“Behind Cut” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

South Korea’s newest BL offering is a purported love triangle about an ambitious fashion designer and a delivery man who’s simply figuring life out as he goes.

Starring 2Z’s Bum Jun as Ki Jin and former The Man BLK member Eom Se Ung as Yeong Woo, Behind Cut starts strong. The first two episodes build in intensity, layering the complex relationship between our two male leads with a third character, Lee Bin.

I’m always hesitant when it comes to short-format web dramas. The pace has to be fast for them to work without feeling rushed. The characters have to come together realistically and emotionally, even if it’s a comedy. With Behind Cut, there seems to be no issue with the pace or story, and the chemistry and character connection is immediate. Supporting characters, like Yeong Woo’s dad, are used wisely to flesh out the main leads.

But the best part is the angst.

All dramas require some level of angst to work, some obstacles for the lead characters to overcome. In Behind Cut, that angst is a man named Lee Bin. A supermodel friend of Ki Jin’s, Lee Bin not only seems to share a past with our other male lead Eom Se Ung, he also has apparent feelings for Ki Jin. Add to that his need to help Ki Jin secretly, and we have a serious triangle and lots of misunderstandings in the making.

While the first two episodes are paced nicely, the acting is superior, and the cinematography is beautiful, my only complaint is the format. I have nothing against short mini-dramas, but in the second episode of Behind Cut, its format plays against it. While the first episode has no issues, the second episode felt a little jumpy. I found myself confused at times. Ki Jin and Yeong Woo went from barely acquaintances to sudden friends to friends who can do favors for each other so quickly it made my head spin. And for some reason, I felt like I was missing something. Especially during their drunk morning after when Lee Bin walks in to find Yeong Woo waking up in Ki Jin’s room. Considering Yeong Woo’s reaction to Lee Bin in the first episode, I expected something just as dramatic in the second. I also expected Yeong Woo to be more reluctant about being involved with someone also involved with Lee Bin.

That said, Yeong Woo is my favorite character. There is something adorably awkward but also complex about him. Eom Se Ung’s acting is incredibly natural, making it fun to watch him take on this role.

Most importantly, the chemistry in Behind Cut is fantastic. Even with the “jumpy” feeling I got in the second episode, there’s no denying that chemistry and attraction go a long way toward making a romance drama successful. And Behind Cut excels at chemistry. I could feel Lee Bin’s love for Ki Jin, and I could also palpably feel the rising magnetic attraction between Ki Jin and Yeong Woo.

If you are looking for a short, quick watch with interesting characters and great acting, Behind Cut certainly has both. Time can only tell whether or not this story comes together successfully in its short timeslot, but it will be fun watching to find out. Check this drama out on Viki.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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