“Mr. Heart” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

This is another heartwarming feel-good Korean BL series, which follows the journey of our happy-go-lucky main lead Go Sang-Ha, played by the incredibly adorable Lee Se Jin.

Although his life isn’t easy because of financial crunch, Sang-Ha always keeps smiling. Jin Won portrayed by the talented Cheon Seung Ho plays his love interest. Jin Won is on the track team, is ambitious and dreams of becoming a marathon runner. Their first meeting is both electrifying and intriguing. Their chemistry explodes onscreen and you can’t help but fall in love with their exciting dynamics!

The pilot episode kick starts with Jin Won dreaming about losing in a marathon. He decides to go running to calm his nerves. After his run, he returns to his room to sleep. Here is where the story really begins. Unexpectedly, Jin Won ends up in Sang Ha’s room and falls asleep in his bed. You can imagine the surprise of waking up in someone else’s room. Both of them are shocked and appropriately scandalized. Jin Woo’s Coach appoints Sang-Ha as Jin Woo’s pacemaker, to help him time his running speed. Jin Woo isn’t happy with the development, although Sang-Ha does his level best to proves his worth.

Jin Woo has a lot on his plate and works hard to win the first place in the upcoming marathon. He can’t rest, until he delivers his best performance, because his future depends on it. The storyline deviates to the past, where we learn about Sang Ha’s secret crush on Jin Woo. He has liked Jin Woo for a long time and would always place milk cartons on the top of Jin Woo’s locker to encourage him. Although Jin Woo never realize that it is Sang Ha’s doing, he does appreciate the sweet gesture.

In the present, Jin Woo celebrates his win at the race with his team members and Coach. He feels disappointed when SangHa doesn’t attend the gathering and goes looking for him. Atlast, he finds Sang Ha in his dorm room, nursing the wound he received from their daily activities. Their adorable banter is seriously cute and Sang Ha feels embarrassed. In the heat of the moment, Sang Ha confesses his feelings and kisses Jin Woo. Jin Woo feels awkward and confronts Sang Ha. Sang Ha floors him with a simple answer and then goes on to teach him how to improve his run time.

As the show progresses, the focus shifts to Sang Ha and we learn more about him. He always has a smile no matter how hard his life gets. His optimistic nature truly makes him an endearing character. As the entire team practices for the next marathon; Jin Woo and Sang Ha start getting closer as they continue to strive hard and support each other. Their interactions are sweet and fascinating. You can sense the confusion and awkwardness both of them experience. Despite that, they truly care about each other, as their feelings morph into something more substantial.

There are things that you need to watch to understand more about the main characters. Go Sang Ha has a decision to make which could most possibly change his life. Sang Ha is mostly portrayed as independent and doesn’t want anything from anyone. Does he make the right decision? Does Jin Woo finally admit he likes Go Sang Ha? Can there be a happy ending for both Jin Woo and Go Sang Ha?

Korean BL’s are fast evolving and becoming globally popular. They are making some really amazing dramas, such as Where Your Eyes Linger, You Make Me Dance, To My Star. They leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. I am truly excited for you to watch Mr. Heart and enjoy it as much as I did. I’m hoping that you will fall in love with this drama, as I did!

Rating- 4 out of 5


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