“Fragrance of the First Flower” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 3)

This s a story of lost love that was forbidden and a romance beginning anew.

At a young and uninhibited age, we are freer to feel and love as we want. As we age, things seem prospectively different. Yi Ming and Tin Ting come from a world where same-sex marriage and/or love is forbidden and carries a high price. Can Yi Ming admit her feelings for Tin Ting and overcome her fear of being labeled a lesbian?

The story begins when Yi Ming (Zai Zai Lin) and Tin Ting (Lyan Su) meet at a wedding for the first time since high school, where they had a special relationship. It seems that Yi Min has moved on, gotten married and has a child. On meeting again, Yi Ming can’t deny her feelings for Tin Ting and Yi Ming is uncertain if she should acknowledge them or even act upon them. Let’s go on this journey and see where it leads.

After seeing each other at a wedding, Yi Ming and Ting Ting have small talk and they go their separate ways. We are shown a brief flashback of their high school days. Yin Ming is a star athlete on their school volleyball team and Ting Ting is enamored with her. As Tin Ting approaches Yi Ming for training alongside her, we get a glimpse of their budding friendship.

In the present, we get to see Yi Min’s marital life with husband Ren Xu (Yi Lee) is imperfect, but Yi Min seems content with her life. Yi Ming does remember her love for Tin Ting, but is entirely unsure on how to approach those feelings, now that she is an adult. As they both frequently meet in the present, Yi Ming and Ting Ting reminisce their earlier memories, while talking about their present lives.

Coincidentally, Yi Ming keeps running into Tin Ting. They meet yet again at the local Sports Center where, Tin Ting is a cheerleader for the local organization. They get caught in an unexpected situation when Yi Ming’s autistic son goes missing and Ting Ting brings him back safely. Yi Ming’s husband has no idea that they are past acquaintances and introduces them anew. The show is littered with frequent flashbacks which catalogs their relationship. I liked this slow progression, as we get to see them redevelop their relationship redevelop. You can tell they care for each other. It’s obvious that Tin Ting is still single, because she couldn’t forget Yi Ming.

The pacing is a little slow. We are already three episodes in and we are still getting a lot of conundrums about their past lives. The chemistry is subtle but not as strong as compared to the other GL’s, that I have watched in the recent years. I am hoping that as the series progresses, their chemistry improves. The OST is beautiful and it fits this drama.

Will Yi Ming recognize her feelings for Tin Ting and be brave enough to admit them? If Yi Ming accepts her feelings will she act on them?

Let’s continue to watch this love story and see if Yi Ming can be true to herself.

Rating- 3 out of 5


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