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When I was writing Jimmy’s profile last week, I felt that writing about Tommy was going to be harder than I thought (mostly because what is known about one is very much intertwined with the other).

However, it was when I started writing this article, that I realised I may have been wrong—both Tommy and Jimmy have had standalone projects after all. It also helps if we understand how important it is to see them as separate individuals, rather than as one entity all the time, which is a common mistake we make as fans of khujin (imaginary couples) from our favourite Thai BL shows.

Sittichok Pueakpoolpol, mostly known as Tommy to viewers all around the world, was born in Thailand on September 29, 1995. He is an actor, singer, and model who has been working under DoMunDi TV International and has been active since 2015 when he debuted as an actor in the movie Oh My Ghost 4 as part of the supporting cast. There is very little known about his background, other than where he completed his undergraduate education—at Ramkhamhaeng University, one of the largest public universities in Bangkok, Thailand.

Popular Roles

Why R U the Series

Although Tommy landed his first main role as Yod in Love Songs: Final Day of Friendship in 2018 and had notable roles as Earth in Love Smart (2015) as well as Rachamanu in The Legend of King Naresuan the Series: Season 1 (2017), he’s better known as Zon from Why R U the Series (2020).

Tommy himself mentions that Zon is more of a coward hiding under the guise of a ‘fighter’. He’s surrounded by a small group of friends (all DoMunDi members) for most of the time in the story. His sister Zol (played by Perth-Veerinsara Tangkitsuvanich) constantly ships him with Saifah especially in her BL novels, a popular student at his university (Jimmy-Karn Kritsanaphan)—well, so does the entire university, apparently. The fact that he sees other BL couples everywhere he goes doesn’t really help his case either. He seems to be afraid of a lot of things, including falling in love with Saifah and doubting whether his emotions are due to Zol’s novels coming to life (both in the main series as well as in the spinoff SaifahZon Story).

Tommy’s portrayal of Zon is so well-done—the constant worry on his face and the nervousness, all while trying to appear brave, is highlighted wherever required. One of his best scenes is when he’s nervous just before the sing-a-song project for the football team (which I’ve also mentioned in Jimmy’s profile). In fact, he plays the part to a T; if his character had not been conveyed correctly, he wouldn’t come off as frustrating as he is supposed to be—especially when he can’t seem to make up his mind about so many things. I’m sure he’d have been even more convincing, but due to lack of screen time (for reasons I’d listed out in the previous profile post).

Close Friend the Series

After watching Episode 5 of Close Friend, I was amazed by Tommy’s performance as Mekhin, the 17-year-old resident of Chiang Mai who also happens to be Night’s (Jimmy) pen pal. This episode was not only well-paced but also beautifully shot, and despite it being only about 14 minutes long, both characters were portrayed to their fullest. Mek’s excitement at being able to converse with Night, a ‘city’ boy from Bangkok, as well as his happiness at receiving mixtapes and comics from the latter, is conveyed to the viewers by using his voice, which is usually a difficult thing to do.

The most adorable things he does (and the most tedious) include finding a whole bag of coins just to be able to continue his conversations with Night on the payphone, and the paper stars he makes so that he could give them to Night. The number of comments singing praises for this episode and Tommy’s portrayal of Mek is enough to show how much the viewers loved him (there were a lot for Jimmy, too).

Other Projects

Tommy is well-known for many things outside his projects with Jimmy. He’s the 7th member of DoMunDi and has hosted many shows such as Watching It in Japan (seasons 3 and 4) as well as Boyfriends Challenge—a collaboration between GMM Grammy and MBO Official—in 2020 along with other popular actors in the Thai BL industry. He has also sung for several music videos (such as “Tell Now?” and his collaboration with JOOX) and has covered songs like Why R U’s OST “Can’t Stop My Heart” and Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment.”

However, his future projects that are known to us are mostly with Jimmy. Peach of Time (Shigan-ui Boksung-a), which is set in Korea, seems to be different from the others as Tommy and Jimmy are not a pair in this show. What I’ve gathered from one of the teasers for the show is that Tommy plays the role of Mario, a ghost who’s in search of Sujin, a Korean girl he loves. He meets Peach (Jimmy) in his quest to find her. The series is supposed to be released in 2021. Tommy is also set to as Jade star in Middleman’s Love and its sequel Bed friend alongside Jimmy, who plays Mai in the series.

Tommy’s take on Mii2

Although this was already covered on Jimmy’s profile, I can’t stress enough how cute fans find Mii2, the IRL ship name used to refer to Jimmy and Tommy, or even their height difference which adds to how adorable they seem to be when they’re together. Their onscreen chemistry is great, and they look comfortable around each other offline as well. In fact, he keeps teasing Jimmy about their kiss scenes offscreen and during interviews.

When asked about Mii2, Tommy talk about how there are two ways people refer to him in real life—as ‘Tom’ and as ‘Mi’, the latter being the common denominator that led to the creation of Mii2 as a ship name. He seems to be well-aware of the hashtag and finds it cute—Twitter users who follow may see him retweeting artworks related to the hashtag created by their fans. He understands that it is one of the ways fans engage with the text and it looks like he has taken a liking for it.

Random Tidbits about Tommy

☆ Tommy likes to play football and basketball in his free time.

☆ He knows how to play the guitar (both acoustic as well as bass).

☆ He took a two-year hiatus and completed his military service between the years 2016 and 2018.

☆ Tommy was surprised to find out that Jimmy had similar tastes in music—both liked Indie and ‘underground’ music. He admits to being the only one who liked music that was not mainstream before Jimmy joined DoMunDi as an actor.

☆ The one thing Tommy can’t go without in his bag is a set of tissues or a fan as he claims that he sweats a lot (Jimmy admits to this, too).

☆ He has three main social media accounts, although he seems to be less active on Facebook:

Instagram – @tommysittichok

Twitter – @tommysittichok

Facebook – Sittichok Pueakpoopol

References- In the comments section

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