“Craving You” Series Review (Ep.1 to 10)

A renowned pastry chef Sung Yi Fan (David Chiu) and an internet celebrity singer Kyan (Cheng Chang Fan) work on a collaboration arranged by their respective managers Cora (Yuan Kuo) and Ray (Yan Yong Lie). Can music and desserts become one? Let me take you on a journey of pain, uncertainness, and LOVE. In ten short episodes, the storyline surmises everything!

We begin with Kyan doing his live while playing music for his fans and a typical day at K with all the delicious pastries and cake selling out. They meet to discuss details about their collaboration and Kayn expresses displeasure as he doesn’t like sweets. Yi Fan makes a bet that he can make Kayn fall in love with the dessert he prepares. Obviously, Yi Fan wins the bet and from there on, the story takes an interesting turn. As forfeit, Kayn agrees to train with Yi Fan at his store.

Yi Fan suffers from nyctophobia (extreme fear of night or darkness that can cause intense symptoms of anxiety and depression). One night while he is closing the store, the electricity goes out, leaving Yi Fan in complete darkness. He gets a panic attack and calls Cora. Since she can’t reach him in time, Cora calls Kayn and requests him to help Yi Fan. Kayn rushes to the store and tries his best to calm Yi Fan. They unknowingly get trapped inside the store. Kayn spends the night holding Yi Fan in his arms until the lights turn on. Their dynamics change; because Kayn starts to looks at Yi Fan in a different light from thereafter.

They undertake another collaboration for a same-sex wedding. Kayn is supposed to handle the orchestra, while Yi Fan would handle the catering. In walks Soda, Kayn’s first love. You can tell by the look on their faces, they remember each other. We are treated to a surreptitious flashback, where we get to learn their backstory. Soda’s mother wasn’t supportive of their gay relationship, which led to their break-up (definitely not going to get “Mom of the Year” award). In the present, Soda’s fiancé Noah wants to get her approval and Soda gets angry. Soda keeps reminiscing his past love for Kayn. We get more flashbacks related to Soda’s life, which gives a better understanding of his current situation. We get to witness his confusion, uncertainty as Soda starts questioning everything he has now. As he casually meets Kayn for the wedding preparations, he is constantly assaulted by their past memories; the hate, disapproval, the heartbreaking loss of his first love!

Kayn on the other hand is confused about his newfound feelings for Yi Fan. One day, while daydreaming about Yi Fan, he falls asleep which leads to an unfortunate incident with the oven. Yi Fan yells at Kayn about being careless. Kayn collapses on the road and Soda rushes him to the hospital. Yi Fan finds out about it when he calls Kayn’s phone and Soda answers the call instead. Yi Fan rushes to be by Kayn’s side and finds Soda there. He confronts Soda and then Soda resolutely leaves to go back home to Noah.

Kayn and Yi Fan have a conversation in the morning, wherein he confesses his feelings for Kayn. Yi Fan lets him off the hook by saying it is okay, if Kayn doesn’t like him back. Someone takes a picture of their close moment and chaos ensues. Kayn’s manager sees the picture on the social media and angrily states that Kayn cannot like a MAN. He makes a public announcement that the news is fake. Kayne feels guilty about not accepting the truth, but the circumstances aren’t in their favor.

Noah feels that Soda is having second thoughts about their marriages. He is hurt, more than he lets on. He breaks up with Soda, he decides to return to his hometown. Soda finally realizes his mistake. He begs Noah’s friend to let him know about his whereabouts. Finally, with some help from Kayn and Yi Fan’s side; he rushes to the airport. What happens next? Did Soda and Noah reconcile? Will Kayn overcome his fear and make the right choice? Will we get a happy ending? You will have to watch the show to figure out the answers to these questions!

I love Taiwanese BL dramas and this one is no exception. I do wish there was a little more information pertaining to Yi Fan and Kayn’s family background, as I wanted to learn more about them. Wish there was a sequel for this one, but alas there won’t be any. There wasn’t much to dislike in this drama, it was sweet to watch. David Chiu and Cheng Chang Fan have a refreshing chemistry. Please take the journey with Kayne and Sung; you will not be disappointed !!!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

One thought on ““Craving You” Series Review (Ep.1 to 10)”

  1. This is cute, slight and sweet. Your rating is fair. The acting and directing is neither amazing nor awful.
    I’ve watched it 2x- a nice pick me up during the pandemic!
    And even though the pop star song is repeated a bit- it is catchy:)

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