Once in a Memory (Love at First Sight & Just Found Love) Movie Review

I watched this adorable romance called Once in a Memory; so far two episodes have been released.

The production house has listed this story as a movie version, so not I’m not sure if there will be more episodes. The short movie is divided into two parts- Love at First Sight & Just found Love. The storyline focuses on two teenage boys unexpected meeting in their high school and well this is where their journey begins. You watch as Kong (Rossi Nonthakoen) walks to school and goes to his normal hangout, the canteen. He orders his favorite drink and he sees a new guy, Film (Non Ratchanon Kanipang) occupying his turf. He sits across the new guy and acts like he is talking to his friend on the phone . Kong asks his friend to hurry, since he is getting mad. Hearing this, Film drops his silverware and grabs his plate to leave.

Kong smiles, you can tell he likes Film, and Film has a smile too. They meet again at the basketball court where Film is shooting hoops and Kong runs and steals the ball and shoots. They again have an adorable confrontation where few more words are exchanged and Kong leaves. Likewise, they are both smiling. They again have a rendezvous as Film asks Kong to meet him at the court. Kong sits there waiting for Film and pouts when he doesn’t arrive on time. Once Film shows up, Kong smile broadens. Kong asks for Film’s Line ID. Instantly, Film asks for something in return. He questions Kong to figure out, if he knows anything about Film. Kong honestly tells him everything he knows and Film is impressed. Kong hands Film his phone and they are connected on Line.

They meet for lunch and Film is there waiting with Kong’s favorite drink. In return, Kong gets Film’s favorite dish for him to eat. The final meet happens at the pond, where Kong tries to hold Film’s hand. Film asks if Kong likes him, to which Kong replies yes. Film does not reply; Kong misunderstands that as Film’s rejection and walks away. The first episode is distinctly from Kong’s point of view.

We next see everything from Film’s point of view as he relives the instances in the second part of the movie. While reminiscing, Film trys to find Kong and looks really sad when he is unable to locate him. Finally, Kong finds Film is sitting on the stairs. He anxiously asks Kong, why he has been avoiding him. Kong looks at Film, feels overwhelmed and hugs him. He sweetly inquires if Film was worried about him. Film accepts and they reconcile.

As they converse, Film tells Kong he is not into men; Kong feels sad. However, Film consoles Kong by saying that his feelings for him are different. A few more words are exchanged before Film finally agrees to be his boyfriend. This is where the storyline ends unexpectedly. I was kind of disappointed and felt let down. However, despite the short prelude, I was overjoyed watching them reconcile. I’m in love with the chemistry between the Non Ratchanon Kanipang and Rossi Nonthakoen. They are cute, sweet and funny. The pairing is quite flirty, but they don’t go overboard with it.

You can tell they like each other, but they are unsure about their feelings. Kong’s affections for Film are pretty obvious and it shows; but we aren’t quite sure about Film’s emotions until the end and even then we are left wondering. I did understand the logic behind the two different POV’s, that the storyline gave us. I understand where both sides are coming from, but I was literally disappointed with the short timeframe. Furthermore, I loved the simple music; there were no unwanted sides couples or friends interfering with the main couple’s love story. The romance is solely focused on the two boys as they fall for each other. The sequel might be followed by a third part. I will surely keep you updated, if that happens. I strongly recommend this movie, simply because it is sweet romance, totally worth your time!

Rating- 3.5 out of 5

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