it’s also delivering a beautiful romance between two former rivals. Considering the hatred between their families and the mounting obstacles ahead of them, the first kiss these two shared is full of the repressed need and desperation both feel. It says a lot about an actor when they can use a kiss to tell just as deep a story as the dialogue itself. Nanon and Ohm prove they certainly have the talent to pull it off, and the roof kiss scene they gave us in Bad Buddy sets off fireworks.

Shu Yi and Shi De – We Best Love Series [Taiwan]

A story built off one man’s unrequited love, the We Best Love series delivered a slew of emotional scenes that captured the heart and even broke it a little. Although the two male leads’ kiss scenes are all powerfully beautiful, two stand out the most: the bridge and the drunken kiss. In No 1. For You, the first part of the WBL series, the bridge kiss was a beautiful expression of first love and acceptance. In Fighting Mr. 2nd (Part 2), the drunken kiss was a desperate moment full of regrets Shi De needed to let go of and the fight Shu Yi wanted to forget. Both kisses are powerful in their own way.

Ji Woo and Seo Joon – To My Star [S. Korea]

The Korean BL To My Star will always be known as the first real kiss scene in a Korean BL web drama. Although I realize other lesser-known aired Korean BLs, like the 2017 Long Time No See, included passionate moments, To My Star lit the intimate torch for the mainstream web dramas. That said, it also did it tastefully. What I love about Korean BLs is that they focus on story rather than a race to physical intimacy. This focus on the story makes the kisses shared much more powerful when they happen. Hence is the case with To My Star. After an emotional journey with our two leads as they learn to trust each other, the kiss they shared at the end sealed that journey with beautiful promises and more to come.

Nagisa and Shun- HIS the movie [Japan]

I have a special place in my heart for Japanese BLs, and Shun and Nagisa are perfect examples of why. First introduced as teens in a mini-drama of the same name, they return as adults in a powerful film that explores the obstacles faced when trying to win custody of a child while involved in a gay relationship. The way Shun supports Nagisa and how both of them love Nagisa’s daughter brought me to tears. The kiss they share in the film is filled with the same fear, desperation, and love that makes this story so memorable.

Jia Han and Birds – Your Name Engraved Herein [Taiwan]

Inspired by actual events, Taiwan’s Your Name Engraved Herein takes place in 1987 Taiwan after the end of martial law. Amid family expectations and homophobia, Jia-Han and Birdy fall in love but are kept apart by the pressures of society. On its own, this film is already compelling, but the shower kiss scene adds a whole new level of desperation to the narrative. It’s never an easy journey coming to terms with one’s sexuality, but doing so during this time left our leads confused and hopeless. This confusion and hopelessness are especially evident in the shower kiss they share. So much so, it leaves behind a tangle of emotions in the heart that is hard to define.

Teh and Oh Aew – I Told Sunset About You [Thailand]

The entire I Told Sunset About You series is a memorable tale about coming out, accepting one’s sexuality, and dealing with body dysmorphia, as well as navigating a long-term relationship when one partner is also obsessed with a dream. Because of this, Teh and Oh-Aew hold a legendary place in the BL drama world. Although they share many intimate moments, the kiss scene in the fourth episode of I Told Sunset About You stands out the most for me. It’s such a telling moment clouded by their fears and confusion. Billkin and PP deliver profound performances that translate as much in their intimate moments as it does in their no-so-intimate scenes. Falling beneath the ocean waves, they kiss in a symbolic moment that feels like drowning, which is precisely what the drama is trying to convey.

Jack and Xiao Zi – History3: Trapped [Taiwan]

I fell hard for the secondary couple in Trapped. Something about the fierceness I saw in Jack and the innocence that he was drawn to in Xiao Zi completely owned my soul. While both couples in Trapped deliver very memorable kisses, it’s Jack and Xiao Zi that moved me the most. All of their kisses had a deep meaning behind them, but it’s the staircase scene that leaves an impression. The kiss in this scene is all about letting go. Zhao Zi is letting go of his fear of being abandoned, and Jack lets go of his past. At that moment, their kiss marked a turning point, opening up a path they would walk together afterward.

MychelleLove’s Favorites

Boys’ Love dramas have some of the most amazing and intense kisses. I’m a complete sucker for a good BL kiss. If it can make me jump in joy, then they have done their job well. The actors turn them magical and meaningful every time. The emotions reflected on their faces and betrayed by their eyes reflect the character’s feelings. Here are some of my ultimate favorites.

Ae and Pete’s first kiss, Love by Chance

Ae and Pete’s first kiss was sweet, cute and supposedly there were feelings on both sides. Even though it started as an accidental kiss, it turned into Ae’s first kiss and the first time Ae felt that he might like Pete as more than a friend. Saint and Perth will always have a special place in my heart. This was my first BL drama and also my introduction to Boys’ Love Dramas. Pete and Ae’s romance was a beautiful love story and one of the most realistic shows that I have watched. When Pete and Ae were together, their chemistry was explosive. Their kisses were intense while being soft at the same time.

Tharn & Type, TharnType The Series

This was the best kiss in this series, and this was just a forehead kiss, but it spoke volumes about Tharn’s feelings. I cried watching this scene as Type explains his stance while accepting his love for Tharn. Mew and Gulf made this scene truly emotional and amazing. It was one of the best executed kisses for me. All the kissing scenes involving Tharn and Type are beautiful, sweet but at the same time intense. Tharn and Type are such a passionate couple that their kissing scenes were really immersive!

Dean and Pharm, Until We meet Again

This was one of the most anticipated kisses in the history of BL world. Once it happened, screams could be heard all around the world as Dean (Korn) and Pharm (Intouch) kissed for the very first time. It was subtle and meaningful. Finally, Dean and Pharm gave into their feelings and the result was phenomenal. They let feelings determine their fate. This kiss was sweet and sensual. Fluke and Ohm made this scene truly magical to watch. I was crying while watching this scene.

Khai and Third, Theory of Love

I truly adore Off and Gun. Theory of love was invariably an emotional rollercoaster. This scene made up for all the heartache I experienced because of this pairing. This kiss spoke volumes to me, as Khai lets Third know he is serious about Third. The passion explodes on the screen for these two. Their chemistry is such a pleasure to watch, both on and off screen. Khai was so happy after Third left as he had finally shown Third how he truly felt. Third was happy as his one sided love had been finally reciprocated.

Tin and Can, A Chance To Love

This scene was amazing as Can finally claims Tin as his own and in no uncertain terms lets his sister know that she should stop shipping Tin with others. Mean and Plan were amazing and talented. The look on everyone’s face was priceless and worthwhile. Their chemistry is explosive as Can struggles with telling everyone that they are together. You can tell by watching his eyes that he has finally accepted his feelings for Tin.

Bunn and Tan, Manner of Death

Honestly, Max and Tul are my ultimate biases when it comes to kissing scenes. Manner of Death was such an amazing drama; Max and Tul’s chemistry is incomparable and each time they came together, their kisses were sensuous and passionate. Manner of Death was so different and yet you get the familiar vibes that are so typical of Max and Tul who play Dr. Bunn and Tan. From the first kiss to their last scene together, MaxTul’s energy was amazing and I truly enjoyed watching all the kissing scenes in this drama.

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo, Light On Me

Tae Kyung and Shin Woo, have their first ever kiss and it was truly endearing. Both are shy and unsure, as they are in the initial stages of their relationship. When they kissed on screen, just the look on their faces tells you everything you need to know. While I loved this drama, this kiss was sweet, heartwarming and a pleasure to watch. Both Tae Kyung and Shin Woo looked adorable and cute without being cliche.

Tutor and Fighter, Why R U The Series

Fighter admitting he likes Tutor and wants to be with him makes this scene so realistic and meaningful. The music playing in the background makes this moment even more magical. I cried happy tears, as Fighter finally admitted how he felt and went with the flow. Saint and Zee’s explosive chemistry is undeniable and you can’t help being pleasantly surprised.

Zon and Saifah, Why R U The Series

This kiss scene was a killer. It was both intense and mind-blowing. This is another heartbreaking scene where Saifah and Zon finally confess their feelings for each other. As they are kissing, a single tear falls down from Zon’s face; there cannot be more profound statement than that.

There are so many kisses scenes that I love, I could literally write a book. Most of them are important as they betray hidden meaning and lingering emotions; this is why these are some of my favorite ones. A kiss can tell you so many things about the person you love and also relays their unspoken words.

We will be back next week with the second edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Asian BL World!


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