“Fragrance of The First Flower” Series Review (Ep.4 to 6)

While Taiwan might be the only country in the Asian Subcontinent that allows same-sex marriages, the society’s regressive views cannot be changed so easily.

GagaOOLala latest offering “Fragrance of The First Flower” strongly focuses on this emotion, while training their lens on the fears and insecurities of same-sex couple Yi Ming (Zai Zai Lin) and Tin Ting (Lyan Su). The abject anxiety and despair faced by most LGBTQ was sensitively portrayed, while this mini-series addressed their vacillation. Let’s review the remaining episodes as we focus on the latter half of the drama!

As we the storyline continues, we get to witness the confusion on Yi Ming’s face. The quilt she is feeling is immense; for loving Tin Ting while she is still married. We get more flashbacks related to the beginning of Yi Ming and Tin Ting’s friendship and their subsequent budding romance; as we watch their love story suddenly come to an abrupt end. Because of some unexpected events, their relationship is almost exposed. Yi Ming starts panicking and breaks up with Tin Ting, terming their feelings as disgusting. This leaves Tin Ting devastated.

Yi Ming graduates and travels abroad for her studies. To get over her feelings for Tin Ting, Yi Ming finds herself a new boyfriend. Tin Ting and Yi Ming again have a rendezvous, a few years later. Tin Ting finds out that Yi Ming has a boyfriend and grows angry as well as jealous. Yi Ming is trying hard to fit in and deny her feelings. Yi Ming casually implores about getting a boyfriend too. The resulting pain and heartbreak are evident on Tin Ting’s face. The betrayal stings her hard as Tin Ting feels annoyed with Yi Ming. With that, we are back to the current times, where Yi Ming is still trying to come to terms with the fact she has feelings for Tin Ting and that she can no longer deny them. But she is unwilling to give into her emotions as well. Will she get the courage to confess her love to Tin Ting?

While she is overtly guilty and confused, Yi Ming ends up having an argument with her husband. The conversation ends with Yi Ming having an outburst and confessing that she was cheating on him with her school friend, Tin Ting. Her husband is left aghast and stares in disbelief as he comes to terms with his wife’s supposed sexuality. Yi Ming goes out for a walk and ends up at Tin Ting’s house, where she runs into Tin Ting’s mother who discloses the fact that Tin Ting has a boyfriend. Yi Ying can’t believe that Tin Ting had been two-timing her all along. Yi Ming goes to Tin Ting’s new home and checks the facts for herself. As the truth is revealed, Yi Ming feels wrecked and runs away. Tin Ting follows her and they finally have an openhearted, emotional talk.

Will these two ever have a happy ending? Will Yi Ming accept for sexuality as well as her love for Tin Ting?

This series was abit different from other GL’s I have watched. The main couple had a subtle chemistry. This drama was more subjective and thought-provoking. In six short episodes, you can feel every emotion experienced by the couple. You feel their heartbreak, guilt, the confusion, frustration and their wavering love. This is not your normal fluffy heartwarming GL. The ending was unsatisfactory, and the show drags in some places, because of its slow-pacing. Watch this, if you are looking for content focusing on the woes faced by the LGBTQ community!

Rating- 3 out of 5

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