Favorite LGBTQ Standout Allies- Part III

LGBTQ Standout Allies are few and far between, but they provide the much needed backup and are a fresh breath of air; as opposed to the stagnant attitude of our pragmatic society.

They offer unhindered support and unsolicited advice, stand by you through your difficult times and offer words of solace. Surely, everyone deserves a shining beacon of light, especially those belonging to the LGBTQ community. Today’s edition talks about those allies who have left a deep impression on our minds and will be memorable forever!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Hashimoto, Akkun and Ida’s Friends; Kieta Hatsukoi

Kieta Hatsukoi’s Aoki and Ida are truly blessed; not because they are the most compatible couple. But because they have most enviable friendships. While Hashimoto (Fukumoto Riko) and Akkun (Suzuki Jin) loyally stand beside Aoki as he confronts his feelings for Ida and accepts them; Ida’s friends are ecstatic when they learn about their friend’s blossoming relationship. Hashimoto is one of the best scripted supporting roles in the history of Japanese BL. She is kind, caring, compassionate, though fierce. She fervently stands by her convictions and doesn’t take lightly to anyone hurting her close friend, Aoki. Akkun might seem confused when it comes to his feelings, but he is always decisive when it comes to helping out Aoki and Ida. The easy acceptance that Ida’s friends offer is heartwarming and they only care about Ida and Aoki’s happiness. Their non judgemental attitude was truly inspiring.

Ake’s Mother and Friends, Aue’s Colleagues, Bite Me Series

Rudklao Amratisha’s portrayal of Nuan was indeed praiseworthy. Familial acceptance is a major concern for people belonging to the LGBTQ community; most of them are afraid of parental rebuke. When Ake struggles with accepting his feelings for Aue, Nuan’s easy acceptance of her son’s sexuality becomes a blessing in disguise. She allays his fears and anxiety while he comes to terms with his personal and professional choices. Similarly, Ake’s friends render their unhinged support and they are entirely supportive of his decisions. Especially Vich, who offers solemn advise and steers Ake in the right direction, whenever he is confused. Aue on the other hand, has close ties to his colleagues. They seem more like a family unit than his employees. They stick together and have stood by him throughout his difficult times. Similarly, Aue’s friendship with Prem is endearingly sweet. Ake and Aue’s love story might have been a rollercoaster ride, but they certainly had the best standout allies in the BL universe.

Young Padawans, Hello Stranger (Drama & Movie)

Although the focal point in “Hello Stranger” remains on the rambunctious romance between main leads Xavier and Mico, the real charm lies in its vivid portrayal of true friendships. Kookai (Vivoree Esclito), Seph (Patrick Quiroz), Junjun (Migs Almendras) are Mico’s lifeline and his biggest supporters. While Junjun seems the most mature in this patch, Kookai and Seph offer their silent support. They help him tide over his heartbreak, protect him from future uncertainties and help him wade his way through turmoil. Their camaraderie is indescribable and is begrudgingly beautiful. Mico is truly blessed to have such supportive friends, who only care about his happiness and accept his sexuality without any qualms.

Shi Lie’s Mother, Beloved In House: I Do

Whilst we are talking about supportive parents, we can’t miss out on Shi Lie’s Mother, Lan Juan (Lotus Wang). She will forever be my favorite standout ally. Her easy acceptance of Shi Lie’s sexuality is heartening. While Shi Lie and Yu Zhen are unsure about their affections, she steers this ship in the right direction. From cajoling Yu Zhen out of his protective shell to consoling Shi Lie, Juan does everything to protect this relationship. She is truly an amazing Mother and even better individual. BL dramas really need positive portrayals of supportive parental units, and Juan is an excellent example.

Chu Ying, Hikaru No Go

Chu Ying (Juck Zhang) will always be one of my favorite characters in the Chinese BL universe. Chu Ying is not only Shi Guang’s biggest supporter, but he is also a diehard GuangLiang shipper. For most parts, he tirelessly works on enhancing Shi Guang’s abysmal form. But there are unhindered moments, where he enthusiastically ships Shi Guang with Yu Liang; as they fight for dominance. There are very few LGBTQ allies in Chinese BL, so Chu Ying’s characterization was truly encouraging. It was amusing to watch him decode their consistent lies, while he spends most of his time flaming their forbidden romance. Chu Ying is one romantic ghost!

Nam, A Tale of Thousand Stars

Tian and Phupha’s relationship, though sweet, was fraught with lies, secrets and deceptions. The only saving grace for their budding romance was Dr.Nam’s (Nammon Krittanai) presence. He acted as the peacemaker whenever situations went out of control. He instantly took Tian under his wings while schooling him on the rules and regulations in the campsite. He was amusing to watch him play the Cupid for our ever bickering couple. He was actively involved in clearing their misunderstandings and paved way for Phupha-Tian’s happy reconciliation. An exceptional human being and even better friend!

SlimFastZombie’s Favorites

Fai from “Together With Me”

Yiwha is the fan favorite for being a supportive friend to Korn and Knock through out the series, that’s true. But no one knows how to dispense the sage like wisdom that Fai has. The beautiful mousey friend to almost everyone on the show quietly watches her friend’s antics. Sometimes with the perfect silent commentary in the form of facial expressions; other times with her sharp tongue laced with intelligence that can come across as a slap to the face. She was the ultimate stater of the obvious, not caring how her friends felt about hearing her hard truths. What I loved the most about her was her steadfast ethics and unbreakable morals. When people cheated, she called them out on it. She ignored their excuses for their actions and stated the obvious. She respected and loved her friends and therefore, she was a strong ally.

Can “Love By Chance”

Allies in BLs are generally intelligent women speaking out on social injustice with the best intentions. But on the show Love By Chance, almost ironically the strongest ally was Can. Younger than the rest of the cast with no visible father, it’s not surprising that he has some feminine traits. So maybe it’s because he is always surrounded by women, his voice of equal rights echoes so strong. During the show, the loud and immature young man watches the way his friends are treated. Written with a level of naivete and lacking real depth, Can doesn’t understand why people treat the gay characters the way they do, but he finds it wrong and speaks out often. As a teenager he often threatens violence, but it’s so innocent and it’s obvious that he does it to make a point; which is really endearing. In the end he speaks from the heart and gets his point across; surprisingly it always works out the best this way. Rather than giving love advice or making sure his friends are alright, he supports them irrevocably.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

(Pictures Credit- Original Sources)

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