“The Tasty Florida” First Impressions (Ep.1 & 2)

Considering the name South Korea is making for itself in the BL industry, it is certainly no surprise that each new drama that drops captures viewers’ attention.

The Tasty Florida, a new mini Korean web drama, is no exception. Like its predecessors, it is as visually stunning as all of the BL dramas that have dropped before it. But, as much as I love a quick, sweet watch, I will admit, the short format dramas make me a little wary.

The Tasty Florida opens strong with a chance chemistry-filled first meeting that makes the heart flutter. Seo Hae Won (actor Cha Woo Min) is shy, naive, and adorably attractive. The way he freezes when faced with the handsome Baek Eun Gyu (actor Kim Yoo Hwan) is basically how I deal with people in real life, and I found myself amused by the interactions. The build-up from their first meeting to the first time Hae Won appears at the Tasty Florida rooftop restaurant is full of intriguing moments that left me invested in this storyline. Knowing Eun Gyu once lived in the room where Hae Won is now residing, as well as the restaurant’s ambiguous beginnings, leaves The Tasty Florida open for interesting plot developments.

My only concern with The Tasty Florida is the length. I feel like I harp on this too much with the Korean BL web dramas, but the length truly matters. Short, romantic stories are fun, completely mesmerizing, and feel complete if they’re done right. However, if the build-up is too slow and the story points take too long to get to, then a mini-drama runs the risk of having to rush its plot as it runs out of time. It’s like racing against the falling sands in an hourglass. The Tasty Florida has a prolonged build-up. I’m a massive fan of slow-burn romances and intricate plots, but with only eight very short episodes, will The Tasty Florida soar to a perfect ending or crash inside its time slot?

Only time will tell, but the first two episodes sold me on the characters and the production, and I am excited to see exactly where this story goes. So, if you are hungry for a visually beautiful cast cooking visually delicious food while falling in love, take a chance and check out this Korean BL with me.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5


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