“HIStory2 Crossing the Line” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

This show focuses on Qiu Zi Xuan (Zach Lu), a very smart, athletic superstar and Xia Yu Hao (Fandy Fan) a rough, tough, poor student and how they became a couple. Honestly, this was not one of my favorites. Sorry, you can draw your own conclusion. I loved all the dramas in the HIStory franchise, just not this one.

The show starts with Xia Yu Hao getting into trouble again, running away from the Director, bumping into Qiu Zi Xuan, jumping over the fence, and escaping from school. Qiu Zi Xuan just stands there in disbelief. This person can jump really high !! So Qiu Zi Xuan and his friend He Cheng En (Yi Hong Xie) undertake the mission to recruit Xia Yu Hao for their football team. When Xia Yu Hao indignantly refuses to join the team, He Cheng doesn’t give up. He Cheng even follows Xia Yu Hao to the bathroom and tries quite a few other interesting ways to recruit him. They obviously fail, but then the coach of the volleyball team threatens Xia Yu Hao with two options- “Play or Fail”; things finally get interesting.

After several attempts to get Xia Yu Hao to act as a team player (this was not an easy task), Xia Yu begins to see Qiu Zi Xuan in a different light. Xia Yu Hao recognizes Qiu Zi Xuan’s love for volleyball and why Qiu Zi Xuan isn’t playing anymore. As Xia Yu Hao is dealing with the fact he is starting to like Qiu Zi Xuan; we are introduced to Qiu Zi Xuan’s younger sister Qiu Qian. Xia Yu Hao’s attempt to save her from some notorious boys had led to his expulsion from his old school. Qiu Zi Xuan is left pleasantly surprised to learn it was Xia Yu Hao who saved his sister. Qiu Qian develops feelings for Xia Yu Hao, which leads to unexpected love triangle where both siblings fall for the same guy. Qiu Qian makes food for Xia Yu and let’s just say Qiu Zi Xuan pays for it. We get to see the two main characters realize their feelings for each other, but Qiu Zi Xuan decides to stay aloof for his sister’s sake.

We do have a cute side couple Wang Zhen Wen (Nick Yang) and Wang Zhen Wu (Patrick Shih), stepbrothers, who are unrelated by blood. These two have a backstory and it comes to light later. I believe this couple should have been afforded more screen time and a better storyline. We finally get to see Qiu Zi Xuan accept Xia Yu Hao’s affections. We see the side couple come to an understanding. I wish there was more to this story. This story had so much potential, but I felt majorly lost. The main couple are adorable and there was the side couple’s romance isn’t fully explored. Despite that, I would love to see a remake of this show, where we get to know everyone better.

I really adore Nick Yang, who plays the role of Wang Zhen Wen. I want a friend like him. He is sweet and funny. I loved his character; honestly Wang Zhen Wen and Xia Yu Hao are quite relatable and I loved their portrayals. They have a natural charm, which makes them irresistible. This is an overrated drama, which could have been better. You certainly watch this show, if you are a huge fan of the HIStory franchise!

Rating- 3 out of 5


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