“Bad Buddy” Episodic Analysis (Ep.5)

The current episode is an actual portrayal of “Actions speak louder than Words”.

The fifth episode of the series, Bad Buddy took the internet by storm. Like it should have. Honestly, I did not see this coming and by the end of the episode, I was screaming with tears streaming down my eyes. The start of the episode was sunny and bright, with the main character’s usual banter and teasing. But by the middle of it, we see a dark cloud looming over Pat’s head. He is disoriented. The perfect plan he had in mind involving Ink was ruined. The person he loved had changed. By the end of the episode, he was filled with malevolent emotions- anger, insecurity, frustration and finally acceptance.

This episode was entirely dedicated to Pat. We get to see things entirely from his perspective. The episode is focused on his internal struggle- him coming to terms with his feelings for Pran. The exact reality of his feelings for Ink. This episode had everything one would expect from a coming-of-age drama. We get a glimpse of how Pat paves his way through Pran’s world, which is full of restrictions and boundaries. Pat slowly breaks those boundaries, while making his own space. He doesn’t care if Pran is allowing him into his world or not. He barges in and makes it his own.

At first, he isn’t sure about his feelings for Ink and seems confused. But as the love signs Pa suggested resonates within him, Pat realizes that he has actually never felt any of those things for Ink. In fact, he has always experienced these feelings for Pran. It is amazing that all the memories that Pran held in his heart, were cherished by Pat as well. He argues with Pran when he sings THEIR song with Wai and is hurt when Pran says it is a little thing. The fact that Pat’s only connection with Pran was through the “animosity that they had to maintain given their circumstances” is sad. But it is also what brings them close. Pat accepts that all those years when Pran was away, he had been lonely. Even though he did not have to keep up with anybody and compete with them in everything, he was sad without Pran’s proximity. Their raw emotions are always projected by their actions and never their words. This is the peak of outstanding acting by Nanon and Ohm.

The highlight of the episode can also be taken as Pat’s jealousy. Jealousy is a huge trigger in getting people to realize their true feelings and this works out for him as well. The thing to be noticed here is that in front of Wai when Pran holds Pat’s collar, Pat never once touches him in anger. He is extremely careful about the fact that Pran doesn’t get hurt. Even a little bit. He only hits Wai when he is hit first. Even though he is jealous of Wai and wants to scream in front of him about his relationship with Pran.

While talking about the rooftop confrontation, it is obvious that the ensuing kiss means different things for both of them. For Pat, it was relief. He has finally figured out his feelings. For Pran, the kiss is melancholy. The cinematography could not have been more perfect. The kissing scene is both passionate and aesthetic. Their hesitant steps towards one another and then Pat finally kisses Pran. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The entire episode seemed to foreshadowing this moment. You feel everything. The confusion, the anguish, the pain, the pressure, as they are shocked by the extraordinary love confession and the sensual lingering kisses. It almost felt like a dream. Maybe it was. Because in reality, they cannot be together. They have to think about their parents and their friends, who are constantly at war with each other. They obviously can’t ignore everybody around them. As such, their happiness is short-lived. While Pat seems relieved, that he has finally confessed (sort of) about his feelings; Pran is heartbroken. He has been pining over Pat for so long. So, when he realises that his one-sided love wasn’t one-sided, he should have been happy, right? But how could he, when he knows the reality? They both can never love each other and exist in peace.

What is this ruthless reality? The scene right before the terrace scene. Where Pat and Pran are fighting each other. Where Pat wants to tell Wai what Pran means to him, but Pat stops him. This situation is so tense. In that moment, the hatred radiating off of Wai shows his aggression. Pran takes control like an alpha. “Nothing means nothing”. When he takes care of them, he also knows how to make them listen. This is their reality; even though, Pat doesn’t seem to care what the world thinks about him. He is overwhelmed with emotions; he has an epiphany and the moment he accepts those feelings, he just goes with the flow. Without even considering the consequences, the consequences which held Pran back for so many years. Because his reality is different from Pran’s. As we see Pran walking away; heartbroken, dejected that they cannot be together, that they have done something that they shouldn’t have. One is willing to dive in headfirst, while the other is running away. Let’s see what the next episode brings.

☆ Krishna’s Sidenote-

To tickle your funny bones, we have popular YA author Sarah Rees Brennan’s thread on this episode. Enjoy, because it is freaking hilarious!

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