“HIStory 2 Right or Wrong” Series Review (Ep.1 to 8)

This is a really heartwarming story about Shi Yi Je (Steven Jiang), a single father who is working as a Professor in the Department of Anthropology and is raising his 8-year-old daughter Yo Yo alone. Fei Sheng Zhe (Hang Zhang) is a college student whom Yi Je meets under some unusual circumstances. The story is about how eventually become a family, while overcoming various obstacles along the way.

We see YoYo walking home from school and she feels scared as she thinks she is being followed. She runs into Fei Sheng Zhe and Zhou Xin Ru (Lia Kang) while they are filming a drama scene. They take her home and are met with the worst case scenario. Yo Yo wakes up her Dad, who is sleeping on the floor and looks like he hasn’t showered in weeks. They ask Yo Yo if she is okay and after she reassures them, they leave.

Next, we see that Shi Yi Jen is working as a substitute for a class, as the current teacher went into labor early. Sheng Zhe is shocked at how well Yi Jen has cleaned up and how handsome he actually looks. Yi Jen hires Sheng Zhe to take care of his daughter and handle the household chores. Sheng Zhe agrees and falls into a daily routine of caring for Yi Jen and his daughter, cooking, cleaning, picking Yo Yo after school. One day, Yo Yo suddenly falls sick and Sheng Zhe rushes her to the hospital. She is seriously ill and Sheng Zhe is angry at Yi Jen because of his careless attitude. Once Yi Jen arrives at the hospital; Sheng Zhe punches him and yells at him for not being there for his daughter. The fight is stopped by Sheng Zhe’s Mom, who is Yi Jen’s acquaintance. Here is where we learn about Yi Jen’s past, that he grew up in an orphanage. We also find out about an incident that occured in Sheng Zhe’s past.

Yi Jen feels guilty and conflicted, as he hasn’t been a good father and has been neglecting his daughter. Thereafter, Sheng Zhei tries to be Yo Yo’s elder brother and also tries to help Yi Jen act as a better father. One night, Yi Jen returns home early for dinner and YoYo is extremely happy. We get to watch our main couple realize that both of them had a dark past and they are similar in many ways. They both want the best for Yo Yo and have been hurt by their loved ones. I enjoyed watching the subtle changes in Yi Jen’s behavior as he starts spending more time with his daughter. Sheng Zhe eventually falling for Yi Jen was the icing on the cake. The only issue most people had with this relationship was the age gap. Yi Jen is thirty-one and Sheng Zhe is nineteen. I have no issues with this; as age is a number and Sheng Zhe is an adult.

It is nice to watch Sheng Zhe and Yi Jen realize that they have feelings for each other. Also, watching how their paths have submerged in the past and present was rather intriguing. When they first met, Sheng Zhe was sixteen and Yi Jen was twenty-eight. They have both grown up in their own ways. Sheng Zhe is still very shy and not sure of himself when it comes to love. They both first interact as teacher/student. Yi Jen’s also acts jealous and possessive, once he realizes that he has feelings for Sheng Zhe. Yi Jen fights his own urges for Sheng Zhe; while making sure that he handles this situation carefully. I think it is Sheng Zhe who realizes first he cares for Yi Jen. Yi Jen however takes a lot of time before he accepts his feelings for Sheng Zhe. First they become friends and then lovers.

We can’t probably have a show without some melodrama and tears? We get bombarded with their adorable scenes as our main couple grow closer day by day. It’s apparent from Yi Jen’s expressions as he watches Sheng Zhe with his daughter. He sees Yi Jen with his classmate and gets insanely jealous. Watching them fall for each other at the same time is a memorable experience. Once they become a couple; Sheng Zhe is very nervous about their relationship, while Yi Jen wants to announce it to the world. He doesn’t wait and goes to Sheng Zhe’s mother to ask permission to date her son. She does give her permission; but asks Yi Jen to promise to wait until Sheng Zhe is twenty to have a physical relationship with him. Yi Jen agrees to the terms, not knowing how hard it would be.

There are some more really sweet scenes where they act as a family; like on Yo Yo’s sports day, they work together and win quite a few events. While they are having dinner at a restaurant, the girls sitting on the next table compliment them. Sheng Zhe gets upset and leaves. He does not realize this did not bother Yi Jen. Yi Jen is least bothered about the fact that Sheng Zhe prefers men. I cried when Yi Jen tries to console Sheng Zhe. It is obvious that at this point, Sheng Zhe is falling in love with Yi Jen. Yi Jen’s calm demeanor and inner strength help Sheng Zhe overcome his insecurities and that is one of the most interesting facets of this series!

Yi Jen’s life is turned upside down when he returns home to find his ex-wife cooking dinner. Yi Jen gets angry thinking about the consequences. Why is she back suddenly? What will happen? Yi Jen is quite sure of himself and knows who he wants. It all leads to a conclusion when Yi Jen is rushed to the hospital due to an accident, his ex-wife tries to help but is pushed aside. The story moves forward as we see Yi Jen and Sheng Zhe getting ready for a school event. Yo Yo happily tells Sheng Zhe to hurry, as she wants to introduce her two DADS to everyone!!

This was such a loving story, the actors Steven Jiang and Hang Zhang are wonderful together, the chemistry is in abundance and they have portrayed each emotion beautifully. I can’t think of anything that I want to change, I loved it just the way it is. You learn the backstory for each character and how they get together to become a family. I adore Ye Yi En who plays Yo Yo. She is so cute, adorable and I love how she accepts Yi Jen and Sheng Zhe as a couple. The HIStory Series pushed the boundaries of BL’s with some controversial topics and plots with Right or Wrong. Although the age difference between Yi Jen and Sheng Zhe seems off-putting, I see nothing wrong with the age gap, as Sheng Zhe is of legal age. Age anyway is a number. So love who you love and be happy. Love is Love !!!

Rating- 4 out of 5

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