My Favorite BL Actors- Part III

Choosing our favorite BL actors is seemingly a difficult job, because let’s be frank- they are too many actors which diverse interests, backgrounds and fandoms.

While some BL actors choose to stick to this genre, there are some who love to dabble between hetero and homosexual romances. Despite the fervent difficulties, we are here with the final installment of our well liked feature on “Our Favorite BL Actors”. Put on your seatbelts, because we are taking you for a wild ride!

Krishna Naidu’s Favorites

Earth Teerapat

Those who know me personally would vouch for the fact that I’m crazy about this “Ray of Sunshine”. Yes, Earth reminds me of the Sun, because although he got burned several times (the mistreatment by his callous management), he shines brightly, is brave, caring and entirely humane. Popular for portraying the titular lead “Wayo” in the live-action adaptation “2moons2”, Earth became a household name because of his heartfelt portrayal of this textbook character. In real life, Earth exudes the same childlike innocence and kindness that definitely made him the right choice for this role. Earth’s onscreen chemistry with his partner Benjamin Brasier was much appreciated. Personally, I really love watching them together, because of their quirky attitude and heartwarming friendship. Both of them love to banter endlessly, which was surreptitiously evident in their reality show “Travel With Me”. Although shy and introverted, Earth is highly dedicated and disciplined. His down to earth attitude is a major attraction and he never displays the airs of being a celebrity. He is also a good singer and plays the piano quite well. I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere of his next project “Secret Admirer The Series”, because Earth is a splendid actor!

Earth Katsammonnat

Popularly known by his nickname Cooheart, Earth Katsammonnat is an enigma and an actor par excellence. He became famous for his heart-wrenching portrayal of rape victim Tar in the first season of “Tharntype The Series”. Earth embodied his character’s pain and realistically depicted the base emotions. Although his first role did impress the audiences, Earth won global recognition by playing an openly gay man in the reincarnation saga “Until We Meet Again”. His character Intouch will forever be etched in our memories, because Earth easily betrays Intouch’s daring personality and brave attitude. Earth is one of those versatile actors who can totally pull off any kind of roles. This is evident from his recent drama “7 Project- Would You Be My Love”. Here, he plays the shy and frightened character Ozone who faces homophobia and bullying in his new boarding school. Earth’s chemistry with his co-stars is impressive and he forms long-lasting friendships with them. While he didn’t have any romantic scenes with co-star Title Kirati, their subtle love story was much appreciated. While his onscreen and offscreen chemistry with UWMA partner Kao Noppakao is comfortable and sweet; his easy camaraderie with “7 Project” partner Santa Pongsapak is hot. Indeed, incomparable!

Perth Tanapon

Perth Tanapon established his mantle as a bankable actor with his daring portrayal of titular lead Ae in popular book adaptation “Love By Chance”. While the first season was solely focused on his memorable romance with love interest Pete (Saint Suppapong), the show’s second season relegated him to the heartbroken status. Despite that, Perth played his character with a conviction that borders on indomitable energy and vulnerability. Ae’s journey begins as a straight character who unassuming falls for his gay acquaintance Pete. Their romance was unassuming and although Ae did display confusion; once he decides to fall in love, Pete became the center of his universe. Perth and Saint had an explosive chemistry and although things have soured in the recent times; they were obviously the first couple who turned the tide in the favor of the BL genre. Their flavored chemistry was still obvious in the miniseries “Reminder S”, where both Perth and Saint’s characters had a role reversal. Despite his young age, Perth plays each character with a maturity, that mimics veteran actors. Perth was also much appreciated for his Guest Role, Samkrit in “Until We Meet Again”, where he wholeheartedly supports his best friend Intouch’s choices in the foregone era. Recently, Perth was praised for starring in Netflix thriller “The Stranded” as Krit where he partnered opposite his TEMPT bandmate Mark Siwat as Jack. Audiences were floored by their sweet and sensual chemistry and although the romance was doomed, they still left a deep impression in everyone’s mind. Perth enjoys playing the guitar and has good vocals. I’m totally looking forward to his next projects!

Wang Yibo

I fell in love with the romance in “The Untamed” specifically, because unlike most Chinese Bromances that are hugely censored; this adaptation represented Lan Wangji’s honest feelings and earnest yearnings. While Xiao Zhan’s Wei Wuxian had a myriad of expressions ranging from mischievous adolescence to evil notoriety, Wang Yibo’s Lan Wangji had to emote with micro expressions to betray his character’s fierce nature and romantic inclinations. Despite being a relative newcomer, Yibo embodies LWJ’s feelings quite well and was able to exert a tight control over his emotions. His portrayal of the character was truly exceptional and despite the lack of lengthy dialogues, Yibo was able to deliver LWJ’s restrained attitude quite effortlessly. While his onscreen chemistry with Xiao Zhan was undulating, their off-screen banter and camaraderie was even better. Although his onscreen persona is rather serious, Wang Yibo has a cheerful and eccentric personality (which is quite evident from the Untamed BTS where he playfully teases Xiao Zhan). I’m totally looking forward to the premiere of his upcoming crime thriller “Being A Hero”. Fingers crossed!

Tony Labrusca

One of my favorite Pinoy BL actors, Tony Labrusca is blessed with good looks, brilliant vocals and even better acting talents. He first shot to fandom with his relatable portrayal of Xavier de Guzman in ABS-CBN Film’s breezy teenage romance “Hello Stranger”. While the prequel focused on his blossoming romance with nerdy classmate Mico, the sequel depicted the obstinate reality of the “Coming Out Phase”. Xavier will forever be my favorite BL character. Xavier is an intriguing role with multiple layers of intricacies. He might seem like a dumb jock on the surface, but his mature demeanor makes him an ideal man. Xavier is hugely depicted as a Casanova in the prequel, but eventually he wins Mico’s heart with his honest gestures and caring attitude. In the sequel, however Xavier is reduced to a sad version of his earlier eclectic self- guilt ridden and remorseful. Tony plays both versions with such a tenacity that Xavier’s struggles and confusion seem realistic. He embodies Xavier’s fears and insecurities in entirety and I was left awestruck. Although Xavier isn’t exactly a flawless character, it is impossible to hate him. Tony and co-star JC Alcantara are comfortable with each other and that translates to excellent chemistry onscreen. I’m hoping to see him in more BL projects, because he certainly has the charm!

Kim Kang Min

I was certainly intrigued with him, when this dimpled beauty made an appearance on the fantasy Korean drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”. Despite being a supporting act, Kim Kang Min made his presence known. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that he was going to act in a BL drama. I’m not a huge fan of Korean BL dramas, but “To My Star” totally smashed my low expectations. Playing the introvert chef Han Ji Woo, Kim Kang Min personifies Ji Woo’s uptight attitude and strict demeanor. So when he meets the cheerful and extremely carefree Kang Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun), it is instant attraction. Portraying Ji Woo’s innate nature isn’t an easy job and yet Kim Kang Min manages to leave us surprised with his flawless performance. I fell in love with their forbidden, unhindered romance and it could be hugely attributed to Kang Min’s solemn juxtaposition. Recently, there have been rumors about a sequel and frankly, I’m looking forward to watching the next season. Simply because, I can’t get enough of their sizzling hot chemistry!

PotatoBLChild’s Favorites

Welcome back to my usual Sunday session of “I can’t choose!”

On a more serious note, I have always struggled with making decisions like these whether it’s K-Pop or BL—how does one choose favourites anyway? After consulting others about their criteria and giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided on a few names from all the BLs I’ve seen based on what kind of impact they’ve had on me both on and off-screen. As usual, you may find a ‘special mentions’ section at the end of the list (because I can’t choose no matter what I do). Again, these are not in any particular order, except maybe according to the country they’re from.

Earth Pirapat

Most people know Earth from Waterboyy the Series, but boy am I glad that I had not seen Earth first as Waii (I would’ve otherwise been scarred for life). Luckily, I’d seen him in Theory of Love, and in Kiss Me Again after I finally decided to watch the entire series and not just the PeteKao clips so that I could understand Dark Blue Kiss. However, it was not until I got invested in A Tale of Thousand Stars that I fell down the rabbit hole of becoming a fan of this wonderful person. The kind of improvement I saw in Earth’s acting skills amazed me; ATOTS and the music videos that followed are a testament to this. However, his love for animals—especially for his cats—was what had me sold (I sometimes wonder if I’m more interested in them). His chemistry with Mix Sahaphap is incredible, and I’m sure that the ‘EarthMix Space’ show is going to ruin fans for life (in a good way).

Mix Sahaphap

I’d been following Mix on Instagram long before ATOTS was aired on GMMTV—what else can you do if you have to wait for 1000 years for the series (all thanks to the pandemic)? Back then, he was the cutest little thing (I’m glad that still hasn’t changed). Like with Earth, I was surprised by Mix’s acting skills. He was probably one of the very few reasons I watched Fish Upon the Sky all the way to the end, another being the ship between Pond and Phuwin. My love for Mix is balanced by his squishiness as well as his burning chemistry with Earth. And Somporn, of course (you can’t forget this fluffy child). A perfect combination of cuteness and good looks, Mix is a force to reckon with—especially when he takes to the internet to voice his opinions on various issues.

PP Krit

From the red bra in I Told Sunset About You to his most recent MV titled “It’s Okay Not to be Alright,” Krit has never failed to make me feel extremely grateful for his presence in the Thai BL industry. He played Oh-Aew to the T, whether it was in his attempts to understand gender and sexuality, or the way he handled Teh the overgrown manchild (sorry, Billkin). He’s such a pretty person and has a wonderful, soft voice that comforts you when you listen to it; I have Safe Zone on repeat because both Billkin and Krit are so precious, especially in the MV.

Jeff Satur

I think some of the most precious memories from this year have been related to JeffGame’s appearance at FujoCon, an online BL convention hosted by BLGarden from Dallas, especially Jeff’s concert at the event. His voice added so much to Ingredients, which was the first show I’d watched of his. He commands one’s attention; a few seconds of his appearance on the older, 9-minute long trailer of KinnPorsche, along with his promising chemistry with Gameplay who was also supposed to star in it, was more than enough to sell the entire show to me (however unfortunate the issues surrounding the show may have been). His lives on Instagram are wonderful to watch—they’re more like free online concerts most of the time.

Son Woo-Hyun

To My Star is probably one of my most favourite KBLs and it’s partly because of this man. His character in the show was well-written, and he managed to play the role of Kang Seo Joon perfectly. Plus, he was the leader and the main vocalist of the underrated K-Pop group X-5, which disbanded back in 2012. His chemistry with Kim Kang Min was essential to the popularity of the show. He almost made me wish that Justice High was a BL movie instead of a bromance—with Oh Seung-Hoon from Method, no less. Oh, who am I kidding? I still wish it was BL.

Special Mentions

I don’t think it’d ever be possible to have an article like this without a ‘special mentions’ section. There are so many amazing BL actors out there, and it’s not exactly the easiest thing to choose. But I do have a few names in mind:

Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan, Tommy Sittichok Puealpoolpol (putting them together here as I’ve already raved about them in their profiles on the blog); Tay Tawan Vihokratana (for being the most precious bean); Lay Talay Sanguandikul (for single-handedly carrying the entirety of My Engineer on his shoulders); Perth Nakhun Screaigh (for his good acting skills, and his wonderful YouTube channel); Billkin Putthipong Assaratnakul (it’s not just his brilliant musical abilities; no one could pull off a character as frustrating as Teh like he does); Gotou Yuutaro (his acting has definitely gotten better, and he’s the prettiest in his cosplays on Instagram); and Kang Yoo Seok (for making us all like Noh Shin Woo so much).

Kaila Genevieve Favorites

Gulf Kanawut

I am a huge fan of this charming young man! Thai heart-throb, actor and model, Gulf Kanawut, made his on-screen debut in a lead role through his portrayal of ‘Type’ in TharnType The Series. Despite being a novice in the field, Gulf’s portrayal of the annoying, hot-tempered queer boy-in-denial was promising and engaging. Gulf has been applauded by many for his ability to get into and out of character in the flip of a switch; Mame (the author of TharnType The Series) herself has spoken about this on social media. Another intriguing aspect of Gulf’s acting as well as personality is that he can create chemistry with anyone and anything – toy cactus, big blue mascot, mongoose, wax figure – you name it. It is difficult to frame a conclusive opinion on his acting capabilities just from one role, but from what I have seen, he seemed to display a commendable potential for versatility and emotionally-driving performances. As a person, Gulf is irresistibly adorable and lovable. His cute charm and cheerful persona is pleasingly contagious. Above all, he is extremely professional, philanthropic (despite being the sole earning member of his middle-class family) and hardworking. No wonder he has been referred to as the future “face of CH3” on multiple occasions by TV show hosts. I can’t wait to see more of his acting in his upcoming Lakorn with Janie.

Anson Chen

It’s mildly amusing how this list contains Gulf and Anson together as they have been often compared in terms of their visuals and cute-boy charms by common fans; with the general consensus being that Anson could easily pass for Gulf’s sibling. Anson Chen started his career in the modelling industry and took on his first major role in a series as Teng Mu Ren in “HIStory4: Close To You”. The character of Mu Ren was exceptionally challenging for Anson as their personalities were at stark variance from each other. Anson is naturally extroverted, cheerful and playful, while Mu Ren is a stone-faced Ice King – seemingly unapproachable and solemn. Mu Ren’s journey from straight to queer and his subsequent coming-out is ridden with heart-rending moments, all of which have been convincingly conveyed by Anson. To this day, I revere the bath-tub scene as one of the most bedazzling television performances ever seen! He also flawlessly depicted the most relatable drunk during the confession scene. His unyielding perseverance and dedication to his art has made people all around the world fall head over heels for this young star. I sincerely hope and expect to see more of his works in the coming years.

Ohm Thitiwat

I would respectfully bestow the ‘Handsome Alpha Father’ [in other words Dom-Top Daddy] title upon this fine existence of a man. However, Ohm Thitiwat has amassed his huge fanbase, not solely because of his striking visual glory, but also because of his admirable acting skills. Ohm is a seasoned actor, who is best known for his portrayal of Dean in the Series – Until We Meet Again. His character is that of a handsome college-student swimmer who is in fact, the re-incarnation of a pitiful queer man (played by Kao Noppakao) who shot himself under the unbearable adversity of his family towards him and his lover (played by Earth Katsamonnat). Through his riveting performance, Ohm earned the hearts of the audience when he perfectly embodied the role of the alpha lover, caring brother and reliable friend. He displayed gripping chemistry with his co-star Fluke (who played the role of Pharm in UWMA and Typhoon in Close Friend) in both UWMA as well as Close Friend – The Series, bringing a soft blush to very many faces gushing over the Dean-Pharm couple.

Ohm also starred in “Close Friend The Series”, alongside long-time co-star Fluke, where he surprised viewers with his versatility, as he took on the role of a music-director/composer Pierce, looking to land a major job of composing for popular singer Marc. Once again, he succeeded in drawing in the audience with his magnetic charm and skillful acting.

I’m thoroughly excited for the next Ohm-Fluke series wherein the Dynamic Duo are expected to assume roles of cops/detectives or the like. Hopefully we will get to see it soon.

We will be back with an exciting new feature next weekend. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you updates from the BL world!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite BL Actors- Part III”

  1. Glad to see PP and Ohm (UWMA) get some props- PP had a number of scenes where, with able assist from the director and acting coach- he was able to convey complex emotions without any words (him in a bra from ITSAY is just something special). Ohm- gets overshadowed by the incredible Fluke in UWMA- but on rewatch- his acting is compelling as he slowly becomes aware of his feelings and actions in current and prior incarnation.
    I’m going to have to throw in First giving both comedy and drama in The Shippers- working against a flawed script.
    Ohm in Hes Coming to Meet Me, Fluke/Fluke/Fluke in multiple roles and
    Plustor in Friendzone 1 & 2 – he needs more roles!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How can you not mention Zee? His performance in Why R U, especially when he breaks down with love, longing and broken heart, will forever stay with me…


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