“HIStory 1: My Hero” Series Review (Ep.1 to 4)

This is a cute, fun, and sweet drama about Mai Hero (Aaron Lai) losing his girlfriend Lan Xi Lan (Patricia Lin). She wants to stay alive, so she could beside her Hero Mai. Lan Xi is given a chance to get Hero to love her, unfortunately she resurrects in Gui Si Ren’s (Yun Lin Jiang) body. Easy right…Welllll not really!

Lan Xi learns things about Hero that she didn’t recognize when they were dating. She learns things that hurt her, but she is unable to do anything about it. She has to make a tough choice in the end and I believe she made the right one.

The very first time Lan Xi wakes up in Gu So Ren’s body, she has to deal with a morning wood. I laughed so hard watching that scene. Masquerading as MAN is a tough act for Lan Xi. The demon Chang Chang (Lin He Xuan) is hilarious as he follows her around and gives her advice, which leads to some hilarious moments.

In the starting credits, we see Gui Si Ren getting beaten up by bullies. Mai Ying coming to his rescue and helps him. The scene switches to the morgue, where Mai Ying resolutely sits beside his dead girlfriend’s body. He just sits there looking at her and stares. Gu Si Ren’s name is on the death list. But Chang Chang mistakenly takes Lan Xi’s soul out of her body. To redeem his mistake, Chang Chang gives her 7 days to get a “true love” kiss. This is harder than she thinks, as Hero Mai has been falling in love with Gui Si Ren instead. Hero Mai is oblivious to the reality. It is overtly difficult because Lan Xi unknowingly says or does things without giving it much thought beforehand.

Just as Mai Ying starts to accept his feelings, Lan Xi carelessly comments about not wanting to be gay. She talks about how weird it is to see two men holding hands and hugging. Her words hurt Mai a lot and he retorts that they should avoid each other; so people don’t get the wrong impression. Lan Xi reads the diary in which Gui Si Ren wrote about his feelings for Mai Ying. On the day he got hurt, he had planned to meet Mai Ying and confess his feelings by gifting him a bracelet., Lan Xi finally pieces the puzzle together and realizes that Gui Si Ren loves Hero Mai. Mai Ying also sees the diary and reads the entries. Elated, Mai Ying runs to find Gui Si Ren to confess.

Once he finds Gui Si Ren, Mai Ying confesses his feelings and says that he wants to be with him. Lan Xi gets her “ True Love’s” kiss, but she also realizes that Mai Ying truly never loved her. She gives up on her wish to stay alive and as such Gui Si Ren gets a second chance at life. Hero Mai kisses him again while Gui Si Ren is in a daze. Lan Xi sacrifices her own life so that Mai Ying and Gui Si Ren can reunite. It was so touching and sweet, that I cried.

It was interesting to watch Hero Mai fight his attraction for Gu Shi Ren and his obscure reaction to Lan’s death. Lan Xi coming to terms with Hero Mai’s preference for men was jarring. Mai Ying endured being in a relationship with Lan Xi out of fear and as such, feelings her were never truly reciprocated. The fact that Lan Xi accepted her flaws and paved the way for the happy couple’s reunion makes her a memorable character. All in All, this is a very cute, sweet, and funny drama with a really happy ending!

Rating- 3 out of 5


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