“The Moment & The Moment Since” Series Review

I don’t know how to review this series.

Once again, I am going to start by saying that miniseries are not my cup of tea unless they are very good at telling the story in short episodes. In this case, they… aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I started The Moment with high hopes. It seemed to have the potential for a cliché but interesting plot: the story of Mok (Bank), a vet trying to get over a breakup at a resort, and Bay (Pon), a bartender at the resort. The interactions between the leads was all right, with enough chemistry to make their scenes not too awkward, but ultimately, the cliched-ness of the story proved to be its undoing. Nearly every plot beat is paint-by-numbers – see if any of this seems familiar to you: meet cute -> drunken shenanigans -> cute bonding -> a misunderstanding -> a reconciliation by the end – does this sound like every other love story you’ve read/watched? Then you know what’s going to happen in The Moment. I would have liked a little more insight into the character of Bay, particularly, beyond the fact that he is a bartender and the hotel owner Boston seems to have a crush on him. Also, trigger warning but there was also one scene where Mok plays a prank on Bay, pretending to have taken his own life, which I personally found to be in very poor taste.

The main couple is cute enough to salvage The Moment, however, and I was looking forward to see how their relationship would develop in the sequel miniseries, The Moment Since, which follows Mok and Bay on a vacation of their own at a completely different resort, where Boston and his friend Jimmy also happen to be staying. Nothing really… happens in The Moment Since. There’s barely any plot beyond Mok and Bay trying to spend time together and get to know each other only to be interrupted by Boston and Jimmy who also seem to have feelings for Bay, the latter for reasons I don’t fully understand. There’s a Copter cameo that I also don’t fully understand. There is a scene with a horse… you get the drift.

I wouldn’t recommend The Moment or The Moment Since to anyone looking for anything substantial or hard-hitting, but the music is pretty good, and the actors give decent performances, and the whole thing is short enough to finish watching in one go. If you’re recovering from watching a show that devastated you emotionally and need something fluffy and non-committal to watch, go for it, otherwise skip it and you’re not really missing anything.

Rating: 2 out of 5


One thought on ““The Moment & The Moment Since” Series Review”

  1. I watched the moment 1 and 2 seasons few yrs ago now I want to rewatch The moment I need you with English subs but it has vanished do you know where I can watch with English subs?

    I did like your review on it and from what I remember watching it was a little flat


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