“Peach of Time” First Impressions (Ep. 1 to 3)

Beloved Thai BL actors Jimmy Karn and Tommy Sittichok have returned to the screen in a unique collaborative project called Peach of Time between South Korea and Thailand.

If the first three episodes are any indication, it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. From the first moment I saw Tommy and Jimmy on-screen in Why R U, I knew I needed to see them showcased in a more profound, more complex drama project with good production quality, and nothing says deep and complex like a Korean drama. Add a cast of amazing Korean actors, many of whom I am a fan of, and my expectations for Peach of Time were high even before I pushed play.

I was not disappointed.

Peach of Time is a nostalgic drama about friendship, love, regret, and grief. The emotional foundation is set early with the first three episodes revealing a long-standing friendship and burgeoning romance between Peach (Jimmy Karn) and Yoon Oh (Choi Jae Hyun), a broken relationship between Yoon Oh and his mother, a complicated past relationship between Yoon’s Oh’s mother and his deceased father, and the startling revelation that Yoon Oh is dead. Mario (Tommy Sittichok) also makes a brief appearance as a Thai ghost with mysterious origins that only Peach can see.

And therein is how Peach of Time captures its audience, quickly grabbing our attention with an emotional web that will be interesting to untangle and heartbreaking to endure. Jimmy’s naive and warm portrayal of Peach meshes well with Choi Jae Hyun’s rebellious, damaged, and angry Yoon Oh. They need each other, and the chemistry that explodes off the screen is as captivating as the story they’re telling, a cross-country, multicultural romance riddled with pain.

I have a feeling this drama is going to break me, and I’ve been prepared for that since I saw the preview, but it is surprisingly Mario’s character that intrigues me the most. Maybe it’s the mystery surrounding him, or perhaps it’s because I can’t stop wondering if Mario is Yoon Oh’s father, the man Yoon Oh’s mother has a complex history with. What sorrow is Mario holding onto?

Each episode adds a new element to the mysteries revolving around both Mario and Yoon Oh’s deaths. Did Yoon Oh commit suicide by throwing himself in front of a car, or was he killed in a hit-and-run accident? Is Mario Yoon Oh’s father, or is he a random ghost with a sorrowful past who finds himself suddenly counseling Peach about ghosts, love, and life?


Peach of Time is a puzzle that will be a heartbreaking joy to piece together. The first three episodes left me both intrigued and impressed. I’ve seen Choi Jae Hyun (Yoon Oh) in multiple Korean projects, and I am excited to see him opposite Jimmy in this drama. Peach of Time is a chance for both Jimmy and Tommy to grow even more as actors as well as bring them increasing attention in the international community.

Death is something we’re all a little afraid to face but also mesmerizes us. What happens after death? What does it mean for the people we love? This is why Peach of Time is intriguing. It’s a love story entrenched in the mystery surrounding death.

For those considering watching, I highly suggest checking this one out. I genuinely believe it’s going to leave an impression, and I love the romantic cross-cultural significance.

Rating- 4 out of 5

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