“Bad Buddy” Episodic Analysis (Ep.6 & 7)

Pran: We know how it is going to end, why start at all?

Parents might not realise it but their words have a huge impact on us. Sometimes, their presence of authority becomes toxic and suffocating. In the first part of the sixth episode, Pran’s mother serves as the symbol of toxic authority which is stopping Pran from going after something which makes him happy. That looming authority affects him in such a way that he thinks it is better to abandon music and Pat (both of whom he loves) than to pursue and get his heartbroken. He is deliberately avoiding his feelings for Pat and suppressing them because he knows that they have no future. He has been avoiding his feelings for years in the context of unrequited love, but now it is going to be more difficult because Pat is reciprocating his feelings. The confession was a boulder on his heart and he is hell-bent on avoiding anything that will make his mother mad. We have also seen from the start that Pran does not want to do anything that would disappoint his mother. He also learnt to suppress his emotions because there is no one to whom he could openly talk. He talked to Pat because they both were in a similar situation, but his mother took that away from him as well. He learnt to express his emotions using those smiley posters. His room is also covered in them as if he needs a reminder to smile. Pat is also aware that Pran uses these emojis to express himself. So he keeps checking the emoji he hangs over the doorknob to see what Pran is feeling at that moment.

Meanwhile Pat is ready to gamble everything. First of all, he is willing to tell everybody about his feelings. He goes to Pran’s home even though he was aware of how he would be treated. He followed Pran to another city just to get him to talk to him. He jumped in the lion’s den, irritated all of Pran’s friends just to get some alone time with him. Not because he was desperate to get an answer, but he knew Pran was in pain. He just wanted Pran to talk to him, to tell him what is on his mind. Whereas Pran obsessively overthinks things, Pat immediately acts on his feelings. This is why it is completely understandable as to why Pran is avoiding Pat. When years of unreciprocated feelings suddenly get noticed the person is bound to feel confused. Especially when a few days ago Pat confessed that he has feelings for Ink.

But the thing here to consider is, how well Pat understands Pran. In all the times he tried to help Pran, Pran never accepted his help. Pat had to become an indirect link for helping him, even though he would not get credit. He never wanted to get credit, he just wanted to see Pran happy, or maybe his cute dimples. Remember that time when Pran was stressed over the rebuilding of the bus stop? Pat went out of his way to help Pran. We get to see their conflicting personalities. With one sending constant subliminal messages trying to portray that he is willing to listen even if it just results in him getting beat up (enter Wai’s murderous eyes) and another doing everything to avoid the said person. It shows Pat’s genuine care and his slight desperation. He also feels it is necessary to tell Pran that he had no feelings for Ink. Pran’s expression change after this confession, maybe he was still under the impression that Pat liked Ink. Maybe this is why he was avoiding his feelings and running away.

Pat knew that Pran would never come forward and accept his feelings. So, he devises a master plan. A classic bet where whoever confesses their feelings first loses. We know what happens next. A series of events where both of them get their A-game on and become flirts of the century. ( I mean, the scene where Pran licks Pat’s finger lives in my head rent-free). But if we consider the reality, both have admitted that they have feelings for one another, it is just the matter of speaking them out loud. There is no winner or loser here.

The sexual energy in the flirting scenes is off the charts. They both make each other blush. Actually, each scene is them grinning like idiots and it changes from hot to hilarious in seconds. It is extremely amusing how Pat uses Pran’s jealousy over Ink and Pran uses Pat’s jealousy over Wai. This is why in the seventh episode, Pat won my heart. The way he declares his love for Pran while acting will always remain one of the best moments of Bad Buddy so far. Pat confesses that if his victory puts his lover in a difficult spot he would rather lose. Again this shows that Pat is willing to make the sacrifice, willing to put Pran over himself. Even if it means that he has to fight with his parents and his friends. The entire scene is super romantic. The sweet kisses at the end of the episode are just the perfect amount of love they both deserve.


One thought on ““Bad Buddy” Episodic Analysis (Ep.6 & 7)”

  1. Both Nanon and Ohm are so natural and do so well with subtle facial cues and their eyes.
    I wish the story was up to their acting and P Aofs directing standards.
    Remake Color Rush with this team please!!!!


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