“This Fluffy Love” Webtoon by Papadamn

There are delinquents in every school. Ashen is one of them. To make it worse, his father is a powerful politician, meaning he can get away with basically anything. To Sarith, who just wants to lead a peaceful school life, Ashen is someone that should be avoided at all costs. But what happens when they’re forced into situations together and Sarith sees a whole different side of Ashen – One which is cute and needs to be protected?

Of all the BL webtoons I found on Tapas / Webtoons website, what got me interested in “This Fluffy Love” was its setting in the south Asian country – Sri Lanka. It is not too different from any Hindu family in south Asia so that felt very familiar to me. I was definitely more intrigued when I saw the cover picture for the webtoon as it is not often that you have a chubby main character who is aware of his body image, but not embarrassed about it in a negative way. Sarith is a video game lover, a kind and caring guy. He stays away from Ashen because of his friends but when his paths cross with him, he immediately realizes how Ashen is NOT a bratty rich boy. In Sarith’s company, Ashen learns the meaning of family, friends, and being a normal teenager. The progression of their relationship felt a little too fast but not abrupt. The first volume of this webtoon has set up hints about Ashen’s past and I am interested to read how it plays out.

Overall, This Fluffy Love is surely fluffy, adorably sweet, cringe cute, and a really well-designed YA story about good friends, family influence, and confusing stages of crush to love. The artwork is neat and not too cluttered. The leads feel very real and that adds to the charm of this webtoon. Ashen is such a beauty and looks so fragile that he totally asks for a protection squad and Sarith just lives to that image in his own ways. I adored these two so much and now I eagerly await the next part of the webtoon to be released (Luckily the author recently tweeted about starting to draw them again 😀 )

So if you want a quick lovely read for the weekend, do check this webtoon.

Where to read : https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/this-fluffy-love/list?title_no=598835

Author- Papadamn Noire (Twitter-@PapadamnNoire)


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