“Boys Lockdown” Series Review (Ep.1 to 6)

Another amazing Pinoy BL drama; produced by Ticket2Me, Boys Lockdown is adorably cute and sweet.

The main couple KeyChen played by the handsome actors Ali King (Key Kalunsod) and Alec Kevin (Chen Chavez), will surely steal your hearts. I treasured this drama a lot; as it is an easy-going, endearing story and makes you feel good, if you were sad. This storyline takes place during the height of the Pandemic and it is truly a pleasure to watch. The OST is very likable and fun to listen to; it will leave you feeling spellbound.

The pilot episode begins with Key and Chen visiting the local convenience store in the midst of the pandemic to buy supplies. They literally bump into each other and the supplies get mixed up. Once home, they realize their mistake and Chen tries to figure out, how to get the supplies back to Key. He does get his chance, but it goes awry because of Key. We can see from the beginning that their onscreen chemistry is sensual and explosive. You get to see and experience the heartache and pain, anger; their fear related to the pandemic, and all the raw emotions that intensify with time. This was probably the hardest part of watching this particular series. I felt the emotions of all the characters, as if I was going through the pandemic situation with them.

The storyline gets interesting when, via flashbacks, it is conveyed that Key and Chen have met before. For Chen, it was “Love At First Sight”. However, he gets disappointed on learning that the boy he likes already has a girlfriend. In the present, Chen and Key relentlessly try to meet up again, despite some comical mishaps; like Chen’s sister Libby objecting to him going out during COVID. Chen does arrive at the meeting place and waits for what seems like an eternity; before eventually giving up. He misunderstands the situation and assumes that Key doesn’t want to meet him. Key’s phone malfunctions and his friend doesn’t have enough phone credits left. Despite that, Key does call Chen. Unfortunately, Chen doesn’t have his phone with him and misses the call.

Key eventually figures out Chen is CCStrng, an online vlogger on whom he has had a crush for a long time. Chen uploads a video where he talks at length about his crush. It’s pretty obvious that he is talking about Key.

Key watches the uploaded video and realizes that Chen likes him. He feels helpless, realizing that Chen is disappointed with his no-show. Key didn’t do it knowingly, but Chen is unaware of the exact situation. They have an honest conversation about the uploaded video, where Chen shyly agrees to meet again. Their first meeting has a dreamy vibe, as they are overjoyed. You can see the happiness reflected in their eyes. It is obvious that the feelings are mutual.

They meet online again, while attending Libby’s meditation group; the outcome is quite interesting. You get to see their relationship flourish and become something extremely special and rare; especially during the pandemic when everyone is feeling overwhelmed. Chen gets stuck at Key’s dorm and well things get pretty intense. We aren’t revealing any spoilers about the finale, because you need to watch it firsthand. You will not be disappointed!

I have re-watched this series twice and every time I find something even more endearing about this series. The chemistry between the main leads is mesmerizing and truly beautiful. I truly hope you love this drama as much as I did. Ticket2Me has made some amazing dramas and they all have a special place in my heart.

Rating- 4 out of 5

☆ Krishna’s Sidenote-

The show’s success guaranteed the next season. Currently the drama is in the pre-production stage, we have some exclusive pictures from their social media accounts.

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