Artist’s Profile- Ohm Thitiwat

Thitiwat Ritprasert, better known as Ohm (โอห์ม), is a Thai actor and model. He became globally popular for the realistic portrayal of his character role Dean in the reincarnation saga “Until We Meet Again”.

Born on March 26, 1997 in Thailand, Ohm has completed his Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Mass Technology in Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyaburi. Towering at 186 cm (6’1), Ohm is quite well known for his handsome looks and professionalism.

Ohm As An Actor

Having played supporting roles in Thai dramas “Lying Heart”, “Dong Poo Dee” and “Leh Runjuan”; Ohm made his breakthrough debut as Dean in popular author Lazysheep’s adaptation “Until We Meet Again”. The caricature was significantly difficult, because reincarnation dramas are fairly uncommon. Without any groundwork, Ohm was required to play a character that draws pain and regret from the experiences of his past lifetime. While comparisons between Ohm and Kao Noppakao (who played the past self, Korn) were inevitable; Ohm managed to breathe a fresh air of retrospection into his character. The subtleties of the role were carefully constructed and portrayed realistically. As against Korn who was majorly depicted as a scared and nervous individual, uncertain and at times obscure; Ohm’s Dean was brutally honest, brave, intuitive and caring. His painstaking efforts to depict Dean’s convictions and strong beliefs were truly praiseworthy.

Favorite Moments

Although Until We Meet Again is a potboiler of heartbreaking romance, coupled with the pragmatic depiction of the societal beliefs related to the LGBTQ community; the show was littered with innumerable sweet moments between the main couple. The drama gained a foothold because of Ohm’s offbeat chemistry with co-star Fluke Natouch, who played his love interest Pharm.

The First Kiss

While most Thai BL shows are characterized by the overflowing chemistry between the main actors (which translates to some excellent sensual scenes), there are very few couples who have positively manifested those passionate acts. I do enjoy watching a good kissing scene, but it should be tasteful and indulgent. If the actors playing the roles aren’t comfortable in their own skins, the kiss looks forced and tactless. Ohm and Fluke definitely taught the Thai BL fandom how to do it rightly; when they shared their first kiss in the sixth episode. While the entire fandom waited with bated breaths to watch them kiss, Ohm & Fluke delivered. Their kiss wasn’t awkward and they subtly redefined boundaries. Ohm is the kind of person, who always makes sure that his co-star is comfortable (more so with Fluke). Their easy camaraderie shone through the entire scene and this kiss can undoubtedly be listed in the “Top Five Kissing Scenes” in the BL world. If you don’t believe me, watch it for yourself!

Overcoming the Guilt

Dean is faced with his worst fears in Episode Nine, where Sin reveals the details related to Korn and Intouch’s double suicide. Whilst Ohm was majorly applauded for portraying Dean’s mental breakdown, the scene that stuck a chord with me was the aftermath. After learning the truth and piecing together the fragments of his past life’s memories, Dean feels immense guilt and pain. He regrets Korn’s decision and laments his choices. In the midst of this turmoil, Dean feels sorry for Intouch. He recognizes Pharm and Intouch’s connection, which leaves him wounded and scared. As Dean rushed to meet Pharm, my mind was flooded with trepidation. Ohm’s performance was exceptional and soulful. Moving past Dean’s composed veneer, Ohm portrayed a vulnerability that was a direct contrast to the character’s normal calm disposition.

Close Friend The Series

While fans fervently prayed for their reunion, they rejoiced when OhmFluke were cast together for the pilot episode of this miniseries. The show premiered to high expectations and although the premise seemed interesting; the storyline was disappointing. The only saving grace was OhmFluke’s effervescent chemistry, which remained unchanged. Focusing on the complications faced by every couple, the pilot episode tried to highlight the fact that love can often turn into pretense and miscommunication can have disastrous effects. Ohm played his character earnestly, the interpretation might seem confusing (blame the scriptwriter), but Ohm gave his best shoot. Although the ending could have been better; Ohm channelled Typhoon’s emotions perfectly. The kissing scene at the end piqued contrast to their UWMA chemistry; but I’m pretty sure that the fandom were happy to just see their favorite stars together!

Upcoming Dramas

☆ Ohm and Fluke are currently starring in the upcoming drama “Oh! My Sunshine Night”. Produced by Newsinfinity Entertainment (News Infinity is the nickname used by Ohm’s Manager), the excitement related to this drama is fever pitched. Recently, the cast and crew held a blessing ceremony which was broadcast across major media outlets. The show is already creating a kind of buzz unheard of before and the promotions coupled with daily speculations are skyrocketing its brand value even before its official launch. Here are some exclusive stills from the blessing ceremony.

☆ There is abundant speculation that OhmFluke will be starring in another adaptation, “609 Bedtime Story”. Director Tanwarin Sukkhapisit hasn’t confirmed the rumors yet, so fingers crossed!

Ohm’s Chemistry With Fluke

There is a definite faction of the “My Blue” fandom who firmly believe that OhmFluke are already in a relationship or close to that. Yes, that’s how comfortable they are with each other. While we reserve judgement on this statement, their chemistry both onscreen and off-screen is undeniable. Ohm and Fluke share a great rapport and are immensely supportive of each other’s career choices. Ohm’s considerate nature shines through whenever he is with Fluke; a fact which was amusingly pointed out by his Poot Rattikan co-star, Tian Atcharee. They always gravitate towards each other and their relationship is truly endearing. OhmFluke’s “Phi-Noo” bonding might seem like a role reversal (because Fluke is older than Ohm), but it defines their mutual understanding and respect. Their unusual camaraderie is evident from the fact that Ohm surprised Fluke at his Graduation ceremony; whilst Fluke performed at the fan meeting organized for Ohm’s birthday. They are literally always in each other’s pockets!

Ohm As A Person

An only child, Ohm is a very private individual and mostly avoids social media interactions (unless it is with Fluke or the people he is closely associated with). His hobbies include swimming, playing football, wake boarding, photography and travelling. He always has a kind smile on his face and is very considerate of his colleagues. He is also closely associated with his UWMA co-stars and they love to tease each other endlessly. When asked about the kind of person he wishes to date, Ohm’s reply was surprising!

Honestly, Ohm is one of the very few actors who are actually comfortable portraying their BL roles and have a tremendous amount of respect for the character they portray. Ohm’s method of acting is immersive and his expressive eyes vividly reflect the character’s unsaid words. He is a gentleman and quite protective of his close friends. Here’s hoping that Oh! My Sunshine Night premieres at the earliest and we get to see this dynamic actor onscreen again!

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