“BetCin” Series Review (Ep.5 to 8)

After a successful romp on the social circuits, the hugely anticipated GL “BetCin” has finally completed its run.

Most GL’s that I have watched in the past were pretty impressive. As such I had high expectations from this drama. The show however, left me with mixed feelings. While the first half heavily leaned towards depicting the broken couple’s fraudulent attempts to win the #RelationshipGoals contest, the second half focused on addressing the irrevocable damage incurred by their already strained relationship. Cindy tries her level best to win back Beth’s affections, while alienating love rival Kate at every possible turn. Beth, on the other hand, keeps oscillating between her supposed affections for Kate and repressed emotions for Cindy. The end was predictable and although the show was a rollercoaster of emotions, it certainly had its fine moments. Without further ado, let’s review the remaining episodes as reminisce some sweet moments from BetCin!

After a night of drunken behavior, and some pretty unrealistic dreams on Beth’s end, Beth wakes up to the sounds of a baby crying and goes to investigate. Beth finds Cindy holding the baby and is very confused. Cindy borrowed the baby for her and Beth’s Vlog. Beth declares that she is done with everything, as Kate broke up with her and she no longer needs the money. Watching Beth change a diaper was truly comical, as she has never done this before, while the whole time Cindy films them taking care of the baby.

Cindy offers to talk to Kate for Beth and help them work things out. Beth agrees to the plan, as she is at her wit’s end. Watching Cindy talk to Kate was truly painful. You can feel her pain , her heartache, as she tries to help and reconcile the one she loves to get back with her new girlfriend. Despite her standoffish behavior, Beth is instantly enamored with the adorable baby. Watching her care of the baby was hilarious, as Beth does things for the baby she never thought she would do. Frankly, Beth is a natural with babies.

Something unexpected happens and Cindy slowly comes to the realization that Beth no longer loves her and their relationship has changed. We are transported back to the past when Beth and Cindy were first together and in love. Those were some special times for these two. Beth asks Cindy to move into her apartment and you watch them fall in love slowly. You get to see their relationship develop and blossom. They are truly happy. From there, the storyline pans towards the destructive phase, where the relationship begins to develop cracks. Cindy becomes irresponsible and starts to depend on Beth for everything. Their relationship undergoes major upheaval, as Beth is forced to handle the financial crisis alone. I liked the way this series showcased the pitfalls in their romance. This gave us valuable insights about their relationship from the beginning to the end. We also get to watch how BetCin’s strained relationship leads to Beth’s first meeting with Kate. Kate sympathizes with Beth’s plight and they end up falling in love with each other.

We get pulled back to the present times, where BetCin kiss while they are live on the camera. Their relationship is tested when Cindy demands a polygraph test and their real feelings tumble of the closet. Some unexpected and shocking details are revealed, which forces both of them to reevaluate their stance. So who will win the contest? What will happen to BetCin? Watch and find out.

This was a cute and funny GL. They dealt with some serious subjects that plague even the most normal couples. However, the show does it in an adorable manner, that leads you in high spirits. This was a lighthearted GL, aimed at making you laugh, while addressing the fact that “Communication is the key to a good relationship”. The chemistry between the two main characters was barely existent. It cannot be rated as praiseworthy, but we do get a few rare moments where they seem compatible and sincere toward each other. Hope you enjoy this drama as much as I did. Any possibilities for a sequel? Maybe!!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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