Upcoming Asian BL Dramas- VIII

Asian BL dramas are fast becoming a lucrative business affair, because of their vast diaspora of intelligent storytelling and smart marketing.

While the Boy’s Love wave is taking the world by storm, today’s edition focuses its lens on some of the most anticipated dramas in the second quarter of 2021. The excitement pertaining to some of these shows is already skyrocketing. Without further ado, let’s get to learn more about the upcoming dramas that will most possibly leave us riveted and intrigued!

Chinese BL

Guardians of the Lands

Chinese BL author Priest’s works are the current flavor of the season. Most of her novels are being adapted into live-action, following the global success of the recently concluded drama Word of Honor (recreated from her novel “Faraway Wanderers”). Following the line of succession is “Guardians of the Lands”, which is being adapted from Priest’s popular romance “Of Mountains and River (Shan He Biao Li)”. Starring Chen Xing Xu as Chu Huan and Chen Hai Liang as Nan Shan, the show is being produced by popular streaming web portal YouKu. The production team wrapped up the shooting last month and the show might be slated for release in the later half of 2021.


While chasing a group of drug traffickers, a former agent Chu Huan finds himself stranded in a small town in the mountain. There, he finds an entrance to a mysterious world filled with shadows. Together with the leader of the mountain guards Nan Shan, they launch a strange adventure in the new world.

(Source: DramaWiki)

Korean BL

The Tasty Florida

Idol Romance (Producers of Wish You and Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding) have announced the complete cast for their next venture, “The Tasty Florida”. Starring Cha Woo Min and Yoo Hwan in the titular roles of Hae Won and Eun Gyu, the premise focuses on the budding romance between a freshman and a gourmet Chef. Actors Moon Kang Hyuk, Choi Jae Hoon and Yoo Seung Jun will be playing the supportive roles.


Hae Won, a freshman college student is very suspicious of the guesthouse where he lives in. If you follow the guests leading up to the rooftop, you will find Florida Banjeom, a rooftop Chinese restaurant with a full view of Seoul and with four handsome workers. When Hae Won’s mind is absorbed from the sound of eating jajangmyeon. Hae Won’s heart flutters when he sees Eun Gyu hitting his hand! Hae Won and Eun Gyu’s breathtaking romance begins.

(Source: blupdate2020 Instagram)

Thai BL

Paint with Love

One of the most ambitious projects of 2021, TV Thunder’s “Paint with Love” recently had their blessing ceremony. Starring popular BL actors Tae Darvid and Singto Prachaya, Paint with Love or Sai Dak Phai Si has paired them in an unusual romance. This show promises to be a star-studded affair, as we have actors from various BL productions joining this highly anticipated drama. Alongside Tae and Singto, Yoon Phusanu (YYY The Series), Gun Korawit (2gether The Series), Natty Thanyanan (Oxygen The Series), Maengmum Tanshi and C’game Supawit (Together with Me The Series) and Yacht Surat (Love By Chance The Series) will be portraying supporting roles.


Met is a wedding organizer who has hired Phap, a poor artist, to work on a painting for an upcoming wedding. Phap has ruined something and now has to work for Met to pay off his debt to him.

(Source: Lazysubber Facebook)

My Mate Match

Adapted from Thai BL author Patrick III Rangsimant’s novel, My Mate Match focuses on main character Match’s efforts to choose between the two men who want to be his roommate. Starring Jet Bundit as Match and Jame Kasama as Mix, this is their second project together after the hugely popular “Gen Y The Series”. While this pair already have a certifiable amount of chemistry, the addition of the third angle Big Thanakorn (Ryu) is an interesting twist.


It’s about Match, who’s looking for a roommate to share a big room in a new condominium. But there are two guys who contact him at the same time. Match has 3 weeks to decide whom he will choose to be his roommate. So Match starts a YouTube VLOG called #MateMatch #HelpMeChooseRoommate and asks the audience to vote whom he should choose. So this is the story during those 3 weeks.
(Source: @PatheNeuro, Twitter)

Love Stage

Adapted from the manga “Love Stage!!” (ラブ ステージ) written by Eiki Eiki (影木栄貴) and illustrated by Zao Taishi, this live-action is the most anticipated production of this year. Given the popularity of the Japanese anime, the project surely sounds ambitious. Despite that, I feel apprehensive about the casting for the Thai version. Famous BL couple Kaownah Kittipat (Tharntype The Series & Nitiman The Series) and Turbo Chanokchon (Nitiman The Series) have been selected to reprise the titular roles as Ryo and Anda. While they do look good together, I’m unsure if they are suitable candidates to play the main leads, Ryouma Ichijou and Izumi Sena. Both of these characters have a definite amount of charm and if Kaownah-Turbo fail at recreating the magic, then this adaptation would end up being a disaster.


Izumi Sena was born to one of the most well known showbiz families in Japan—but while the world waits for his debut as a new star, Izumi just wants to become a distinguished manga artist and fulfill his otaku dreams! Despite being surrounded by stardom his whole life, a traumatizing experience at a commercial shoot 10 years ago forced him into emotional recluse and eventually into the arms of his favorite fictional character, Magical Girl LalaLulu. However, it turns out that Izumi is not in the clear yet. Considering that he is far from becoming a manga artist of any sort, he joins a shooting for the sequel of that dreaded commercial from his past. What’s more, his co-star from the past, who is also invited to reprise his role, is none other than the famous actor Ryouma Ichijou. Izumi does not fancy wearing a dress again—but Ryouma is eager to see the beautiful “girl” who captured his heart 10 years ago. How will this fateful reunion turn out?

(Source: MyAnimeList)

The Tuxedo

Actor Chap Suppacheep is certainly a hot commodity on the Thai BL circuit. After starring in successful BL dramas like Lovely Writer and Y-Destiny, Chap is now testing the waters as the main lead in upcoming drama “The Tuxedo”. Starring alongside Green Phongsathorn (2moons2 The Series), these two make a formidable couple. Although the storyline is still under wraps, the production house has been actively promoting the show on social media with delectable snippets from their workshops. Chap and Green surely seem to have a combustible chemistry and I’m totally looking forward to watching this show. The show’s official Twitter account has shared some stunning stills from their photoshoot.

Something in My Room

Adapted from the Thai comic “Me and the Ghost In My Room”, the show is about love that blooms when a young man meets a ghost in his room. Oxygen The Series star Nut Supanut will be portraying the titular role of Phob, a lovable and slightly spoiled ghost. Despite being a ghost, he gets scared easily. Plan Thanawat will be playing his love interest Pat. He is afraid of ghosts and has little faith in himself. Starring alongside the main leads are Took Chanokwanun who will play the role of Chris [Pat’s mother], Phiao Duangjai (Nuan), Green Phongsathorn (Ben), Faii Sumitta (Dream) and Big Thanakorn (Lucky). This ghost romance starts on 18th August 2021 on Ch3 & WeTV, the week after the currently on-air Golden Blood ends.

Check Out The Series

9NAA Channel’s upcoming drama “Check Out Series” has an interesting premise. Starring the immensely handsome actors Chahub Marut and Best Vittawin in main leads, this drama is their second project after “Skinship The Series”. While Chahub and Best did manage to impress the audiences with their acting chops in Skinship, the only complaint was that they weren’t paired opposite each other. The production house seems to have taken this into account and as such, this time we are getting our dream pairing together. A short teaser has been released on their YouTube Channel. While the storyline seems alluring, Chahub and Best have a startling chemistry. The show is set to premiere in August, 2021.

The production house has been actively promoting this show on their social media handles. We are sharing some exclusive stills of the same!

Secret Admirer The Series

Secret Admirer The Series is definitely high on my watch list. Boyy Entertainment are promoting their main leads with stunning photoshoots that betrays their refreshing chemistry. Adapted from Thai BL author Jamie’s novel of the same name, Secret Admirer focuses on the journey of Kimhan (Earth Teerapat) as he tries to win the affections of his secret crush and university Senior, Singto (Fluk Chatchawan). The three supporting couples- Mhai (Art Pakpoom) with Boat (Boat Yongyut); Bomb (Yut Kritsadayut) with Bear (Bew Sitthikarn); Phing (Kaprao Pongkorn) and Bung (Leoji Jirasin) are expected to add the much-needed twist to this adaptation. Director Aam Anusorn is well known for creating an enviable universe, that will surely set your screens on fire. We have some exclusive stills of the main couples.

Taiwanese BL


The upcoming project from GagaOOLala’s ambitious project “Queer Up The Volume” anthology; Light is directed by Adiamond Lee, director of popular BL dramas Dark Blue and Moonlight, HIStory: Obessed. The film will premiere on August 13 on GagaOOLala.

“Even if it’s not real, please say you love me.”

Starring Yaman and Jed Chung in lead roles, the official trailer was released on their YouTube Channel.

Jed started his career under the spotlight as a model. He was soon spotted by director Adiamond Lee and starred in web BL series “Jump the boy!”. Yaman first appeared on TV for an eyewear commercial with famous actress Michelle Chen. He was later invited to be the face of Taipei’s MRT. After that, he’s hosted well-known traveling TV shows Traveling with Stars 3 & 4. This is his first BL!


Keep watching this space as we bring you further updates about Boys’ Love from all over the Asian Subcontinent!

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Synopsis Credit- MyDramaList)


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