“Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart” Series Review (Ep. 1 to 8)

This is a heartwarming story of finding love, when you are least expecting it. A rather simple and lighthearted storyline with an amazing cast.

This series has a special place in my heart, as it has a very immersive storyline. I fell in love with Yoon’s innocence and Kang’s determination. The chemistry between them is truly amazing, as it explodes on the screen and leaves you spellbound. The soundtrack is one of the most beautiful OST’s, I have ever heard. Eight short episodes that depict so much.

We begin this journey with Yoon Sang Yi, played by the talented Lee Sang. He is going along his way when he stops to listen to someone singing on the street, that is Kang In Soo (he plays himself in this drama). Kang In Soo is a budding musician and with the help of his manager Choi Min Seong (Baek Seo Bin), Kang In Soo is trying to make it on his own in the music world. Kang In Soo wants to prove his worth to his father. That he can make it on his own without the help of his wealthy Father.

Yoon Sang Yi is left astounded with Kang In Soo’s surreal voice and good looks. Sang Yi is enthralled and mesmerized watching his performance. It’s love at first sight. Sang Yi sees him again at bus stop when In Soo accompanies Min Seong and he speaks to In Soo through the window. You can see that Sang Yi is besotted with In Soo just by the way he looks at him.

Sang Yi is also an aspiring musician and wants to collaborate with In Soo, but doesn’t have the guts to ask, as he is extremely shy. Sang Yi often plays piano while collaborating with In Soo’s music while he is alone in his room. The dulcet tones that arise whenever In Soo and Sang Yi’s music syncs together is truly alluring. Through a twist of fate, In Soo is signed by the music company Sang Yi works for and he becomes In Soo’s assistant. As Sang Yi is tasked with looking after In Soo’s daily needs and decides to move in with him. Their corresponding meeting is very memorable; In Soo had just gotten out of the shower and Sang Yi is left speechless. Obviously, Sang Yi likes what he sees; In Soo is seriously that hot!

While In Soo is training to make his debut; certain issues or problems arises. Sang Yi renders his continuous support and does his best to calm down In Soo’s frayed nerves. In Soo wants to play his own soulful music, but the company’s restrictive measures mask his dreams and ambitions. He feels disappointed because he is unable to play his own music. In Soo has his reasons for doing what he is doing and doesn’t want to share it with anyone. Sang Yi has his own ways of letting In Soo know that he understands his pain- through music. I feel this is the most beautiful part of this series.

In Soo and Sang Yi slowly get closer, much to Sang Yi’s delight. As they work diligently together, to make In Soo’s debut successful; there are a few bumps in the road. In Soo’s parents don’t want him to be a musician and they are quite influential in the music industry. Things take an interesting turn when In Soo and Sang Yi get drunk. Sang Yi kisses In Soo and things turn sour between them. There are unexplored feelings and self-doubts. You can see the confusion reflected back on In Soo’s face, while Sang Yi seems regretful. The raw emotions they experience, along with the placement of each song in this series, will make you tearful. It perfectly describes their inner turmoil without words. This part is the most heartbreaking as you witness their pain and separation. Sang Yi is crushed as he feels this is all his fault. Watching In Soo walk away breaks his heart.

Do we get a happy ending? Will things get better? Did In Soo and Sang Yi reconcile? Will they ever play music together? You will have to watch this miniseries to figure out the ending. Please watch this series; you will not regret it.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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