“En of Love: This is Love Story” Series Review (Ep.1 to 3)

We are rounding up this set of reviews with the final show in the “En of Love Series”- This is Love Story.

This miniseries focuses on the romance between Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn who plays Nuea and Benz Natthapong Pathong who portrays Praram (Gun’s baby brother). I really enjoyed watching this one. It was sweet and entertaining like TOSSARRA. The chemistry between the main couple is amazing. Nuea is the Engineering Faculty’s resident playboy, but once he sees Praram nothing else matters. This love story has its own comedic moments as well, which is an added element of intrigue.

They “technically meet” at a TOSSARRA’s party. For Nuea, it is love at first sight. He asks help from his friends to win Praram’s heart, but they warn him about Praram’s elder brother Gun. Their warnings don’t deter Nuea from expressing his interest; he likes Praram and he will definitely achieve his goal. Nuea starts with small things like buying orange juice, helping Praram with studies and so on. At first Praram is shy, but Nuea is very sure of himself and pursues Praram relentlessly. During their library conversations, they learn things about each other and Nuea confesses his feelings for Praram. Everyone wants to know about Nuea’s love interest, but he doesn’t reveal the secret.

Nuea is with his friends when Gun finds out that Nuea is flirting with his baby brother. He is obviously unhappy with the news, but Gun agrees to allow Nuea to pursue his brother. The only concession being that Nuea shouldn’t hurt his brother. In the midst of this, Praram goes out of contact. Nuea misunderstands that Praram is ignoring him; in reality, Praram is sick. They meet again and Nuea continues flirting with Praram. As they get to know each other, Praram is left confused and unsure. Everyone is talking about their relationship and Praram is an extremely introverted individual. No one has ever flirted with Praram before; also he has heard rumors about Nuea being a playboy, but he likes being around him.

It becomes an increasingly difficult task for Nuea to win Praram’s trust. He is unsure about Praram’s affections. Praram is starting to like Nuea more than he thought, but he is unconfident about Nuea’s loyalty. They listen to their friend’s advice and try to understand each other. There is an incident where Nuea ostentatiously display his jealousy. Nuea wholeheartedly confesses his true feelings. Watching these two fall in love made me extremely happy. Nuea is very honest with Praram and their interactions were amazing to watch.

I truly enjoyed watching this franchise and I really adore Gun-Bar as well as Nuea-Praram. Their chemistry is undeniable. My only complaint is about the relatively short runtime. This series is worth watching, It has the “Feel Good Factor” of first love coupled with unique storytelling. I have watched this entire series several times and every time, I find something new to love. The friends in each show are very supportive and open to their relationships. The three couples in this series are amazing and have a wonderful chemistry. I wish there was more to the series where the scriptwriters had more scope to explore the love journey of each individual couple. The OST is the best, so you should definitely give it a listen. Thank you for following me on this “En of Love” journey!

Rating- 4 out of 5

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