“BetCin” First Impressions (Ep.1 to 4)

Most LGBTQ+ genre dramas are classified as BL’s or GL’s. Ironically, Boys’ Love dramas are more popular.

Today, I am going to talk about, my first impression of BetCin, a Girls’ Love drama that I recently came across on the WeTV platform. I have watched quite a few GL’s in the past, which were impressionable. I hope this trend continues with BetCin as well.

The drama follows the journey of BETCIN, a popular online couple with Kylie Padilla starring as Beth and Andrea Torres playing the role of Cindy. This drama revolves around two people in a long-term relationship. With the passage of time, Beth feels that their relationship has degraded beyond repair. As such, she decides to move on with new partner Kate, before officially breaking off with Cindy. BetCin caricatures the crazy and heartwarming moments between our main couple, as Cindy and Beth try to figure out what their heart truly desires and how it can be accomplished!

The pilot episodes begin with Beth announcing that she wants to break up with Cindy. Obviously, Cindy is unable to handle this sudden separation and is left heartbroken. As Beth tries to talk to her, Cindy shuts her out and decides to move out. The story comes with a twist, because Beth already has someone else in her life (Kate) and that inevitably becomes the reason for her break-up with Cindy. Doing this is easier said than done, when it comes to BetCin!

They do sober up and after having a heart-to-heart conversation, Cindy and Beth decide to official break up and let their online fan base know about their separation- the road to doing this becomes very interesting. Unexpectedly, BetCin learn that they have become chosen as the finalists for the online reality show #RelationshipGoals. If they win, the cash prize is worth millions of pesos. They both are in a tight spot and need the money; Beth for her future with Kate, and Cindy, so she can afford a place of her own. Of course, Cindy also wants to use this opportunity to save their relationship at all costs. After a lot of careful mitigation, BetCin decide that they will continue pretending to be a loving couple. At this point, we need to try and remember that they have already separated and their relationship is a farce.

Cindy and Beth run into obstacles along the way. They go through a complete circle from “Meeting the Parents” to a “Planned Wedding” to get more points. While Cindy is entirely involved, Beth does things half heartedly. For Beth it is about the money, but for Cindy it is something more than money. It is trying to save what is hers. But can this relationship be saved?

Kate and Beth are together in the restaurant, talking about the “Fake Wedding” between Cindy and Beth. Kate is understandably upset over this. Beth tries to convince Kate it is all for show. Unfortunately, Beth and Kate are seen together and overheard by a die-hard fan, when Beth expresses his love for Kate.

The situation turns tire when Beth does colossal damage to their relationship by uttering the forbidden words “ I love you Cindy” instead of “I love you, Kate”. Kate can’t take it anymore and promptly breaks up with Beth.

Beth returns home, has a huge argument with Cindy where she angrily discloses the news about her break-up with Kate. Beth gets drunk and has an emotional breakdown. Cindy, in her misguided attempt to console Beth, acts like Kate. In her drunken state, believing that she is talking to Kate; Beth confesses and begs Kate to not leave her. In reality, she is actually talking to Cindy. You can see the pain in Cindy’s face as the woman she loves, confesses to another woman. This was a truly emotional scene to watch. The pain, longing and suffering is all evident on Cindy and Beth’s crestfallen faces.

As they continue on this path, will they be bearing more heartbreak or will they get a second chance at happiness? Will they reconcile? Or will they go their separate ways?

Frankly, there isn’t much on-screen chemistry to be written about. I am hoping that their compatibility improves as the show goes on. I have mixed feelings about this drama. I’m longing to see some adoration and love in their eyes for each other. It could be because they are still in the “Break-up” phase, but I’m hoping for something magical from this couple. Beth’s drunken scene was an extremely emotional one to watch, but I’m glad they showed this vulnerable sides of both Cindy and Beth. Despite the distinct lack of chemistry, both Kylie Padilla and Andrea Torres have commendable acting talents. Totally, looking forward to watching the next episode!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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