“Dark Blue and Moonlight” Series Review (Ep.1 to 12)

I really liked the previews for this BL, but not the series. The actors were good, but the show was slow paced and I did not feel the chemistry between the main couple. Su Hai Qing and Chen Pin Jun had more chemistry than Yan Fei and Su Hai Qing did. I adored watching the elderly grandfather though. He was sweet and cute.

This series is a love triangle between Su Hai Qing (Aric Chen), Yan Fei (Tom Wang) and Chen Pin Jun (Tim Huang). We begin with Hai Qing and Yan Fei meeting under unusual circumstances. Hai Qing is a budding artist and Yan Fei is the youngest Marketing Director of his company. Yan Fei is taking swimming lessons, where Hai Qing happens to practice swimming. Consequently, it is a good thing because YanFei gets a leg cramp during swimming and starts drowning. No one is paying attention except Hai Qing who comes to the rescue, and saves Yan Fei. Next, they meet in the shower room; where Yan Fei walks over to Hai Qing and kisses him passionately. This is apparently Yan Wei’s way of thanking Hai Qing. They both feel the undeniable tension and Yan Fei gives his phone number to Hai Qing asking him to call him. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen as Hai Qing’s phone becomes unusable and there is no way to get in touch with Yan Fei. Obviously, Hai Qing is sad over this development.

He then meets Chen Pin Jun, a fellow student, who models for their Art class. Hai Qing decides to help him pass his entrance exam to the College of Arts. They hit it off immediately and quickly become lovers. Hai Qing momentarily forgets about Yan Fei, although it was love at first site for him. He decides to move on, forget Yan Wei and tries dating Chen Pin Jun instead.

Meanwhile, Yan Fei cannot forget Hai Qing and starts doubting his own four-year-old relationship with boyfriend Jimmy (Charles Lin). Jimmy wants Yan Fei to come out to his mother,but Yan Fei is afraid of hurting his mother. Jimmy gets mad, throws a fit and leaves home for a few days. Honestly, I do not think Yan Fei was all that upset about Jimmy going away. He just goes on with daily life, as if nothing happened. Enter Pinky (Zhan Ya Han), Chen Pin Jun’s sister, who gets a job at Yan Fei’s firm. She is a cute and funny character.

Han Qing’s grandfather passes away during this time. Han Qing’s Father travels to America for a few months for business. During this period, Han Qing falls deeper into depression. His best friend, Xiao K (Wang Ko Yuan) tries to help, but it doesn’t go well. Chen Pin Jun is the one to bring Hai Qing back and helps him make amends with Xiao K. Unexpectedly, Yan Fei meets Han Qing again. One thing leads to another and they have one night of passionate sex. Slowly they realize their feelings from the very beginning were always real.

This is just the start of the end. The show betrays alot of hurt, lies, heartache and truth. I felt emotionally distressed for Chen Pin Jun. He was one who gave it all to the relationship, but the one who lost the most. I did enjoy watching this drama, but honestly it could have been done better. The chemistry between the main characters was abysmal and even the love scenes were, shall I say dull and lackluster. I really wished that Chen Pin Jin would be the winner, but I was left disappointed. I remember when I first watched this show; I skipped a lot of scenes and had to go back to re-watch. You can watch to form your own opinion. This show had the makings for a great drama, but a lot of potential was inadvertently wasted. There are only two BL dramas, where I had this feeling. Sadly, Dark Blue and Moonlight is one of them.

Rating- 3 out of 5


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