These Buddies Are Not So Bad

Me watching the Bad Buddy’s coming up preview

Pat: Would you like me?

Me: it’s finally happening, everybody stay calm. EVERYBODY STAY CALM.

Next the video plays

Me: starts crying

The first four episodes of the series Bad Buddy are out and right now I have some mixed feelings. It is very clear who has realised their feelings and who is still unaware. But let’s wait, let’s not jump to any conclusions. From what we can see so far, Pran is in love with Pat. His feelings run deeper than he realises and through his point of view, we can see that he had feelings for Pat for a long time. From his school days even.

A simple and honest story, a rival turned into a lovers trope with a little bit of jealousy thrown in the middle to spice things up. This is what the story seems so far. But the actors have amazing chemistry and they try to portray more with their actions than with their words. Nanon and Ohm look so stunning together. The classic head shaking with a shy smile, both the mains leads seem to do that when they are around each other. A soft-hearted brute and a gentleman is what I would call Pat and Pran.

But what clearly is flirting for Pran is nothing but friendly banter for Pat. From what we can see. The actors do such a phenomenal job in portraying whatever the character is supposed to be feeling.

For me the MVP for the fourth episode was Pran. The feelings he had been trying to suppress for years are finally bubbling out with the introduction of the new character. Every single action, even if it is just the slightest twitch of his eyes, is projected right from the heart and is captured at the right moment. But not that his actions are overly done, he just puts the right amount of energy. Every moment is perfect, every action is soft. Never has he said out loud about his feelings. But his pain and even his jealousy are perfectly projected through his eyes.

“Do you like Ink?”



The moment that broke every PranxPat shipper’s heart. Even though Pran was heartbroken at this moment, the way he composes himself is admirable. After listening to everything Pat has to say, he still says “I hate you”, while his eyes are filled with tears of unrequited love and his mind plays all the moments that he had spent with Pat. Pat is irritated that Pran couldn’t see what an amazing ‘friend’ he is. But we know that he knows. Knows it all too well. The turning around and curling into a ball and crying was the peak of strong emotions. When he gives Pat the tender smile, we see where Pran is in the relationship and where Pat is for him. And then he snatches the blanket back from him.

“Nothing good ever happens when I am with you.”

This seems like a pet dialogue for Pran. It is a defence mechanism because not only is he trying to escape his feelings but he is also aware of how difficult things will be once he comes to terms with those feelings. They were destined to be rivals. Their parents have been rivals as well. Although the reason for the rivalry seems as petty as their rivalry. Both Pran and Pat have to work their brain engines, over time to keep their friends off of each other. Sometimes I just want to slap some sense onto their friend’s heads. Get yourself together, your friends are suffering because of you.

In the end, they just have each other to talk to about their real feelings. For Pran, it means something different, but Pat still hasn’t figured out his feelings for Pran. From the start of the fourth episode, he had been finding out ways to compliment Pran and make him blush. Oh, you have such cute dimples, you smell so nice, this blanket even smells like you, only to say that he likes Ink. We are getting the full story from Pran’s perspective right now, from Pat, we get nothing. They are both sending signals to each other, it’s just we are able to see one perspective. But I think even Pat likes Pran. The fact that he has a crush on someone from architecture and it is only very briefly mentioned is something to look forward to. The trailer for the next episode too looks a bit promising, maybe we will get some answers. Or some confessions(fingers crossed). For now, I will count the hours until the next episode while listening to the ending song of the Bad Buddy Series.

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