Favorite Fictional BL Couples (Primary)- Part II

Choosing our favorite BL couples is definitely a tedious task; it isn’t an easy challenge.

While shipping is turning into a serious business in the BL dramaland, individual preferences vary based on a person’s tastes. Playing a BL couple takes a great level of compatibility, the actors should share a sense of camaraderie and close friendships. As such, our team members have compiled a list of their favorite BL couples, especially the ones that left a deep impression in their psych, with their swoon worthy performances!

PotatoBLChild’s Favorites

I’m sorry I subject the readers to my dilemma when it comes to choosing my favourites every week.

On the bright side, however, my priorities for my favourite fictional couple help narrow things down (I nitpick a lot) so this was much easier than most of my Sunday articles. A lot of times, the chemistry between the characters plays a major role—and it does not always include ‘sexy time’. In fact, I’m more of a person who prefers burning glances across the room to some really tasteless sex scenes (I’m sorry, but someone had to say it). On that note, I shall begin listing out my favourites for this week!

Phupha and Tian from A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)

This is probably the couple I’ve waited for the longest—from watching the GMMTV 2020 trailer in July 2020 (yes, I was pretty late when it came to figuring out how Thai BL promotions work), to April 2021 (I binge most series in one sitting, so I usually wait for them to end first). EarthMix had already done a very good job of laying the foundations of PhuphaTian’s chemistry on social media, but nothing compares to actually watching these characters and their chemistry grow onscreen. I’m pretty sure I was swooning the moment Phupha and Tian locked eyes with each other on Pha Pun Dao. It took some time to warm up to the characters (I was irritated with both of them for multiple reasons) but a few episodes in, I was already sold—both on the plot as well as the characters. What’s more, the burning chemistry between Earth and Mix as an imaginary couple (or khujin) was more than enough for me to declare this fictional couple as one of my favourites.

Marwin and Tops from Ingredients (2020)

JeffGame seriously stole my heart with this one.

Set entirely in the backdrop of the pandemic, the series delves so much into the domesticity of its characters. As the main couple (or rather, the only couple) of a slow-burn BL, Marwin and Tops are probably the cutest little things I’ve seen in a while (I apologise for my choice of words, but they really are). Both characters are so passionate about what they do; Marwin’s music and Tops’ cooking is what makes this series so wonderful to watch. I love how they care for each other in their own ways, even when they’re clumsy at times. It’s just so wholesome and relatable.

Kang Seo Joon and Han Jiwoo from To My Star (2020)

Here’s another couple I got into because of all the nonsensical bickering (that I love so much). Kang Seojoon’s and Han Jiwoon’s clashing personalities added so much flavour to this extremely short KBL series. Plus, the pimple incident was hilarious and wholesome (in a way). The way these characters support each other—whether it’s during Seojoon’s panic attack, or Jiwoo’s dilemma regarding a leaked photo that threatens Seojoon’s reputation in the entertainment industry—is so precious. It’s too bad that the series was too short, because these two characters deserved so much more time.

Dongsoo and Inpyo from Some More (2018)

It wouldn’t really be a list of mine without at least one STRONGBERRY mention. I love almost all the couples in the media this company produces, but this one is really special. As I’ve mentioned before in some of my articles, I’ve always been a sucker for the city-boy-meets-country-boy trope, but this one came with a bonus—the country boy is not the usual innocent, I-don’t know-the-ways-of-the-world type. This is a man from the countryside who is out and proud, as shown by his various keepsakes from every Seoul Pride event he’s attended. The chemistry between Dongsoo and Inpyo burns the audience from the very beginning. And the sex—it’s just perfect. It’s such a STRONGBERRY scene, more on the mature side (honestly STRONGBERRY scenes are usually either a peck or a full-blown sex scene—there’s no in-between). Although I preferred a more open ending to this short film, they did deserve a happy ending so I’m not complaining too much.

Po Xiao and Feng Ren from Wuliang (2020)

I have one word for this couple—ethereal. Probably one of the most aesthetic couples onscreen, Po Xiao and Feng Ren worm their way into your soul from the very first time you see them together. Their chemistry is amazing, and they’re so beautiful that it feels like it’s too hard to look at them directly. There’s no physical contact—no direct hand-holding or touching. Instead, we get to see Po Xiao desperately holding on to Feng Ren’s sword while the latter leads him through the busy streets, which is equivalent to a soul-searching kiss in my opinion (because we don’t get to see anything of the sort in most BL-adjacent media constrained by censorship). I stand by what I wrote in my review of the movie—it’s a fujin’s dream.

Special Mentions

Once again, I apologise for this because it’s so hard to choose. But I can’t make a list of my favourite fictional couples without this section:

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji from MDZS and The Untamed (for introducing me to the world of Chinese BL); Meng Shao Fei and Tang Yi from HIStory3: Trapped (the bickering is supreme); Night and Mek from Episode 5 of Close Friends (my Mii2 agenda is probably at its peak with this one); Chisoo and Gitae from Long Time No See (the fumbling is real!); Kurosawa and Adachi from Cherry Maho (for being such precious babies and the most likeable BL couple in all of the Japanese BL drama series I’ve ever watched); all three main characters from Light On Me (I rooted for Shinwoo/Taekyung endgame, but Daon deserves our love, too). A huge shoutout to Kang Yohan and Kim Gaon, although The Devil Judge is not strictly BL (because they are married in my head and no one can convince me otherwise).

MychelleLove’s Favorites

These choices come from the bottom of my heart! I started watching BL dramas about three years ago and these are my all-time favorite couples. Every good BL show has a Primary Couple as their main focus. They reside in my heart forever and I will always support them. They may not be “real life-couples”; but if it was possible, then that would be truly amazing!

Pete and Ae, Love by Chance

This was my first ever BL and I fell in love with Pete (Saint Suppapong) and Ae (Perth Tanapon). I fell in love with Saint and Perth as a couple, as actors, as humans. I loved their story, which focused on the varied facets of “New Love & First Love”. First love for Ae and new love for Pete. They were adorable together and their onscreen chemistry was amazing. Their off-screen chemistry was equally alluring!

Ae is young and confused as he attempts to understand his own feelings for Pete. Watching these two fall in love made me happy. Pete has a hard time letting go of Ae, because he doesn’t want Ae to suffer societal rebuttals. Watching Ae fall in love with Pete without caring about others was a fulfilling experience. Love by Chance as well as Perth and Saint will always have a special place in my heart; they were my first introduction to an entirely new beautiful world. I know Perth/Saint have been through so much and a true friendship is seemingly lost. I honestly pray these two work together again and light up the screen with their undeniable chemistry.

Tutor and Fighter, Why R U The Series

This couple has so much chemistry, both onscreen and off-screen, that it was really enchanting. Observing these two act together is a pleasurable experience. The chemistry is sizzling hot. I truly adored Tutor (Saint Suppapong) and Fighter (Zee Pruk). Despite their animosity, Fighter and Tutor simply exemplified the “Enemies to Lovers” trope. Saint is one of my favorite actors and watching him with Zee is a breathtaking experience. The way they took care of each other; watching these two fall in love in the series was relatable. I, for one, will always love this couple.

Tharn and Type, TharnType The Series (S1 & 2)

This series was somewhat controversial and yet I adored it. I fell in love with Tharn (Mew Suppasit) and Type (Gulf Kanawut), because of their unbelievable chemistry. Enemies to Lovers and then partners for life! True love is hard to find and they found it. This is a feel good BL series, that makes me smile whenever I watch it. I have so much I want to say about this couple, but that would take more space and words than I have already written. I’m a huge fan of MewGulf, no matter what!

Third and Khai, Theory of Love

This couple will have always my heart. Third (Gun Atthaphan) and Khai’s (Off Jumpol)

unrequited love will be forever memorable. Third has always loved Khai. But Khai’s playboy nature make things hard for Third. I had a love/hate relationship with them both. I really adore OffGun, their off-screen camaraderie is just as sparkling as their onscreen chemistry. Furthermore, I smile whenever I see them together. Both Off and Gun are excellent at portraying intense emotions, which makes them a fan-favorite!

Pete and Kao, Dark Blue Kiss

Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom can be classified as a comical couple as they never had the smoothest relationship. With the various ups and downs their characters faced in Kiss Me to Kiss Me Again, they have build a relationship that stands the test of time. They look good together and they have a unique chemistry. Pete’s character undergoes a massive transformation from being a bad guy to being in irrevocably in love. Kao always wants to make Pete happy and it was a magical experience watching their love blossom into something more substantial.

There are many more BL couples whom I admire, but these are my top favorites!

We will be back next week with the third edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

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