“En of Love: Tossara” Series Review (Ep.1 to 4)

“En of Love The Series” might be categorized as miniseries, yet it was as entertaining as a full-fetched series.

The series features three separate storylines, with recurring characters. My all-time favorite however is TOSSARA. I guess I always like the different ones. Win Achawin Michaels and Folk Thitiphat Chankaew played the main leads in this four-episodes drama and literally were the most adorable couple ever. Their chemistry was mesmerizing and subtly beautiful. I will be reviewing all three romances, so let’s start with TOSSARA. The show portrays three distinct stories of falling in love, experiencing pain as well as betrayal and finally reconciling with their lost love. All shows end with a “Happily Ever After”.

The first story is titled “TOSSARA” and I really adored the main couple, Gun and Bar. They have an odd dynamics, despite that they are achingly endearing. Gun has loved Bar since their high school days, but he has low self-esteem issues. So, Gun studies hard and enters the Medical Faculty, before approaching Bar. Gun gets his chance when Bar loses his Engineering gear at the pool. Gun finds it and while returning it to Bar, he confesses his feelings. Bar is obviously left confused and flustered. Gun keeps finding interesting ways to win Bar’s heart. Bar stubbornly refuses to reciprocate and they are left at a stalemate. Despite Bar’s displeasure, his friends keep encouraging their relationship. It was kind of hilarious. After multiple attempts, Bar finally gives in and we get some really sweet moments that caricature their romance.

Since their characters are totally different, they spend time trying to understand each other. Bar gets jealous of Gun’s close friendship with Na. They are best friends, so everyone assumes that they are together. But they are not, Na feels bad when Bar gets jealous and clarifies that there is nothing between him and Gun. Gun reacts in the same way, when they go on a date and their batch mate Mark tries to flirt with Bar. The ensuing reconciliation is the best part; asBar tells Gun the exact same thing that Gun told him: “Don’t worry what others think”. Bar also reasserts his feelings, thereby allying Gun’s dormant insecurities and fears.

Gun and Bar have very supportive friends who love to tease Bar about Gun flirting with him. Their favorite pastime is letting people know that Gun is taken. Some scenes might seem off-putting; like the confession scene was a little over the top, but I cried right along with Gun. I enjoyed this show as it delivers the simple message that “Love is Love and nothing more”. I enjoy watching dramas like this one, without too much melodrama or theatrics. Likewise, I love TOSSARA more than the other stories, because the miniseries didn’t showcase any unwanted drama or unhinged sadness, but just pure joy and simplistic romance.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

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