Our Favorite BL Actors

We were having a group discussion to choose the next topic for our “Sunday Bite”, when Mychelle Love suggested that we should do a feature on “Our Favorite BL Actors”.

So, here we are with the next edition, where our team members will be surreptitiously sharing their choices- the BL actors who have won their hearts with their acting talents and dazzling persona. Without further ado, let’s dish the juicy details!

MychelleLove’s Favorites

Saint Suppapong

I first saw Saint Suppapong in Love by Chance, where he plays Pete Pichaya. I instantly fell in love with this sweet, caring, lovable character. But then I got to see his social media interactions, which are a far cry from his shy onscreen character. It made realize that Saint is an amazing person, with a sweet soul. He is extremely talented – he can sing, dance, and act. He has been through a lot of controversies, has lost most of his close friends and despite that he never gave up on his dreams and ambitions. When I first watched him on LBC, I was blown away by his sensual romance with Perth Tanapon. Their chemistry was powerful onscreen. Offscreen, they were the sweetest and the friendship they shared was endearing. Of course, later their relationship soured and I was left heartbroken.

Then, Why R U The Series materialized and Saint really grew up. His chemistry with co-star Zee Pruk was exceptional and despite the hatred that Zee received in the beginning, they do look good together. They really portrayed their roles quite well and made them relatable. Saint also has an upcoming movie- VON; the trailer seems fascinating and I’m looking forward to the international premiere.

Personally, I do like other actors but for some reason, I’m drawn to Saint. He became a shining beacon of light during the lowest point of my life. His smile, his voice, his music have helped me realise that I am special too. Saint has been through hell, but that didn’t stop him from focusing on his career and achieving his goals. He is truly inspiring. He is currently co-producing another upcoming BL Drama, “Secret Crush”, where he will supposedly play a Guest Role.

Mew Suppasit

I fell in love with Mew while watching both seasons of popular drama TharnType The Series. Mew’s smile is brighter than the stars and he is a really amazing person.

While watching the first season of TharnType, I was left shell shocked by his explosive chemistry with Gulf. His eyes are quite expressive and they reflect the character’s overall emotions quite well. I only knew of Mew as an actor, so hearing him sing was a pleasant surprise. He is such a gentle soul and has a distinctive voice. I began searching for more of his dramas and and realizes hat he had starred in both seasons of What the Duck The Series. Some people did not like this storyline, but I think it was pretty amazing as Mew once again showcased his best acting talents.

Mew also starred in a supporting role in Why R U The Series. Mew recently released his new single, Seasons of You. I have been listening to the song on repeat. When he released an entire album, I pre-ordered them on the first day.

Mew is certainly one of my favorite idols. Despite being criticized and rebuked, Mew has accomplished a lot in his career. He gave me strength to make it through, when I was in a bad place. He is the reason I learned to become a better person. I am so glad he has someone like Gulf on his side. His Mewlions are there for him every step of the way and I’m a proud Mewlion! I will forever be there for Mew, through good times and bad, happy or sad.

Mild Suttinut

The first time I watched Mild in the movie “Red Wine in the Dark Knight”, I found him cute, his acting was good and I wondered if he has acted in any roles. While researching, I found he had acted in the shows- Best Twins, Love is Coming and decided to to keep a lookout on his next projects. He really amazed with his acting chops in Tharntype The Series, where he portrayed the role of Techno. He was so quirky and funny but also sweet and adorable. I loved him better in TTTS Season One though. He is a wonderful actor and I really want to see him act in a main role soon.

Bas Suradej

Bas might seem adorable and sweet, but he is also a little cocky. I fell in love, while watching 2moons The Series. Since, I have been keeping an eye on his next venture and came across Hotel Stars The Series. He was once again amazing. Then came Gen Y The Series. I totally fell in love with him, all over again. I cried when he cried, I smiled when he smiled. He is truly astounding. Bas belongs to the pop group SBFive and I’m huge fan of his vocals. Their recent single Candy Crush is my current favorite. His voice makes me happy and I’m a shipper of Copter and Bas always. Although a ghost ship, they are look cute together.

Joong Archen

Joong will always be my Ming. I’m in love with his eyes and smile. His eyes are mesmerizing and expressive. He was the baby of the Six Moons group as he was 18 while they were shooting for 2moons2 The Series. He is a really sweet and genuine person off-screen as well. MingKit are secretly my favorite couple from 2moons2. Although Kit is the sassy bratty character, Ming is always there to support him. I regularly watch Joong’s IG lives, his voice is so soothing and makes me happy. He has pretty good vocals. He is a beautiful soul and I wish nothing but the best for him.

Earth Teerapat

I truly adore this young man. He is an enigmatic actor and has an amazing personality. He literally went through hell because of his past issues with his management. Likewise, he will always be my Wayo and I’m truly impressed by his innate strength. I always feel the need to protect him and the other boys from the 2moons2 cast. When I heard that he was excluded from the Six Moons activities; I felt heartbroken, shocked and confused. I have always been on Earth’s side in the past, having defended his name many times and will continue to do so in the future.

Yarnball’s Favorites

I underestimated how easy it would be to list out my favourite actors in BL, because I wasn’t sure if I should count them as favourites because of their specifically BL performances, or just in general as favourites. In the interest of not complicating the thing, I took into account both their offscreen personas and their acting abilities, because why not.

Anyway, in no particular order and just as they come to me, here are my top actors in BL

Gun Attaphan

Gun is on this list for two reasons: he’s a powerhouse of acting and he has the most eclectic and interesting sense of style I’ve ever seen. It’s the former that really does it though: whether it’s at the only-too-relatable and yet frustratingly-in-love-with-a-jer Third in Theory of Love or the non-BL but incredible role of Punn in The Gifted, Gun is probably one of the most versatile actors I’ve seen in the industry.

Mix Sahaphap

Mix is one of the leads in A Tale of a Thousand Stars and I couldn’t believe that this was his first starring role because he really brings it. In that series alone, his character goes through a plethora of emotional moments and Mix doesn’t drop the ball once. He’s just as impressive in the short film and MV for the song Half My Life (All My Heart) by Niew Jiew. Offscreen, I love how he’s an open supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, actively calls out injustices in the world, and is a cat person.

Earth Pirapat

Can you tell I have an Earth-Mix bias? One of my favourite things has been to watch Earth’s career trajectory and see how he’s improved over time as an actor all the way from Waterboyys to A Tale of a Thousand Stars. And like his on-screen partner, he delivers a great performance that never lets the audience down. And also like Mix, I appreciate his dedication to environmental and social causes and apparent inability to stop acquiring cats.

Xiao Zhan

Another actor who is great at conveying multifaceted roles, it’s probably impossible to watch CQL/The Untamed without coming out admiring Xiao Zhan’s version of Wei Wuxian. While the series buffed out the moral grey areas of the story as a whole, Xiao Zhan brings back some of that suggested darkness in the persona through his expressions and his body language when he plays the darker ‘Yiling Laozu’ version of the character. He’s also great in Douluo Continent and the upcoming Ashes of Love looks great too. Bonus, he has the voice of an angel.

Saito Takumi

I am now adding a third criteria to my reasons to include people in this list: nostalgic value. Saito Takumi, while a fair actor, is probably too… zany… when compared to the others on here, but he was in the first three BL movies I ever watched. And while he’s done some very strange projects over time, he is very good at generating chemistry with his co-stars, even in non-BL series. I recommend his Detective Himura series to see just how weird and wonderful he can be.I’m sticking to five favourites, but honourable mentions include Tay Tawan – I dare you to find someone who doesn’t love Tay Tawan at least a little bit, Nanon Korapat (who is a great actor too and one I’m excited to see in Bad Buddy the Series), and Chris Wu from History 3: Trapped, for an unforgettably good performance as Tang Yi.

We will be back next week with the second edition of this feature. So till then, keep watching this space as we bring you more exclusives from the Asian BL World!

4 thoughts on “Our Favorite BL Actors”

  1. Great choices from everyone! My personal favourites are Earth Pirapat (so delicious) and Gong Jun (so cute)!! 😀

    I’m sure actors from upcoming Chinese BLs Immorality (2ha) and Shapolang (Winner is King) will also become favourites. Please be sure to review those when released! ^^

    Also KinnPorsche dropped a new teaser (tes another 1!!) And it looks rad!! I’m so intrigued by the actor that plays Porsche, can’t wait to see more. ^^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love the actors and glad to see you included a comedy actor (Mild) in the Mix:)
    Few realize that comic acting is actually more difficult than dramatic- if you can do both- kudos!
    My faves of this list : Gun, Mild, Mew.
    I was impressed with Earth improvement in 1000 Stars. Mild struggled in TT2 so would like to see what he can do when there is a script and plot heh heh heh.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You nailed my three favorites: Bas, Mew and Xiao Zhan.

    Although I do love Earth and Mix. As well as Mild, whose comedic timing is so enormously underrated.


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