“7 Project- Vs Love” Review

It’s been five years since Thai actors Peak Peemapol and Boom Krittapak have shared a screen as a leading romantic couple, and although it’s for only one episode, VS Love is just the screen moment I needed for them.

Studio Wabi Sabi’s 7 Project, a series about seven couples inspired by seven different songs, has offered viewers a chance to revisit Peak and Boom in a one-episode story that explores a more dramatic side to their acting than 2016’s Make it Right. VS Love doesn’t hold back, powerfully pushing for justice in the face of wrong.

While VS Love is a drama that tackles cheating in school and the unfair advantage people with connections and power can have, it also has a much bigger message to share. And for those watching, it comes across loud and clear.

It bears repeating that 7 Project did not come to play. This series may not always have the happy-ever-after endings or the lighthearted moments that some may hope for in a short movie-length episode, but all of its episodes are certainly getting their points across. It’s clear that Studio Wabi Sabi came with an objective, and I am impressed by what they are trying to convey.

Like the other 7 Project episodes before it, VS Love comes with a punch that you feel long after it ends. But message and powerful story aside, it felt good to see Peak and Boom leading a drama together again. They’ve matured as actors. If what they gave us in this episode is any indication, I have high expectations for the projects they choose moving forward, whether together or apart.

Starring Peak and Boom as Phupha and Tonnam, VS Love is a chemistry-filled short drama that powerfully expresses fighting against oppression. If you haven’t seen it already and are looking for a quick watch that hits you in the feels, this is it. They did that.

Rating- 4.5 out of 5

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