“My Extraordinary” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

My Extraordinary is a story about finding love in the midst of societal pressures and the hardships that align with parental expectations. The painful process of learning to be true to yourself! This can be a hard road to embark on and in the end, are we happy with our decisions? Can we find a true understanding of this forbidden love?

Let us see what happens when Ken and Shake walk down this path; where does it lead them? Will they find their “Happily Ever After”?

The pilot episode introduces Ken Hernandez, played by the talented Enzo Santiago in a relatively positive light. Ken is very handsome and wants to be a writer. Girls love him, while he acts disinterested. As he passes by his friend Heaven Lee (Keijee Mesina), Ken has a chance encounter with Shakespeare de Villa (Darwin Yu). As Heaven talks to them about tutoring sessions, Ken declines and goes on his way. Ken then meets his childhood friend Sandee Mendoza, played by the beautiful Karissa Toliongco. Their playful banter sets the scene for a very interesting and heartbreaking series.

Ken and his friend are playing basketball when one of his friends gets hurt. Ken asks Heaven to play and of course, Heaven scoffs at the idea. He instead suggests Shake’s name; Shake is shy and doesn’t want to play. Ken somehow convinces Shake to play. This leads to a fight in the end as Shake unknowingly scores a point for the opposing team. While Ken feels bad and wants to apologize; Shake wants to be left alone.

Despite that, Ken keeps trying to break through his walls and finally succeeds. Ken and Shake get to know each other slowly. In the meantime, Ken gets a chance to script a one-act play and is very excited about the opportunity. He cannot wait to get home and tell his mother. Despite that, Ken first takes Heaven and Shake to celebrate, where Heaven teases them about their overt familiarity. With the passage of time, their feelings evolve into something more substantial to develop. At the same time, Sandee observes their growing closeness and gets jealous.

Ken and Shake are not ashamed of their blossoming relationship, no matter what others think about them. The most amazing thing about this show is that, Ken and Shake’s close friends support their relationship, but Sandee does not. Sandee decides to tell Ken’s over- conservative and religious mother about his relationship with Shake. Ken’s mother is very much against the relationship and wants him to date Sandee instead. I am sorry to say this, but she is frustratingly homophobic and has a fanatic mindset. Ken and Shake are left devastated with this development. Chaos ensues while Ken and Shake’s relationship gets jeopardized.

Will their love survive?

A chain of odd events subside and you are left wondering about the consequences.

Did our sweet couple get a happy ending? Will things be all right? Please watch this show with an open frame of mind. I am a huge advocate of LBGTQ+ rights and this drama hits very close to my heart. Love knows no boundaries, regardless of gender or sexuality. It is honestly that simple. Stop the hatred!

Rating- 4 out of 5


One thought on ““My Extraordinary” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)”

  1. Beautifully shot series- promising performances by actors playing Ken and Sandee. The script itself has some issues and Shake remains a cipher. The idea is cool and hope to see more from this company.

    My score would be 3/5 and worth the watch

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